Combo of the Day (9-15-16): $13.79
Venser, the Sojourner - $9.44
Torpor Orb - $3.03
Wormfang Manta - $0.32

Azorius controls all, and time is no different for our Azorius timelord. Have Venser and Torpor Orb on the field. Cast Manta. Orb will keep it from triggering it’s ETB. Use Venser’s first ability to blink Manta and gain an extra turn. Have fun with all the wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey control.


Give and Take Drill for Skill

This combination is a great introduction to Dutch style Kickboxing drills.

When these drills are done safely they can really improve your sparring skill You get comfortable being in sparring range, and not just moving away to defend. You know what moves to expect so you can actually work on defending them properly. Over time you will get the skill and confidence to take that defensive skill into sparring.

Another benefit of Dutch style give and take drills is that it builds up your conditioning. You can get used to being hit without shots coming as a surprise. You simulate getting hit in sparring and actually blocking moves.

My buddy Martin in the video has made a new YouTube channel, click here to go support him and subscribe for more Martial Arts.


~Happy 8th March, beautiful ladies! <3
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could i request yoongi for the small au thing please?? thank you<33 (ps you're the sweetest!! i check your blog all the time and i'm always happy to see updates from you<3 hope school is ok for you and you're feeling well!!)

ofc!! aww, thank you!! i hope you’re doing well too!!

  • korean history professor!yoongi 
  • doesn’t want to be teaching this class, wishes he was at home marathoning game of thrones or something
  • and he makes this known to the class. like everytime he comes in
  • just sets down his mug and he’s like “this unit is on the joseon dynasty. who wants to tell me what they know about? but also,,,,,,,,i wish i was at home with my cat.”
  • wears thick framed glasses and a white button down that’s never ironed,,,,,his colleague namjoon was like “yoongi perhaps wear a tie? maybe a sweater?”
  • and yoongi was just like “you wear the same black shirt + black pants + black cardigan combo every day. don’t tell me how to ‘fashion’ namjoon”
  • you’re a professor in the history department as well and you’ve known yoongi since college really
  • and you’ve always thought it was really cute the way he acts so nonchalant in class but you also know that he eagerly wrote a huge dissertation neo-confucianism and how he gets all into books and the way he smiles when grading a good paper 
  • and yoongi always falls asleep if the professors have to stay overtime and you’re always the one to wake him up and take the train with him
  • and one day when you go over to wake him up, yoongi groggily reaches out and pulls you closer to him
  • and you’re aware that he must be dreaming but you’re like “yoongi, let go - yoon-”
  • but then you feel him nuzzle into your neck and murmur that you smell good and you’re getting red in the face,,,,but also his sleepy voice is so cute
  • and you’re like “yoongi, wake up”
  • but than you feel his lips against your neck and he’s like “im not asleep.”
  • and you’re,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,o h 
  • and yoongi leans back and tilts his head and is like 
  • “don’t you think this is long overdue, we should have made out back in college”
  • and you’re like oh so we’re gonna make out and he’s like you don’t want to?
  • and you pause but then throw your coat back onto your desk and throw yourself into his arms because hell yeah you want to 
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Sunday mixed lower body combo, without weights!
🏋🏾leg day explosive🏋🏾
🏋🏾40 min circut🏋🏾
🏋🏾1 min pause every 7 min🏋🏾
🏋🏾do all of the following regiments🏋🏾 ————————————————– #fitboys #inshape #nathanielnoir #legday #bestworkouts #nogymneeded #workouts #torontofitness #fitfam #fitnessworldwide #exercise #youtuber

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K1 Kickboxing Combination - Level Changing

1. Jab
2. Cross to the Body
3. Cross to the Head
4. Lead Body Hook
5. Roundhouse Kick

Full combo and breakdown in the video!

Setting the record straight on Overwatch Mains

Marinette: Constantly switches between Reaper (tankbuster) McCree (damage dealer) and Mei (crowd controller/staller) to counter the enemy team comp aka steal POTG.

Adrien: Genji on attack, Hanzo on defense. Spams the “Need Healing” button until Nino throws a pillow at him.

Nino: Mains Lucio but will fill in whatever support hero the team needs. Likes Ana for Competitive.

Alya: REINHARDT REINHARDT REINHARDT (will go Zarya if the team is running a dive comp).

Chloe: Widowmaker main. Will not switch. (Actually hits her shots tho).

Sabrina: Mercy (so she can pocket boost and solo res Chloe).

Nath: Symmetra or Torb, even on attack. (Don’t touch his turrets).

Alix: Tracer or Genji (gotta go fast).

Kim: Any DPS or Roadhog (Isn’t happy unless he has Gold Damage and Elims every game).

Max: Zenyatta (Top 500 Grandmaster player).

Rose: Orisa or Dva. Sometimes Mercy.

Juleka: Pharah (she and Rose make a DEADLY Pharmercy combo).

Ivan: Bastion main since day one. (Wept tears of joy when he got buffed.)

Mylene: Zarya or Mei (good team player and always has gold objective time).

Lila: Sombra and only Sombra (surprisingly useful to the team.)


a preview for your pleasure

Valeria’s Monday was quickly becoming one that would require a glass of wine when she got home. Ainsley was getting frustrated because she kept pairing signs up with the wrong words, confusing sorry’s motion for the word angry, and she kept doing the sign for happy as the sign for sorry. Valeria firmly believed that she wouldn’t be as frustrated if Grayson was also messing up, but he wasn’t.

The fifth time she messed up, her entire face fell, fingers shaking at the same rate as her bottom lip.

coming soon
banner: eriza

disclaimer: this is ASL! if I described anything wrong please let me know! 

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hey someone made a post on how lance is selfish and manipulative. everyone's telling op that they did a really good job and they're all like 😫👏 in the tags but i honestly don't see anything good about this. why should ppl congratulate op for trashing lance? we get it, he's flawed. just like Every other character is. i don't understand why she had to single out lance like that. it just doesn't sit well with me. what do you think?

short answer: this fandom doesnt know when to shut up

long answer: theres a double standard with lance in this fandom for some gd reason? god forbid you crit keith but then people will make ugly posts like that and be like ‘ah yes… i meta’d’. tbh the colorism lance hunk and allura all face is so different imo. lance gets hated on and gets posts made like that where he gets criticized just for breathing i swear, hunk gets ignored (along with the fatphobic rhetoric), and allura gets a nice combo of both depending on the day (who else remembers when allura got called racist/homophobic after s2 bc she wasnt the nicest to keith lmao)

Ffff so I’m way late on this. While working on Genyatta Week I ended up just focusing on this piece to make it fairly finished instead of just doing a bunch of quick sketches for most of the days. So this can be considered a combo of like… beach day, sweet treats, romance, and free day? Also wanted to use it as an opportunity to design my interpretation of a human Zenyatta, so included the tattoos as the only color on it (plus a bit on the Zenyatta orb beach ball). May fully color this eventually.


Give and Take Sparring Drill for Skill - Block, Slip, and Counter

Shouts outs for helping with this drill
Jake - 
Matt -