Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 126 Spoilers

Chapter title: Ring

Takeomi and Yoriko have their wedding at a Church

Yoriko still has both her arms and is holding a bouquet

Special Class Kuroiwa cries 

Many investigators are present including Qs

The one who catches Yoriko’s bouquet is Gori Misato

Shinsanpei skipped the wedding to visit his aunt

Kiyoko has lost both her legs from the knee down

Kiyoko: …San-chan I’m cold can you cover me with the sheet

Shinsanpei: Sorry 

Kiyoko: Should I too get Dr. Chigyou’s ‘iron legs’ like Suzuya-kun?

Shinsanpei: I’ll go


For your welcome back present I’ll turn him into a quinque and bring it to you

Kiyoko watches as Shinsanpei leaves the hospital and sighs 

Ui meets with Okahira who was supposedly dead

Okahira: …Arima Kishou? Or is it for First Class Ihei?

She was a lovely young lady… even her showing off is a good memory

Hope is… definitely needed 

But, the dead cannot come back to life

Ui: …Thanks for the advice 

Okahira stands up from the bench  

Okahira: …I’ll be off, its time for medicine 

Once time (this) has passed, death will come again

Ui: (Okahira…a connected life…the one who holds medicine is the reaper…even so…)

Mutsuki and Urie are sitting on a bench

Mutsuki: I thought you weren’t going to come seeing as you’re so busy

Urie: (I wasn’t planning to come but…)

Mutsuki: You’re organising the documents on Matsuri’s professional duties, aren’t you?

Urie: (I heard you were going) 

Urie: Well yeah… 

Urie looks at Mutsuki and thinks of the large amount of photos that were stabbed with a knife in Mutsuki’s room 

Mutsuki stands up 

Mutsuki: I went there 

Mutsuki: I went to the cafe sensei usually went to… and then… he was there

Urie: Sasaki was? 

Mutsuki: Urie-kun I… want to stop sensei 

I love him 

It can’t be helped 

If there was something I could do… I don’t mind what happens to me 

Mutsuki’s eyes water and they leave 

Urie is frozen still with white eyes

Touka and Kaneki are watching the wedding from far away

Touka puts a string through her parent’s wedding ring which has ARATA HIKARI engraved on the inside and gives it to Kaneki

Kaneki: Arata…Hikari…?

Touka: It was my mother and father’s 

Whenever I hold onto this it reminds me of them

I always received strength from this …its a treasure so I’ll give it to you

Kaneki puts the string around his neck

Kaneki: …Ok then I’ll… look at this and think of you

Kaneki: Let’s go, everyone’s waiting

The chapter ends with a centipede on the ground

So I guess it’s official now!!!! Y'all are probably familiar with my gf Sam who wrote the Dragonoak series. Went to stay with them for a month in London recently and now it’s decided…we’re getting married!!!!!

No concrete plans yet but it’s officially Happening…never saw this coming in my life but I have to say I’m. Really excited. That it is!!!! And that’s the news thanks I’m gay

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So would there have been a Bendy with the maturity of a 6 year old? Lol

Nah it’s more like
He came into the world more closely to what Joey made his personality to be. As the years went by he kinda just got more mature cuz yknow
He’s not being written for anymore so he develops on his own
He’s still the mischievous demon in the cartoons, just with like 60+ years of real life experience

Edit: The same would go with boris and Alice. Before Boris would come to life, bendy still worked on making the actual cartoons. So when Joey does bring Boris about, he remembers adventures that this Bendy wasnt actually apart of. He starts out as a bit of a naive goof but as the years would go by he may get surprisingly wiser and more self aware.
For Alice, if she WAS written to be Bendy’s love interest, she would have expected him to feel the same way back, cuz thats what it was like in the show. But IRL Bendy doesn’t, and in the beginning is kinda jealous and mean to her because of the attention she was getting and because it felt like he was expected to just fall in love with her right on spot. and this would probably affect that relationship to a big extent.

TL;DR they start off basically like they are in the cartoons with the memories of what their cartoon selves experience, but when in real life they’d have to write their own scripts, themselves


shout out to @nightmaze

she is one of the sweetest people to come into my life and support me! time and time again they prove to be patient and understanding despite all their own hardships. ilwe is also an amazing character they own and has grown into such an interesting and unique character along side carina (  @geisterfuchs) bless their little family and bless nightmaze the mun for being great. thank you for supporting me!

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Hey is there a smut story where Bucky is a bottom and is getting rough sex by steve

let’s see

Bad Romance by cleo4u2, xantissa

Steve meets a mysterious stranger at a costume ball, but is he a stranger? Their mission parameters may have changed, but they still get the job done.

Come In From The Cold by ceeainthereforthat

Bucky comes back into Steve’s life with HYDRA on his his heels. They want their asset back, and Steve’s not going to give him up without a fight…

Harm and Foul by concavepatterns

Bucky is standing in front of Steve’s living room bookcase, cardboard box at his feet, when he feels a pair of arms snake around his waist from behind.

Steve’s chin settles on top of his shoulder a second later, warm breath ghosting over his neck as his boyfriend whispers, “Hi.”

Bucky automatically grins, leaning back into him. “Hi.”

long road to ruin by valeriya

Steve’s always loved Bucky. His greasy, slicked back hair. His stubble. His pouted lips, that sometimes had a cigarette inbetween them, sometimes not.

Bucky’s always loved Steve. He knows that.

The most important thing? He’s getting there. He’s human.

you can’t take heart and soul by endofadream

The way he arches is a thing of beauty: the late-afternoon light paints the wall in slanting tones of faded yellow, casting half of Bucky’s face in shadow. It highlights the arch of his cheekbones, the sculpted hollow of his cheeks. The fanned flutter of his lashes when he closes his eyes.

God. Steve had almost forgotten how good Bucky sounds when he begs. Breathy, a little high-pitched. Every bit Steve’s.

Quick Lucifer 2x18 photo interpretation.

What we know so far:
Charlotte wants the piece and Amenadiel refuses to give it to her. Same goes for Lucifer

At this point, I think we have the talk between Charlotte and Linda which ends with Linda’s critical condition later on

I firmly believe that Linda will be fine. But at that point, I think that she gives Lucifer the cold hard facts and actually tells him, get some orbs and get it on with Chloe. Don;t be afraid and you are an ass by the way. Also, she might confess that she was baaaad cookie and that she worries about her end. 

The above pictures are obviously from Dan’s imrpov which I believe that Dan is now improv Amenadiel instead of Lucifer thus the heartfelt goodbye.

Here Lucifer realises that he cannot always plan alone. Maze was right so they plan together. Yet I guess that Maze told Trixie that she was hurt (due to LInda) and the little girl took it a bit too literally thus the hilarious scenes above. 

Here I believe that Amenadiel has told Dan that Mum is coming with him so Dan follows them and that is why Charlotte is so calm. I don;t think it’s the sword that makes her react that way. If it is the sword then she realises at what emotional cost for Lucifer, the sword is ignited. 

Now am I the only one who wonders why Lucifer ignites the sword in front of so many people??? All I can think is that it’s an accident. Not to mention that the sword is no longer small. Also, Lucifer’s face is one of astonishment. What is stronger than pain? What is the emotion Lucifer has avoided more than pain and hurt? What is blended perfectly with pain and hurt? Love… 

In this photo, I believe that Lucifer is seeing something behind Chloe. Also, his face is vulnerable., hopeful, full of humanity if you like. It also seems like a great burden had been removed from his shoulders. I believe that Dan contacted Chloe there and that this scene is NOT at the end of the episode… 

Now you will be surprised but I’m covinced that this scene is after her meeting with Lucifer. Then she has a new resolve, she goes to find him and the BIG finale comes. Something life altering but I’m still not convinced that she will find out. Even if that’s how the show will end on Monday I don’t believe that Chloe will find out just yet. 

So that’s it. What’s your opinion?


Today is this gorgeous woman’s birthday!🎉🎊

To the most important and ambitious woman in my life, coming from Barbados at 18, without her parents and all alone to achieve her dreams! My biggest inspiration, your drive is crazy, when you want it you WILL get it and your optimism about everything brightens my life. To the woman who accepts me for all my crazy and vulgarity and pushes me even when I don’t push myself. To the woman who has loved me unconditionally for the past 22 years of my life without a doubt. You make me so proud to be called your daughter. Im actually about to start ugly crying so I’m going to wrap this up lol, but a big Happy Birthday to my beautiful momma, Giselle Justine Reich!! 💞💞💞

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Honey don't worry about not posting. You already do so much for this fandom. Your real life comes first and foremost. I'm still catching up on all the fics you reccomended that I haven't read yet

Thank you! <3

Color version of my latest Viv art. It’s also my first time coloring Viv, so it was a lot of fun seeing her come to life with color! The shadow is symbolic of the phrase “weakness leaving the body”. Thank you for your support across all my social medias!

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Wait, I thought Okahira is dead and Kanou revive him.

Well, Ui asked him that and he sort of went vague with the reply and went ‘the dead cannot come back to life’. And how it’s time for his meds since he’ll die again without it.

Meanwhile, Ui is trying to piece things together to see if what he’s wishing for can get fulfilled.

Life is a struggle
Struggle for each breath I take
Struggle for everything I have
Everything I want
Life isn’t easy for people like us
We struggle everyday for everything
For every breath we take
Every penny we earn
We struggle every day to make our dreams
Come true
Life isn’t easy, it never was
Life is a struggle, we dream, we fight,
We fight to make our dreams come alive
No matter how will we do it?
But we will keep trying,
We will keep dreaming
Keep fighting
Dreams are all that we have,
We will never give up, we’ll keep dreaming,
Life isn’t easy
Life is a struggle

by- alostwriter(sy)



what has my life come to.


Happy 2nd Eorzean Wedding Anniversary, @malleycat!

I still can’t believe that it’s been that long! It’s been an epic two years in-game, and a challenge when it comes to real life- but I’d never want anyone else but you to be by my side through it all. You’re my best friend, partner in crime and soulmate and words fail to describe the depth of my love for you. Here’s to our future balmung wedding plans!

In astral and umbral, sickness and in health, in-game and in real life.

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do you ever spend full days indoors watching netflix or doing nothing and how often? i feel like i do that way too much and it's starting to make me depressed because i don't have any friends to go out with.

i’ve spent many days indoors, doing nothing. to be honest, i actually enjoy it. being in grad school, i enjoy my alone time and peace very much. however, if i do it a lot (aka like a week alone in my room), it’ll start to affect me. when i start to feel negatively, i typically talk to my mom or family or go out with my classmates. or i just know that the tides will change and i won’t feel this way for much longer. things always get better. the right people will come into your life at the right time.