If Lance and the Red Lion don’t bond over missing Keith, then I’m gonna…do something.

Like Lance doesn’t say anything at first (because he wants to be strong and doesn’t want bother anyone), but one time, he can /feel/ Red’s sadness and worry while they are flying.

And that’s when he realizes they feel the same.

Cue late night talks and hushed reassurances, that “it’ll be okay. He’s safe, he’ll come back to us again. One day.”

Sharing their favorites memories with him, just bonding together and helping one another cope.

I just really want Lance and Red bonding, okay?

Theory-The Legion and Supergirl

Many of us Karamells have had the theory for some time that Reign would “kill” Kara at the end of season 3 and this will be the cliffhanger for season 4 (she would come back to life again, of course – but their team wouldn’t know). 

Our initial theory was that Mon-El/ the Legion knew that Kara would be important to save the world in the future and that is why they come to the past to save her. 

What if the Legion returns because Supergirl HAS to sacrifice herself to kill Reign and save the world and they are here to ensure that Kara dies?

In this scenario, Mon-El wouldn’t know that Kara has to die (either because the Legion lies to him or because they scramble his memories). He probably would think that they are there to save her. initially the conflict would be that he thinks that they have to kill Reign but Kara wants to protect Sam.

Mon-El will find out later the truth, of course. And he will try to prevent Supergirl’s death against the Legion’s will and probably Kara’s too. 

This storyline would give Kara a lot of agency, making her ready to sacrifice herself to kill Reign to save the world. (If you are wondering if this reminds you of something, yes, there is a similar storyline SPOILER in Batman vs Superman). 

This is Kara’s show. She is always going to be the greatest hero, and her actions would be the ones making a difference and defeating the big bad. Her allies may contribute to that, but in the end, she saves the world and there is a cost to her.

Also Mon-El’s presence and love would create a lot of important conflict with Kara (not based in cheap romantic triangles) such as “Kara, we need to kill Reign to save you” “We have to find another way” // “Mon-El, you have to let me go, I have to die to save the world” “We have to find another way”. Yes, you have seen this before. SPOILER in the Flarrowverse and Supergirl.

This storyline would also give us delicious meaty Karamel angst and great superhero stakes. 

And would create conflict with others, as the the DEO team (specially Alex) will not be happy to hear that Kara has to die and the Legion will work to ensure that she does. Imagine Alex or Winn teaming up with Mon-El and the DEO against Kara and the Legion while all of them are trying to defeat Reign. 

BTW, as a consequence of whatever happens in season 3 I would expect that the timeline will change enough to let Kara be reborn in season 4 without further consequences. Or with some consequences *Supergirlpoint* and they will have to deal with them in season 4 – for example, they may need to ensure that the Legion of Superheroes is created (in comics the Legion changed the timeline several times and as a consequence the Legion was usually rebooted with some differences). How cool would it be to see Supergirl and Mon-El being the founding members of the Legion of Superheroes?

I want this. Can we get it, please?

Karamel Fam, thoughts?

So I was walking in the hall way, wearing my Dave Strider shirt, when all of a sudden a kid ran by me yelling “Homestuck is dead!” And I responded subtly “all who die come back again”

okay now that I’m actually thinking about it, Gansey must be ripped af?? Like it’s mentioned a lot that he was on the rowing team but?? He wakes up on command at 4:30am to go to training, meaning he must have been doing that for years?? Henry asks him to come back to the team again, meaning he was actually good at it, so after years of vigorous rowing and training, even going to swim before actual rowing practice, he must be buff as fuck??? Ronan really let me down on his gay ass descriptions of his friends if he failed to mention how jacked that 80-year-old-in-a-17-year-olds-body is

the gilded mirror *smut*

player: tyler seguin, dallas stars
request: anonymous said: for a blurb request, can you do tyler seguin where he fucks you in front of a mirror?
authors notes: this should have been longer but i didn’t really know how to draw it out without making it not a blurb (that didn’t make sense, oh well). also there is no mention of a condom, safe sex is good sex kids!
warnings: sex and probs some swearing bc i swear every two seconds
word count: 701, short, sweet, and to the point *wiggles eyebrows*

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question, do you play TF2 with chase? if you do, that just makes your relationship even more enviable.

weve played together maybe two or three times and the fact is that i am terrible at video games especially games like tf2 (or anything that involves … guns and shooting people … bullets are so TINY how can i HIT people with them!!) so the times we’ve played have involved him desperately trying to explain to me wht the fuck a pocket medic is while i fight back tears after letting him die for the tenth time in a row because these assholes keep killing my sweet boyfriend and i am too weak and stupid to do anything about it … and yet he still comes back and tries again to teach me … i dont deserve chase hes too good for me

Some people accumulate too much iron in their blood. And so it accumulates in their organs, wrecking them, destroying them from the inside out. The only solution they have is to bleed, every so often, to get rid of the toxic substance in their blood.

I- my body is healthy. It is my mind that accumulates too much words in my head. They weigh down my shoulders, make it hard to stand up straight. They put pressure on my eyeballs. The only solution I have is to write, to cry ever so often, to get rid of the toxic ink in my veins, until it all comes back again.

I am not asking for your pity. What am I with your pity? Pity is meant for a lost cause, and I am not lost. I am too weighed down, and sometimes I need to curl into myself when everything becomes too much but I am here. I feel it in my aching shoulders, I feel it in my pounding heart, I feel it in the breath my lungs take.

Sometimes I wish to be lost, but that’s not right, not quite. I want to be free. It is the opposite of being lost- it is knowing so profoundly where you are and where you can go and how much you can accomplish.

I am not asking for your pity, but I am asking for your understanding. Understand how hard this is for me, how tired I am, how much I want to give up. I am asking for your help. Help me rewrite different words with this ink in my head. Help me make sense of it all. Help me forget myself.


Listen to me.

Listen to my quiet. Because I’ll never tell you this, it is too scary to share. But I want you so badly to know. When I go quiet it is not because of you; I am somewhere else. I am trapped into my head, pointing out everything I have ever done wrong.

When I seem cold or detached, it is not because of you. It is because I fear to let you know me, because I think there is something fundamentally wrong with me. It is because I am exhausted of being around people, because even when I am myself I feel like I am faking it.

I do not wish to be lost. I wish to be grounded. Not weighed down- grounded. They are not the same. I wish for these feet of mine to sprout roots into this earth, to be able to call this body of mine a home, and not a sin. To feel like I belong here, because I am here, to feel like I deserve to be taking up this space. To not feel like I should be shrinking myself to make room for you, or someone else. To not feel my tongue curling up because I don’t dare to spit out words, to not mute my cellphone because all my friends are talking and I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to say. Because I feel they would be better off without me.

I’d like to learn to just be a little, in peace. I’d like to live a little, I’d like to not feel like I should prove myself all the time.

It is hard for me. I’d like you to understand that so much.

I am not asking you to fix me, I am not asking you for anything. Just a second of your precious time to help me see I am here, and I am allowed to be here.

Just a minute of your time to help me remember how to breathe.

Just a smile, a little shake of your head, to show me that you don’t understand this world either.

Just a moment, so that I don’t feel so alone. Just a respite of this endless frustration of fighting against my own thoughts.

I wouldn’t stick a date on it, but it’s a no-brainer really, isn’t it? We’d be stupid not to. I don’t know. I can see it, definitely. I think we all can. It’s the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done, the biggest part of our lives, so we’d be silly not going back to it, especially with the way we finished it. To come back potentially to that again would just be great craic. I’m addicted to music and the buzz of walking on to the stage. I love being part of the movement. As One Direction, we were part of that surge of British and Irish music with Adele and Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. We were all doing it at the same time, and it was class.

Jinko’s Adorable Mama, Yumi-chan🌸

I absolutely love Yumi.♡

She’s so cute, funny, and quite sassy (the perfect match for Komori tbh >XD). It’s not always easy adding a new female character in an all-male sports anime series; particularly one of her age and role that usually serves as a very brief and insignificant background character.

But she really stands out in an appealing way that you can’t help but love her and hope to see her in some future part of the story.