Magnetic Fields - Come Back from San Francisco

[carlos come home] - [a mix for our lost scientist]

01. remember us - gabriel royal  02. you’re my only home - the magnetic fields  03. somebody loved - the weepies  04. to build a home - the cinematic orchestra  05. the scientist - coldplay  06. gracious - ben howard  07. soldier on - the temper trap  08. leap year - maria taylor  09. helplessness blues - fleet foxes  10. come back from san francisco - the magnetic fields  11. i’ll be true - the shouting matches  12. guide you home - rebecca kneubuhl & gabriel mann  13. ghost story - charming disaster  bonus track. stormy weather - ethel waters

y'all made me sad so now y'all get a sad mix congrats

How I met Daddy

I was returning from San Francisco and coming back to Toronto when I met Daddy. We were waiting to board the same plane. He sweetly approached me and chatted me up as we sat around waiting. Sundress, no bra, hair messy with flip flops, I certainly didn’t think much luck would strike with this gorgeous Cavali scented man. Who knew we’d be here, a year and half later? When we boarded, we said goodbye as I wasn’t flying first class with him, but once we were in the air, he upgraded me to first class, to sit with him! We ended up sharing a bottle of wine and talking all the way back, and thus started our romance, and here we are today.

We talk about our first meeting often. Daddy usually flies private and was dreading having to fly commercial that day. He says even though he doesn’t believe in a higher power, he truly does feel like fate brought us together that day.

Although I’m not religious, I believe something rare and supernatural happened. My San Francisco trip was very draining and I just couldn’t wait to go home & leave all men behind.


hey! as some of you may know me and my girlfriend are in a LDR (long distance relationship) she recently visited me in san francisco from st. louis. when she comes back in December we’re planning to move in together. im working and going to school trying to save up as much as i can. my girlfriend recently lost her job and is trying to support her mother, brother. thats why we need some help. as of nowwe’ve been together for a year and 9 months. we both really want this to happen. we’ve waited so long to finally be together and now we have a pretty good chance. 

today is August 5th and we have till December 17th to save up as much as we can. i’ve set up a PayPal donation button on all three of our blogs. whether its 25 cent or 5 bucks anything will help. you can also click here to donate. thank you for taking the time to read this :) we really appreciate it. 

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I come back from my San Francisco vacation to

- 2 quizzes
- potentially a 52 hour work week
- and tuition and my car note due

this vacation was not long enough @_@