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Basically what’s happening to these two studios at the moment. To see warner bros rake in this many views from. Pokemon against toy story is both baffling and just a joy to witness. Man what a time to be alive.

Soooo first time drawing a human minnie mouse abd I think I’ll stick to this dress design because I really like it hehehhe. It’s been a while since I drew the looney tunes humanized so I’d glad that this was a small fun thing for me to go back to 😂😂😂


this was heavily referenced to “the emperor’s new groove”.

I just had to do this, a part of me wouldn’t rest until this comic was accomplished and so it is and I’m super happy for it 😂😂😂😂😂

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did making it 😊

Nb: the one in the middle is the symbiote Sleeper, and exists in the VENOM comics. Don’t wanna spoil anything else 😉


Heavily referenced from “the emperor’s new groove”

I also would like to thank @opalfairy for the lovely continuation of the idea. It was easy to pull off.

So this is just a bonus part added after the last comic strip 😊 enjoy 😊