In need of some serious love: Where Justin surprises Y/n, while taking a break off tour.

“3 more months till Justin comes home to visit. Until then it’s just me myself and I.” I woke up this morning like every other day, checked my phone everything seemed in check “Good Morning texts from Justin, of course I didn’t turn off my Twitter notifications so as expected I had a crap ton and some messages from Gigi saying” “how we should grab dinner and a movie tonight to get my mind off Justin.”

Lately i’ve been missing Justin more than normal, it was the last leg of his purpose tour and I hadn’t seen him in person in 6 months.“ After getting ready for the day and setting up the shop, I decided to call Justin hoping that this time there wasn’t a major time difference.

“Hey Justin?” “Hey babe, i’m super sorry but this afternoon I have to give my phone in to get fixed so I don’t know when I’ll be getting it back.” Justin has this tendency to spit out random pieces of information so this is nothing new. “What happened to it? Last time we talked you were getting a new glasses screen protector.”

Justin’s Pov Oh shit oh shit she’s catching on! I can’t ruin the surprise think on your feet Justin. “Umm yeah Za and I were playing ball with it and Za chucked it against the wall.” “Hahaha you guys are too much. I miss your stupid shenanigans” That voice, her laugh I can just picture her right now in her shop leaning over the counter laughing, where her eyes crinkle at the corners and she covers her mouth because she hates her laugh.

“Justin…Jay…Babe” I’m snapped straight back to reality. “Hey yeah sorry still here, the boys are telling me its time for rehearsals. I’ll call you when I get my phone back. Love you so much.” “Love you Justin don’t forget to call me ok?” “I could never”

Y/n Pov Before I know it, it’s closing time. “We close quite early 7:00pm. I love clothing and fashion but not after 7:00pm especially with my early mornings and late nights.” I call up Gigi to tell her that I’m ready to go and that I would meet her at the movies. I’m not one of those people who needs to get dressed up for going to dinner and a movie with a friend.

Justin’s Pov “YO Za I was so close to getting caught so I used you as a stupid excuse.” We were minutes away from boarding the jet; Za, Alfredo and I. Za had planned for me as a surprise to surprise my long time girlfriend Y/n. I know a lot of surprises, I was so nervous I wanted everything to go exactly as planned. I had called up our mutual close friend Gigi and told her to take Y/n out for dinner and a movie. The whole plan was I was going to fly out to L.A where Y/n was. Call her up when we were both at the movie theatre tell her my phone is all fixed etc. and then ask her what she was doing then start reading off the times for the different movies that are playing tonight. And the rest was out of my control lets see what happens.

Y/n Pov I pull up to the movie theatre and I can already see Gigi in line waving to me like the lunatic she was I chuckled a bit to myself. “Boy do I love this girl.” I walked up to her and of course she had to comment on my outfit. “ Y/n who do you think you are coming back from working a 7 hour shift looking flawless!” I wasn’t wearing anything special just an all black romper, sleeveless vest and some perspect booties. “Gigi shut up look at you-” I was about to say some snarky comment but I was interrupted by my cell phone, I look at the caller ID and it says Justin…but that can’t be right his phone is in the shop.

“Hello?” I answered but it was more of a question. I tilt my head down and plug my ear hoping to block out some of the noise. “Hey love” it was Justin. “Hey Jay so you got your phone back earlier than expected” as a smirk grew on my face. “ haha yeah the guy did it really well brand new again. What are you up too? Bit noisy yeah?” “Your interrupting my girls night out with Gigi.” I remarked back at him “what are you doing up so early in the morning?”

Justin’s Pov This was my cue,as I stepped out from the crowd I began listing off the movies. “Well you know me and the boys are planning on seeing a movie we just don’t know which one there’s Finding dory at 7:45pm, Nerve at 8:15, Now you see me 2 at 10:00pm which is in two and a half hours and we aren’t that patient.” The minute I finish my sentence I see Y/n turn around and we made eye contact.

Y/n’s Pov “Well you know me and the boys are planning on seeing a movie we just don’t know which one there’s Finding dory at 7:45pm, Nerve at 8:15, Now you see me 2 at 10:00pm which is in two and a half hours and we aren’t that patient.” “ Hang on a second those are the exact times on the board here, oh my god I start to turn around still on the phone and then I see him, first his big beautiful brown eyes and then his tanned skin covered in tattoos and his hair, his hair. Before I knew it, I was crouched down in a ball on the floor crying. He can’t be really here,this is just my mind playing a sick joke on me. Until I hear his voice and feel his touch.” “Y/n,Y/n hey hey now babe don’t cry i’m here now and I’m not going anywhere.” That’s when I gave him a bone crushing hug, sobs turning into sniffles. I didn’t care if i was making a scene the love of my life was home after 6 months.

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taehyung and soonshim are waiting for you to come home

Getting snapchats from Taehyung isn’t surprising, especially when he’s feeling lonely with no practice sessions with the boys. Thus, he resorts to bugging you when you’re away, texting you about how much he misses you. Only this time he uses Soonshim as a weapon. Sure enough, you were home earlier that day to satisfy Taehyung with his daily dose of kisses.

Taetae <3 [4:32 PM]: We (I) miss you so much pls come home soon <3 soonshim is starting to get bored of me

me, in the highest pitch my voice can go, at 3AM: HEATHCLIFF, IT’S ME, CATHY, I’VE COME HOME, I’M SO CO-HO-HO-HOLD, LET ME IN-A YOUR WINDOoOOoOOW

I hadn’t really been able to leave the house in the past two days and it was really getting to me. Which among other things meant I couldn’t play Pokemon go. The few things I had caught in the past three days had run away. It was getting pokébleak. And then I found SQUIRTLE in the carwash next to auntpretty1’s house and said, “I love you. Please come home with me.” My very best poképickup line. I often whisper to my phone while trying to catch, “I want you so badly” that has about a 50/50 catch rate. Most often I just swear like the sailor’s daughter and granddaughter that I am. Anyway, my whole point is it’s nice to find a bit of giving a fuck when I think I’m all out. Even if it is just for an imaginary monster.


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Jerry Smith Quotes
  • This is the eighth to the last straw!
  • God? God is turning people into giant insect monsters, Beth. I'm the one that's beating them to death. Thank me.
  • Well, duh-doy, son.
  • Life is effort and I'll stop when I die!
  • Look. I'm peeing all over your special weapons. That means I own them.
  • So, your teenage daughter is marrying a forty-year-old bird person. You guys down with that?
  • We're connecting! Like old-school Jews on a Saturday.
  • When it comes to you, honey, I'm Stephen Hawkingson.
  • I'm a parasite...
  • I've got an erection the size of an East Coast lighthouse and I'm coming home to share it with my beautiful wife.
  • Give me the phone, Summer, or I'm joining FaceBook.
  • Crazy idea, bad pitch, let's put your dad here. Let's put your dad in a nursing home.
  • I hate Christmas! You guys are all gross and lame!
  • *cough* Horse heart surgeon...
  • I remember feeling that way about a certain young lady called your mom, and that's not an urban diss.
  • 'Jerry, get a job!' 'Jerry, don't look for a job at an alien wedding!' I don't get you.
  • Well, I guess I know what the A in NASA stands for.
  • 1996 called, it wants its "certain-year called, it wants its blank back" formula back!
  • I am a baby! I'm a baby now!
  • Maybe you should try having some respect for the dummies of the universe, now that you're one of us.
  • Boom! In your FACE! He is ruining our child!
  • Pluto is a planet! Planet, planet, planet!
  • I was just transported here against my will in a giant meatball. So head on down to the men's section at K-Mart because you need to cut me some slack...s.
  • But first, a drink from a nice tall glass of 'I TOLD YOU SO.'
  • Nobody kills me until I catch my wife with another man.
  • Remove my penis!
call me when you're sober

this was so much fun to write loll

enjoy xx

Don’t cry to me.
If you loved me,
You would be here with me.
You want me,
Come find me.
Make up your mind.

Being home on a Friday night was what I needed after a grueling week. I just wanted to relax,take a bath and just go to sleep. I was letting the water out of the bathtub as I start to walk into my room to put my pajamas on. It was just the craziest past couple of months. Corey and I were together for about two years when I found out via social media that he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and I broke up with him. It has been the hardest 6 months of my life,but I’m getting better with dealing with this. It also helps that I haven’t heard from him since we broke it off,which was so painful cause I thought he loved me.But I mean it is what it is.I put my head on the pillow and start to doze off.

Should I let you fall?
Lose it all?
So maybe you can remember yourself.
Can’t keep believing,
We’re only deceiving ourselves .
And I’m sick of the lie,
And you’re too late.

2am and my cell phone starts to ring,causing me to wake up and want to kill whoever is on the phone.
“whoever this is,I hate your life”
“you already do Ash”
“what the fuck Graves? why are you calling me at 2am? I haven’t heard from you in 6 months”
I hear rustling in the background”I know and I’m so sorry for that. But I have to get this off my chest”
“are you drunk?”
“yes I went out with Finn and Sami.Baron was supposed to come but he didn’t show up,he’s in a new relationship apparently but that’s beside the point. God Ashley,I made this biggest mistake of cheating on you and I can’t believe I fuck up this beautiful thing I had”
“that’s what happens when you fuck someone else Corey! I really thought I was enough for you! I guess I wasn't”
“You are everything to me! I’m an asshole but I want to make this right.Please let me”
I sigh and close my eyes. I wanted to but I didn’t want to get hurt again.”how do I know you aren’t going to hurt me again?”
“I promise baby. I want to be with you I love you!!! I’m so in love with you”

Couldn’t take the blame.
Sick with shame.
Must be exhausting to lose your own game.
Selfishly hated,
No wonder you’re jaded.
You can’t play the victim this time,
And you’re too late.

“Corey,you waited 6 months to try and win me back”I sit up in bed and putting the lights on in the process” you are completely drunk off your ass and you wait till now to try and say your piece.I’m sorry but you are too late”
The lone figure moves next to me as I smile down at the man sleeping next to me”I moved on and I think you should too”
I hang up as I get pulled into a warm chest”he is lucky that I’m not next to him. He needs to know that you are mine”
I roll over to turn the light off as I kiss the lone wolf softly.”it’s okay Baron,let’s just go back to bed”

You never call me when you’re sober.
You only want it cause it’s over,
It’s over.

How could I have burned paradise?
How could I - you were never mine.

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Hey Yinnie, when you get the chance (and take your time don't rush ok?) could you just write some really cute fluff please? Where pocket!Astro cheers you up maybe? Some of my friends are being mean to me and I need something cute to cheer me up please -smol anon

How can they be you friends if they are mean to you ?! I hope you don’t let them be mean, you shouldn’t let them be like that or you should just leave them…

Since I reallyyy want to cheer you up because I cherish you, I’ll make this request before the other two (sorry ^^’)

It took me quite a long time to write this, but I hope it will make you feel better… é.è

Let me wipe all your tears away

Imagine coming home in tears after a very bad day. Today your “friends” kept being mean and saying bad things to you, making you feel bad about yourself.

As soon as you open the door six tiny boys rush to you, happy that you’re finally home until they see your crying face. You don’t even try to hide your sadness to pocket ASTRO anymore since they always discover it somehow.

As you crash head first on your bed, you hear pocket Moonbin getting all fussy and asking “who dared make our y/n cry ?!”. Pocket Rocky next to him is in his Knight mode, ready to fight all those mean people. Pocket MJ can’t stop shouting either, so their tiny leader makes them go out of your room while little Sanha and Eunwoo bring you your favourite blanket and a fluffy plushie. These three know you need to let it all out first so they just sit calmly and listen while you hug your plushie tightly. They are so patient, they don’t say anything and just gently wipe your tears no matter how heartbreaking it is to them. Just that is enough to make you relax a bit. They just as calmly and gently tell you comforting words, contradicting every bad words that had been said about you.

They finally let tiny Rocky, Moonbin and MJ come in with a hot drink they made to warm you up (no matter the season it’s always comforting). They are calm at first then they gradually become loudy again when Eunwoo suggests making a pillow fort. You all get comfy in your pillow fort to protect yourselves from “the mean world”, then the little boys start making little funny scenes.

At first they reproduce funny parts from your favourite animes, dramas or films, then these little boys just start goofing around, like in those astro ddoca. You have tiny Jinjin using fake crutches while asking “Where’s the hospital ?”, then MJ starts meowing like a cat… Even Eunwoo sings his Banana song ! This is such a mess, you can’t stop laughing. They then start imitating each other until someone initiates a Girl group dance contest.

At the end of the day you are all a laughing mess, you fall asleep with a smile on your face and six tiny boys trying to show you how much they love you with their mini hugs.

So… I’m very sure about the end, it seems kinda rushed and messy ? I can’t come with anything better so I hope it’s okay…

To those who didn’t see the ASTRO ddocas, in this video you have Eunwoo briefly singing Banana at beginning while MJ does his meow at 1:12. Here you have Jinjin and his hospital thing at 2:45. These aren’t the links to subbed videos thought.

They can be all so crazy in their ddoca ~

An Average Trip to the Store

for your friend, inquisitorius-sin-bin.

“Oo! Gotta go to the store to get a plastic swimming pool for my dog! She will love it!”

“Hey look, the toy aisle… Can’t hurt to browse!”

“Oo! Ahsoka and Vader! Very nice!”

“General Grievous??? Hmm not without it’s charms…”

“Do my eyes spy a Kanan Jarrus?? He would be perfect to pose with my Grand Inquisi-”

“Sorry guys, sorry gals. I know who’s coming home with me today…”

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I have this headcanon that when Barry says "I'm home" he's talking about his parents but the episode ends with him actually going back to Iris aka his home. "You've always had someone to come home to. Me." There's a reason season 2 finale porch scene parallels 3x01

I like this❤

finn is so obsessed with me atm like i really don’t want my parents to come home BC he is the most in love with me he has ever been he waits outside the bathroom for me it is like having my own personal cheerleader he is two steps away from peeing when i come home

Yo I am freaking the fuck out right now. I was outside coming back from the store and I here a high pitch fearful scream coming from the house right across from me,and I am home alone,my eldest brother is an hour away from me and the rest of my family is in another state. And the screaming keeps on it is not stopping and the people that lives across from me is 5 women and I don’t know what to do and I don’t know what’s going on. I am about to have a panic attack.

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I have something to confess...I was a HUGE MCR FAN back in my days, with a crush on Gerard Way included of course and I agree with the other anon, their songs and aesthetics (blood/death/coming back from the death so I'm taking home with me) are so Kylux that is insane.... My favorite still is "Demolition Lovers". So why I'm telling you this? Because our boys look SO hot on their Black Parade outfits, I love love love your art, your style is unique and awesome

(-^   O ^-) awww man! thank you so much!!! this is the best!!! <3 <3 <3 it took me a long time to wake up to the fact that MCR was gonna be one of those bands i liked forever ~ i wasn’t out to either like or dislike them initially because i have a really varied taste in music ~ so i didn’t even realize it at first! But i loved the Black Parade aesthetic so much! And i was so, SO excited to use it here!!! So the fact that other people are into it is JUST THE BEST!!! (^  w ^) And thank you so much for saying you find my style unique ((.O   v O.)) oh my oh my oh my… (T   w T) that means so much to me! thank you!!!

thanks for tagging me, @life-has-an-hopeful-undertone !! <3

Rules: tag people you want to get to know better.

Countries: USA

Favorite fandom: ha h a ok i’ll list a few. Star Wars, Noragami, Fullmetal Alchemist, Boku no Hero Academia, Marvel ( tho most of the current comics are dead to me )

Languages you speak: English, and a bit of Spanish. I really want to learn some more languages tbh

Last article you read: i think it was some psychology article??

Shuffle your music library and put the first three titles here: In The End by Black Veil Brides ( it’s the only song of theirs i even like omg don’t look at me ), Coming Home pt 2 by Skylar Grey, It Has Begun by Starset

Any phobias or fears: *cracks knuckles* boi where do i even start. Being yelled at, hurting others, failure, wasps, ladybugs ( it’s a l ong st or y ;-; ), centipedes, getting burned. i think those are the only notable ones…?

How your friends would describe you: they’d probably describe me as nerdy, nice, and a lover of lame jokes. lol

How your enemies would describe you: rebellious, selfish, inappropriate, weird, unstable, untrustworthy, clingy, polite, quiet, respectable, nice ( I only have a couple enemies and they probably each would describe me very differently. )

Would you take a bullet for someone: Probably. Sitting here right now, the thought of injury or death is highly unnerving, but I think in the heat of the moment, I would do it.

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first?: well, I’d save it for college probably. Besides that, I’d like to buy some cute new clothes.

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