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Watch [Mad Max: Fury Road], it’s great! Afterwards I ran into a guy and I did *not* apologize. I’m a misandrist now; thanks Mad Max! WITNESS!
—  Allison Mick going off about her Mad Max love @ Bitch Planet/Lost Weekend Video/Cynic Cave [Paraphrase]
Happy Anniversary! JULY 8 WE’RE BACK!!!

We’re launching into our 3rd year of live comedy with THE SHOW OF THE CENTURY!

Joey Devine (SF Punch Line)
Andrew Holmgren (SF Weekly 2014 “Best Comedian”)
Bert DiVietri (SF Sketchfest)
Jane Harrison (Misery Index)
Kaseem Bentley (SJ Mercury News “Top 5 Comedians to Watch”)

Plus musical comedy by MooreDevine and Anthony De Guzman!

  • This is our 2nd Anniversary show, and our debut at our new home, PianoFight!
  • It will be one of Bert’s final stand-up show’s before leaving to LA. (Not because he’s funny, his wife got a job to better support him)
  • MooreDevine will be coming off the heels of their live album recording.
  • Jason Mack will be there. He produces the show. He forgot to put himself in the list because he was so damn excited.
  • No ticket fees. Meaning, we pay the ticket fees. You’re welcome.

Our new theater sits around 40 people. Our past shows averaged ~50 people. We expect to sell out. So get your tickets now.

There’s a fat group discount. More than half off the door price. You and 5 of your friends for less than the price of a latte. That’s a slight exaggeration.

July 8, 9pm. Get some.

890 The News Show

890 The News Show

Today it’s the return of the much-loved news segment MATTHEWS NEWS with interesting facts about what you can eat that’s growing out of your sidewalk! Plus we’ll hear from Chely Shoehart, Floyd the Floorman, and John Deer the Engineer. Download the show from Dropbox on demand for free here……

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MOOREDEVINE, “The Greatest Musical Duo to Grace the Greater Bay Area”, set to record album at 6/29/15 @ Milk Bar

Biased as my opinion may be, I think MOOREDEVINE is one of the best acts in San Francisco. Part of the Bang Bang Sylvan Gang, the two have amassed a spectacular track record of being hard to follow and song selection that’s easy to swallow. 

Andrew Moore is a well-worn wunderkind, starting comedy outfits in his teens, brandishing his guitar-laden comedy across the Bay, infusing himself as a community leader into the culture of the defunct Dirty Trix Saloon and Milk Bar as “Mayor of Revelry”. 

Spencer Devine has bull-rushed stand-up, improv, and sketch in such a passionate and unconventional way, contorting his imagination to each and daring your dissatisfaction. 

Together their dynamic is at times hostile, bickering between songs, casting each other as rivals in the musical interplay. Other times, their sensibilities fuse into wily blitz, infecting the audience with earworms fed with narcotics and cadavers

Milk Bar has become the de facto home for that gritty, boozy bar show, that costs absolute nothing but presents potential for gold. MOOREDEVINE is tailor-made for the Haight-ful hall: they can get rowdier than the rowdy, and more heckly than the hecklers and so loud that you’ll either need to leave or surrender to their humor. 

6/29. MooreDevine Album Recording. Milk Bar. 1840 Haight St. SF. 8PM. Free.

The Gail Force Of Love

This is a short documentary I made on how shitty unrequited love can be. The “twist” or hook I guess, is that it’s about the unrequited love a 60-year-old woman had for my 25-year-old roommate. I started it in 2012 for a class on documentary film making. It was 11pm, & the next day I was supposed to turn something in to propose as my final project. I wandered upstairs where my roommate, Misha, played his voice mail on speaker phone, and it started with “your voice mailbox is full…” followed by messages exclusively from this older woman on the San Francisco comedy scene everyone called Sweet Gail. Those two minutes I showed in class became the 22min. short it is today.

I did a re-edit in 2013, which was terrible. Then I felt motivated again & did a couple re-edits in 2014. I knew it didn’t have polish, but I wanted to try my luck submitting it to festivals. I got the final rejection letter in March of this year, and I’ve been to lazy to upload it until now. I know the longer I wait, the less I’ll want people to see it, because I’ve come so far from what interested me in my early 20′s to now. The longer I wait, I know I’ll only feel more silly for what I made when I was younger than what I would have made today.

I know a handful of my friends, peers and acquaintances have wanted to see this for a while, and everyone who has seen it has been very kind, so here it is.

The Gail Force Of Love:

#029: Nikki II

Show Notes

  • In studio guest: Nikki II
  • M reveals that he has a child
  • We are broadcasting the show live
  • The gays can finally tie the knot
  • Video: Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
  • How did the mormons influence Prop 8 in California?
  • 12 Apostles and continued prophecy
  • Documentary: 8: The Mormon Proposition
  • Video: Were men made to ‘Penetrate’ each other?
  • Underhanded political power plays
  • How did Nikki II escape christianity?
  • Nikki II walked away from christianity at age 12
  • People who subscribe to christianity are decreasing
  • Two girls, One cup is the reason why people leave religion
  • Nikki II used to browse (NSFW)
  • Misfired religious analogy with LEGO’s
  • Nikki II has a ton of piercings and tattoos
  • Tattoos causes lesbianism and makes you burn in hell
  • M, Nikki & Nikki II went to Hume Lake Christian Camp
  • Hume Lake Christian Camp is full of cum
  • Nikki II says people in San Francisco are largely non judgemental
  • Video: Dave Chappelle about Castro, SF
  • Ever been to Burning Man?
  • Do you have the freedom to drop everything in your life and go to Burning Man?
  • How to deal with credit card debt
  • Should one go to school?
  • M should be a porn cameraman
  • M went to bible college 
  • Bible College vs. Gandalf College
  • Nikki II got emancipated as a minor at age 16
  • Irish midget porn
  • Midget tossing is real (videos)
  • Family conflicts
  • Non white people are more racist than white people
  • M’s Costco story
  • How racist are you?
  • What’s your favorite food?
  • Video: Kat Williams on Obama

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The Dinosaurs of Comedy
Wheelchair and Canes will be Confiscated. For Use by the Performers.

Punch Line San Francisco will be hosting the Dinosaurs of Comedy night. Sorry, this has nothing to do with Jurassic World. But seasoned San Francisco comedy veterans will be performing for your youthful ironic pleasure. These guys have appeared on such late night shows as the Late Late Show and Late Night with David Letterman, so anyone under 30 will be sure not to recognize them.

Marga Gomez is back after her East Coast tour. Lynn Ruth Miller is back from her Russian tour, an international comedy sensation at 79. Thursday Nov 29, 8pm both  will throw down at Comedy Bodega / Thursdays Lynn said she might strip if we get enough people. It’s free admission but no one turned away for tipping. Thursday Nov 29th 8pm at Esta Noche 3079 16th, SF. (Take BART to 16th and Mission walk half a block.)

SF Natives Karen Kilgariff and Drennon Davis try to talk down your overly intoxicated brain in this song performed on CONAN

We’ve all been there. You get too high and you feel like the world has turned against you. If only there was an internet video to calm you down. This is where natives Drennon Davis and Karen Kilgariff come in. Impressive comedians in their own right, the duo have collaborated at a number of shows, imagining my favorite Bjork impression to date in addition to creating this PSA that is probably a bad thing to watch if you’re too high. Trademark glib and clever twists shine in this performance, which is highlighted by, imo, this sassy hand-to-hip movement that Drennon makes, just as the bit raises the stakes.

The Outside Lands comedy lineup announced featuring Tig Notaro and Upright Citizens Brigade

The Outside Lands comedy lineup announced featuring Tig Notaro and Upright Citizens Brigade

The Outside Lands comedy lineup has been announced and it’s looking awfully good. Tig Notaro, the Upright Citizens Brigade, Members of The Daily Show news team, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Pete Holmes are just a few of the headliners at this year’s fest taking place August 7-9 in San Francisco. The Barbary Comedy & Improv tent is curated by the team behind SF Sketchfest, so you know it’s going to be…

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A little Humor Before Gay Pride San Francisco

By Airec Sype. As many knows by now, Trevor Noah will be replacing Jon Stewart on The Daily Show later this year on September 28th. Noah will be the 3rd person to succeed a host for the show and the fans were not too happy when they heard the announcement. You can read this Huffington Post article on what Stewart ha to say about…

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Tig Notaro, Al Madrigal And More To Perform Comedy Sets At Outside Lands

Tig Notaro, Al Madrigal And More To Perform Comedy Sets At Outside Lands

Most people head to Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco for the killer list of rock bands, rappers, and chanteuses. The lineup for this year is pretty stacked, so obviously that’s reason enough to head to the festival, however, Outside Lands always does a pretty good job of presenting a well-rounded experience every year.

Consistently, the food is top-notch local fare, the Wine and…

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Episode #52 - DIVORCE COURT

Alex & Tom watch the Full House Halloween episode that premiered the week before Thanksgiving 1989! DJ & Stephanie go to war over privacy in their bedroom, the men have a footrace to determine something about themselves that no one could figure out, and Duckface returns to get some action!

(TMI ALERT: Alex shares some stories about her early pubescence towards the end of the podcast.)


THEME SONG: “Everywhere You Look” by wearebeatradio
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