• Person B: *holding a guitar*
  • Person A: I didn't know you play guitar!
  • Person B: I don't.
  • Person A: then why do you have a guitar.
  • Person B: *strums wieldly* SSSSSSHHHHHhhh....
  • Person A: *backs away slowly*

Oh, fun house mirrors, what fun! 

Daphne’s all stretched out… I wonder what it’ll look like if we reverse-stretch the image to “fix” the distortion?

…ok, that’s still pretty weird– wait, why are her hands so big?

Whatever, let’s try this frame. Maybe it’ll look more norm–


Perhaps not.


 feel like we dont pay enough attention to the fact that ritsu’s character profile says he appears serious but he’s actually super jumpy

like… he’s friends with shou…. who seems like the type to enjoy messing with people……and can go invisible………………..this is not a good combination folks


Buddy Velvet (1992)