The king I see inside?

It’s enough for this restless wanderer just to be with you.

I can’t believe my grandma is dead I can’t believe I can hardly count up all the times within the last 4 months that I actively did not pick up the phone when she would call me. I am sick with how disgusting I feel it really did not sink in until like 20 minutes ago that I’m not gonna go see her again. When I was little and we were living in San Diego she flew 12 hours to come see me and we would walk to McDonalds together and I would try to teach her English. When my dad went to her apartment to get some of her personal stuff she had albums of pictures of me and my great aunt said whenever someone would come over she would bring them out and say “that’s my granddaughter”. The last time I saw her around 2 years ago she said she regrets that she worried about how her makeup looked so much. 

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3 sentence fic: Fitzsimmons + we agreed never to speak of it again

“Never have I ever…ah shit, I’ve done that,” Hunter grins, tilting his beer bottle toward Bobbi. “You go, come back to me.” 

“Never have I ever…gotten walked in on,” Bobbi says triumphantly. Daisy takes a drink and looks at her doubtfully. 


“Super-spy,” Bobbi laughs. That’s when she notices Jemma and Fitz, looking away from one another and chugging at their drinks. “Hey FitzSimmons, what’s the story there?” 

Jemma swallows, opening her mouth to explain, and Fitz puts a hand over her lips. “Jemma, no! We agree never to speak of it again!” 

100 Ways to say ‘I Love You’

[ WRITING “CHALLENGE” ] You may enjoy my smut but I better define myself as a fluffy writer. I can write fluff for days so I’ll try to do at least one a day to keep my motivation going to churn out scenarios for you. For this challenge, pick a GOT7 member and a number. Only one member can get each phrase (i.e. if someone requests #2 for mark, that phrase is taken and can’t be used for another member). © Once that phrase is taken, it’ll be crossed with the designated member.

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I want you to fall in love with me more than once. I want you to wake up next to me in twenty years and still be surprised by how pretty my eyes look when the sun comes up. I want you to see me walking across the street and have your heart skip a beat even though you know you’re coming home to me and we’ve been living together for the past thirty-five years. I want the excitement, the rush, the purity of falling in love and getting sweaty palms when you reach to touch my fingertips with yours. I want you to hear your heart beat a little bit louder for me every day that we’re together.
—  Just One More Time (k.p.k)
Come Walk With Me
  • Come Walk With Me
  • M.I.A.
  • Matangi

Come walk with me.

You ain’t gotta shake it, just be with me.

You ain’t gotta throw your hands up in the air, ‘cause tonight we ain’t acting like we don’t care.

It’s cool, it takes two.

So I’m gonna still fuck with you.