hmmmmm……just did that park control thing and I did notice a slight improvement. So far I have all of Awesims, @aroundthesims and @baufive‘s files in CCmagic. That’s roughly 3900 files. Merged, the mods folder which includes my Game Mods and various Defaults and sliders and other nonsense that I keep separate for now comes to 9.18 GB’s and 715 files. 

Tested it in my Twinbrook save that I’m using and it’s running with no lag. I’ve been running it through various test( running at 3 speed, putting all of the misc decor on a lot, recoloring everything, and going in and out of Create a sim) with no problems or crashing.  Maybe a different story once I start adding hair or clothes cc which I’m going to be super picky about this time around. 

Now to go get all of Pocci’s and Youlust’s stuff and continue the process. 

                       Come my children, gather to me, Let me share my wisdom, how I came to be
                       I’ll   set   you   free ,   it   won’t   come   cheaper    The     cult     was     right, 

                         D O N ’ T  F E A R  T H E  R E A P E R

                    reaper!sans as penned by shai | art by renrink | personals do NOT like or reblog


3x20|4x12 || the queen siblings wanting the one they love to live a happy life without them.