my two cents on aldub

Okay I was thinking why and how this AlDub thing became such a huge phenomenon. Even I, an avid fan of no one, never thought that I could get sucked into the mess. “Ano bang meron sa kanila?”, so to speak. 

The guy is known to be very humble and a gentleman in real life. The girl is known to be simple yet charming and stunning. I know the story was and is and will remain as scripted, but maybe the mere fact that both of them have yet to meet in person, despite being featured on the same show, makes them different from other lame-ass loveteams. And the winning participation of Frankie, the triplet-dora comediennes, and their respective bodyguards also had the popularity immensely soared.

Aside from its unexpected plot twists, one thing I love abt the series is Lola Nidora’s pagiging epal. Her lectures are powerful and true since most youths today fall into dilemmas cos they rush the fuckin things up. I’ve watched the episode earlier and took her words into heart. For the record, I’ve never felt this love-broken after Titanic.

“Kung puso lang ang paiiralin n'yo, walang mangyayari. Puwede namang gamitin ang puso; pero ‘wag kalimutan ang isip, ang utak , ‘wag puro tibok ng puso.“ 

I may sound old-school but hell I’m a believer of true love. And the course of true love was never easy. Heed an elderly advice, y’all. (but only if u want to)



Samantha Bee crushes the late-night TV sausage fest in teaser for new show: “I think I’m kind of done with sausages!”

“Two weeks after her “Daily Show” departure, Samantha Bee is already kicking some late-night ass

In it, Bee rejects a variety of (literal) sausages from a server one by one — each cleverly coinciding with a late-night host. “Mild” the server says to Jimmy Fallon’s sausage, “extra mild” he says to Carson Daly,” “I have no idea what that one is” to James Corden and “English banger” he says for Bee’s former “Daily Show” colleague John Oliver.”

Read the full piece here | Click the play button above to watch the clip 

GO SAMANTHA!!!! I cannot WAIT to see this show!


Introducing FLARE Magazine’s October 2014 cover star… Mindy Kaling!

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What they do, is:

They put'em in a bus, and then they take them to a real prision, and then they put them in the unifroms right? So the kids are still trying to be bad and stuff, and then the guards come and get in their faces, and that is heaven, when they have the female guards? Let me tell you, those are some pissed off single moms who have been dumped by their baby daddy.

Right! have you seen it? alright, so they have some kid and the guard is like…

Kathy Griffin about Beyond Scared Straight

Happy birthday Dorothy Devore (June 22, 1899 - September 10, 1976), shown here in Hold Your Breath

“…the novelty of a female fly became the basis for the 1924 Al Christie comedy Hold Your Breath, starring Dorothy Devore. Devore’s gender was a means to promote and differentiate the film, as is made clear by the ad copy that billed her as "The Girl Who Outstunts Lloyd” and “A Harold Lloyd in Skirts.” Prerelease hype in the Los Angeles Times stated that ‘theater audiences have grown used to seeing a male star do daredevil stunts,’ but that Harold Lloyd now had a rival in 'this petite young actress, who climbs about on tall buildings, with all the courage, ease, and abandon of the bespectacled comedian.’“

Excerpt from The Thrill Makers: Celebrity, Masculinity, and Stunt Performance. Image scanned from Silent Movies: The Birth of Film and the Triumph of Movie Culture.