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This week on Ear Biscuits is… Watsky!!

Award winning slam-poet turned rapper, George Watsky, sits down with Rhett & Link this week to talk about what was behind his controversial 35 ft. stage dive in late 2013, his recent struggle with epilepsy, how he maintains authenticity in his lyrics and online persona, and why he’s making waves in the hip hop industry with the release of his new album “All You Can Do.”

*NOTE: This conversation contains adult themes and language.

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You Kinda Hate Girls (a Little)

A new song by Rachel Lark and Kate Willett

Music by Rachel Lark and lyrics by Rachel Lark and Kate Willett

Kate Willett is a San Francisco based stand up comedian.
Twitter: @katewillett

[A genius response to “cultured guy” culture that gets right to the point: “Just eat my fuckin pussy you misogynistic stoner”. Funny angle, great harmonies and a DIY/SF rawness we covet here at Courting Comedy. Full lyrics below:]

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ROB DELANEY “LIVE at the BOWERY BALLROOM” | See Rob live at Cobb’s in SF in July!

The Return Of Playoff Dave

After a record 73 wins, unceremoniously trouncing the Houston Rockets, and watching the best player in the NBA go down, it’s time for half baked basketball commentary of the home squad as told through Chappelle Show gifs.


Today we have a gif from the classic slow motion sketch because Warriors were MUSHING THE SHIT OUT OF ANY DRIVE THE BLAZERS ATTEMPTED. Seven blocks may not seem like a lot, especially when the Blazers have 6, but all of the altered shots, the rotations, the utter smothering is exciting to see.