Combo of the Day (2-2-16): $3.81
Experiment Kraj - $3.16
Simic Ragworm - $0.15
Argothian Elder - $0.50

Here’s a great infinite mana combo straight from @flavoracle for all you Simic players. You put +1/+1 counters on Elder and Ragworm with Kraj, then tap Kraj to untap 2 lands, and pay a U to untap it. This nets you 1 mana of any color for each instance, 3 mana if you untap a couple karoos each time.


Budget Combo/Synergy of the Day: Cathars’ Crusade & Twilight Drover

Breaking the Bank at: $2.08 (as of 9/30/15)

This synergy is great for some mono-white field advantage & pump. With both Crusade and Drover out, activate Drover’s ability, making two flying Spirit tokens. Crusade kicks in, giving each creature you control 2 +1/+1 counters. Combine with token doublers or cards like Intangible Virtue for more power!


So land destruction decks are nice, but getting rid of your opponents’ lands before they have the chance to play them is much more fun. Use Liquimetal Coating to turn an opponent’s basic land into an artifact. Then, with Splinter, destroy it, along with all their lands in their graveyard, hand, and even their library.


Hi guys! I’m sorry I’ve been so bad about ubdating recently, I just got to college so I’m trying to figure things out here and this blog has lost a little priority. Anyway, here’s a combo to tickle your funnybones! Just put 13 +1/+1 counters on your creatures and take out your opponents board! Have fun! (remember to clone vigor or you’ll lose it)


Combo of the Day (1-10-16): $4.35
Zurgo Helmsmasher - $0.66
Chandra’s Ignition - $0.37
Repercussion - $3.32

With Zurgo and Repercussion already out, play Chandra’s Ignition targeting Zurgo. What this does for you is make a decent board wipe, deal a minimum of 7 damage to each opponent + 7 damage for each creature he or she controls, and pump Zurgo for each creature that dies.

Got a token player with 10 Soldiers out? You just wiped his or her board, have those tokens and Zurgo deal a total of 77 damage to him or her, and made Zurgo a 17/12 creature. You get all this for a measly 5 mana and all before combat on a now otherwise empty board.


If Ya Black & Proud - Scream It Loud!

Found my dad’s old Kufti that I bought over with me from home. Power combo with this t-shirt I been saving for today; first day day of Black History Month. 

Don’t deny your roots kittens. In your blood, runs the blood of Kings and Queens of the past. They been tryna make us forget, but you know what? We are living proof of our greatness and we cannot let them deny us that right. 

Take back your history. Study it. Learn it. Love it.


Combo of the day! Shut down your opponents. And everyone. Forever.

This combo works similarly to most with the lattice. In this one, all mana abilities go away because lands use tap abilities to produce mana. Because they’re all artifacts now, they can’t activate and this shuts down the board completely except for triggered abilities and attacks. Be sure only to use this if you will win with how the game is going!!! There is not really any way to get out of this.