“your soulmate is not someone that comes into your life peacefully. it is who comes to make you question things, who changes your reality, somebody that marks a before and after in your life. it is not the human being everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person, who managed to revolutionize your world in a second…” — anonymous

@jonsa-week day one: soulmates

the more I listen to gorgeous the more I love it and it reminds me of meeting aaron at my college formal and not being able to get him out of my head which was SO ANNOYING because I was kind of with the guy I came with so I ended up ignoring aaron at the after party and starting an elaborate game of drunk four square in the kitchen to get his attention without actually talking to him like a PSYCHOPATH but of course he got me alone eventually and my heart was beating so fast I almost passed out right then and there fjjdjcjgjfjejckkdke



I Can Feel Life Come Alive

Hey-o! I’m back with another fic of the week (heey that rhymes!). And it’s special too, because I’ve almost reached 100 followers! Yay!

I was actually kind of feeling insecure about whether or not I should post this. But my awesome pal @kerarin wanted me to, so, her ya go, dude.

Thank you for your continuous support. As always, this is for you guys and I hope you enjoy it!

Word count: 1789

Soulmate Color AU - the world is only in shades of gray until the moment you gaze into your soulmate’s eyes

Prompt and title are taken from the lyrics of: Oh Wonder - High On Humans

Everytime I meet your eyes I can feel life come alive

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I just really love Taylor and I will never stop supporting her and defending her and sometimes I think that the world will never understand why I love her so much and that’s okay becuase the world hasn’t always been there for me but Taylor has, and there’s no way I can ever explain all the positives that have come to my life because of Taylor and that’s okay because I don’t feel like I need to explain myself to anyone anymore, I can just continue doing what I’ve always done and know that regardless of what other peoples opinions are, that she will always be one of my best friends who helped me through so many dark times.

alright instead of doing my work i was contemplating the next ToA book and listen everybody this is supposed to be a five book series but we already know two of the emperors and we know apollo is heading towards new rome and honestly? that’s to easy rick could probably wrap it up in one more book but listen the third pjato book was wild and so was hoo and that’s just confirming two things for me, there’s definitely going to be a big thing that happens in third one and since we’re heading to new rome, the only conclusion i keep coming to is: their going to be betrayed by someone in their ranks

Okay I’m calling it now

Wendimoor is a dreamscape created in someone’s (possibly the Boy’s) mind. Hence all of the weird touches like the scissors, the buttons, the sky train, etc.

HOWEVER the people in there are all real, and have no idea they are in a kid’s fantasy land. I’m thinking it’s one of two things: 

1. Doctor Who Silence in the Library style - the kid has sent real people into this fantasy land and they’ve forgotten their lives outside  

2. The dreamscape has come to life somehow so that the fairytale characters created by the kid have free will

This seems obvious, and yet I’m probably wrong.

The problem when someone left you is the emptiness they’ll leave with you. It’s when you get used to their presence and you feel so empty and broken once they decided to leave you. That’s the reason why people are afraid of attachments but then again someone will going to come in your life and you’ll forget every reason why you shouldn’t get too close to anyone anymore. But sometimes, trusting that person means giving them all the privilege to hurt you.

Wanna Teach You a Lesson (In the Worst Kind of Way)


Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia

Pairing: Aizawa Shouta/Kayama Nemuri/Yamada Hizashi, Aizawa Shouta/Yamada Hizashi, Aizawa Shouta/Kayama Nemuri, Kayama Nemuri/Yamada Hizashi

Word count:  11,000+

Rating: E (it’s literally just porn)

Tags: Threesomes and a lot of other kinks, but no triggers

Notes: “Surely there must be some plot in here!” you say. “No,” I tell you. “It is literally all shameless miderasermic porn. I am sorry.”


Shouta swallows hard.

Fuck that, all three of them are sadists in their own way, but Shouta’s definitely got some overt masochistic tendencies when it comes to his private life. He may get joy out of being in control all the time and playing sick jokes on students while threatening to expel them, but goddamn, he just wants someone to take him down in private.

(Shouta, Hizashi, and Nemuri have a threesome.)


It’s seven in the evening on a Saturday night and Shouta is completely naked and standing in front of his boyfriend and their best friend.

Part of him isn’t really sure how he got himself into this situation. It wasn’t exactly planned, but it was agreed upon by all three of them, including him. A planned outing to get dinner had somehow resulted in this, in Nemuri coming back to their apartment with them—in Shouta being ordered to strip, and now in him standing in front of Hizashi and Nemuri, completely naked and fighting the urge to cross his arms over his body, his face hot with the embarrassment of being looked over like this.

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i’m dying to give you
more than a couple of words;
i haven’t yet figured out
how to give you pieces
of my world.

i haven’t yet figured out
how to give you my soul
and make it your world. 

- i want to give you more than a thank you. teach me how to love you. 

Yutyrannus huali, the Beautiful Feathered Tyrant!

The largest known non-avian dinosaur with undeniable evidence for feathers, and a distant cousin to T. rex! It had an early type of feathers, however, so if you were to come across it in life, it’d probably feel like your pet cat!

My friend said that this was the best drawing I’ve ever done :D I hope you guys like it too!!!

anonymous asked:

So I already read very different reviews from fans who just finished watching the episode (I'm from Italy and I'll have to wait till tomorrow 😩). The thing that bothered me is that it seems it's all about the sex for the production? I mean, I'm a book reader, I know it's important for their relationship, but it's SO much more than that. Sometimes I think the writers can't tell the difference between intimacy and sex. What was your impression about the emotional aspect of the episode, Sherri?

I don’t want to give out any spoilers (I think we all know they will be physical, but I will say that while there was sex, and a good deal of it, it came with a deep emotional connection that we haven’t seen for a very very long time. Maybe ever. I think the actors brought an element that comes with a life hard lived. You feel their joy and really feel their relief.

And you can also hear their flesh slapping against each other.

So it is a good balance. Lolol

anonymous asked:

Idk what kind of satanic shit I'm witnessing but basically I live alone and it happens pretty often but anyways so recently I've been getting nightmares and shit and sometimes the spooky stuff that really freaks me out comes to life but I know for a fact that I'm hallucinating or something, like at first I thought I was going crazy UNTIL THIS ONE DAY IM OVER THERE JUST EATING SOME RAMEN AND ALL OF A SUDDEN I HEAR SOME JINGLING AND LAUGHTER I GET SUPER SHOOK

well you aren’t living alone anymore. rest in peace, we’re all going to miss you


And next!!! Because Sunshine is the next one and needs to shine down on you people to bring happiness!!!

Member: Jung Hoseok

Genre: Fluff and little touch of angst.

Originally posted by jaayhope

Hoseok is always thankful for you coming into his life and making his rainy day a sunshine day again. With you around, his life is bright and happy. Everybody can tell that you have a large impact on his life and he loves you for that.

He likes coming home after a long day and snuggle with you on the couch and tell you about his day. He especially likes to listen to your day too. Especially about the ones  where you had a good day and you have a pleasant smile on your face that he can stare at all day long.

What the hell did you do to him? Why do you have such a tight grip on his heart? How did you fall for him in the first place? Why are you still with him? 

These type of questions always fills his mind when he is lying in bed next to you and he can’t sleep. So, he just watches your peaceful slumber. Your chest rising and falling with every breath. 

What did he do to deserve such a heavenly being like you? 

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Bad and good things have been happening to me recently and I just feel… Weird. I feel like I’ve lost my place again and I know this isn’t very inspirational but I’m nothing if not a freak for honesty.

I’m moving schools and i know no one there, my friends have turned on me, my stalker has come back into my life buuuut

I’m going to spend my christmas with my sister in Thailand. My hard work has paid off in math! I have reconnected with my brother! I feel hopeful! which is great! I made a new friend, and I have developed my art style and a three year plan for the future :D

(I know this was very long so I’m going to finish off by saying !!!!

MAJOR KEYY in being okay is letting things go. I’ve worked really hard at this and you just have to embrace that somethings have happened and bad things happen like that but you!! are a miracle!! the possibilities of who you are going to be and things that happened to make you who you are today are impossible and endless!! So let these bad things go. Take a breath in and think about the bad thing and when you breathe out remember you are loved and then let it go. )

No Matter What (Requested)

Summary: When you have a panic attack on a flight to New York, you realise that Sam is always there for you, no matter what. 

Characters: Sam x Reader

Warnings: fluff, panic attack. 

A/N: The Sam x Reader version of the ‘Just Breathe’ fic (requested by @potterhead1265) which you can read here. This is just a one-shot but there is a slight suggestion that the reader may have something else coming up in her life… maybe it will become a series at some point :P 

Read Just Breathe - the Dean x Reader equivalent. 


Feedback always makes my day! :) 

No Matter What (Requested) 

“Mr. Samuel Winchester and Miss Y/F/N Y/L/N, please go to gate 27, please. That’s gate 27 for the 6:20 flight to New York”.

You were in a bathroom stall, your palms sweating as you crouched over the toilet. You felt nauseous as you heard the announcement on the loudspeaker.

Your phone buzzed in your back pocket.

You sighed and reached for it, lifting it to your ear.

“Y/N, we really need to go now. Are you ready?”, Sam asked.

You took a deep breath, standing up.

“Yeah, I’m coming”, you muttered.

You didn’t want to ruin the day. Sam knew you were anxious about the flight but you were more terrified than you could have imagined.

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