“Beautiful Women Aren’t Funny”

I have a theory about this pervasive little one-liner.

When people say this, I think what they’re really saying is “When a woman is funny, I no longer find her beautiful.”

Because funny women are smart. Funny women are brave. Funny women aren’t afraid to look ridiculous. Funny women will call you out on your crap.

I think what people are really saying is “when women are funny, they are performing gender in a way that makes me uncomfortable.”
The new Ghostbusters action figures are revolutionizing toy store shelves
Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters has done what no other movie – definitely no other movie in recent memory – could do: generate a wave of all-female action figures, tied to a big-budget film, that is widely available in mainstream toy stores.

“Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters has done what no other movie – definitely no other movie in recent memory – could do: generate a wave of all-female action figures, tied to a big-budget film, that is widely available in mainstream toy stores.

If you’re familiar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then you know the struggles fans have gone through to get a Black Widow, Nebula, Jubilee, or Gamora action figure. You’ve read Shane Black’s article about how the villain in Iron Man 3 was going to be a woman until executives felt that toys of a female antagonist wouldn’t sell. If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you’ve probably searched, in vain, for a little plastic Rey, and searched more, even more in vain, for a Force Awakens Leia toy. In other words, you know how hard it is to find female action figures in toy stores.

This isn’t a problem with the new Ghostbusters. I swung by my local Toys R Us last weekend and found an endcap (technical term for a collection of product featured at the ends of aisles) full of Ghostbusters women. Every character was in stock: Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy), Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), Erin Gilbert (Kristin Wiig), and Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones). Buy them all, and you can build Rowan the ghost, as each figure comes with a combinable piece of him. I left with a Holtzmann.

Even more encouraging, these figures, produced by Mattel, accurately preserve the body types of Yates, Holtzmann, Gilbert, and Tolan. Yates’ toy is more full-figured than Gilbert’s, but neither appears unrealistically large or small. Simply put, they look human.

Hopefully, the new Ghostbusters figures will disprove everything toy companies believe about women action figures: that they don’t sell, that boys or men won’t want them, that they’re secondary. Maybe then, in a few years, we won’t have to fight to get hold of a Black Widow, or a Rey, or a General Leia. Maybe some would say I’m being too optimistic, but I hope not. I believe that a female representation revolution is coming in the action figure industry, and, if that’s true, then Mattel’s Ghostbusters have fired the first shot.”

Read the full piece here <- If you’re a fan/nerd/toys fan, read it!!!


I’m still not happy over this aspect of the upcoming movie, but I remain super excited about seeing it. Horror comedy is literally my favorite movie genre, Paul Feig is a great director, and the combined talent of those four comediennes is OVER THE TOP.

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What they do, is:

They put'em in a bus, and then they take them to a real prision, and then they put them in the unifroms right? So the kids are still trying to be bad and stuff, and then the guards come and get in their faces, and that is heaven, when they have the female guards? Let me tell you, those are some pissed off single moms who have been dumped by their baby daddy.

Right! have you seen it? alright, so they have some kid and the guard is like…

Kathy Griffin about Beyond Scared Straight

Happy birthday Dorothy Devore (June 22, 1899 - September 10, 1976), shown here in Hold Your Breath

“…the novelty of a female fly became the basis for the 1924 Al Christie comedy Hold Your Breath, starring Dorothy Devore. Devore’s gender was a means to promote and differentiate the film, as is made clear by the ad copy that billed her as "The Girl Who Outstunts Lloyd” and “A Harold Lloyd in Skirts.” Prerelease hype in the Los Angeles Times stated that ‘theater audiences have grown used to seeing a male star do daredevil stunts,’ but that Harold Lloyd now had a rival in 'this petite young actress, who climbs about on tall buildings, with all the courage, ease, and abandon of the bespectacled comedian.’“

Excerpt from The Thrill Makers: Celebrity, Masculinity, and Stunt Performance. Image scanned from Silent Movies: The Birth of Film and the Triumph of Movie Culture.

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(Dress, Stop Staring dress. Faux-Fur Stole, Donna Salyer’s Fabulous-Furs. Shoes, Rupert Sanderson.)
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