Combat Camera


Sergeant Lee’s Last Steps.

[1] Afghan National Army special forces and commandos, 6th Special Operations Kandak (SOK), along with U.S. forces take cover after a rocket - propelled grenade was fired towards them on the landing zone from enemy forces during an operation in the Ghorband district, Parwan province, Afghanistan. Afghan and U.S. forces conducted the operation with the goal of capturing several high value targets known for Taliban activity.

[2] U.S. soldiers of the attached to Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan, Afghan National Army special forces and commandos of the 6th Special Operations Kandak, start their objectives during an operation in Ghorband district, Parwan province, Afghanistan. Afghan and U.S. forces conducted the operation with the goal of capturing several high value targets known for Taliban activity. 

[3] A U.S. Special Forces soldier attached to Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan, looks over the valley as a patrol of commandos return from clearing further compounds during an operation in the Ghorband district, Parwan province, Afghanistan. Afghan and U.S. forces conducted the operation with the goal of capturing several high value targets known for Taliban activity.

(U.S. Army photos by Spc. Connor Mendez, 15 JAN 2014.)

Some quality Kong time.

Wilbur, a Marine Special Operations Team member, is rewarded with his favorite toy after successfully sweeping a build site for an Afghan Local Police checkpoint in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Afghan Local Police complement counterinsurgency efforts by assisting and supporting rural areas with limited Afghan National Security Forces presence, in order to enable conditions for improved security, governance and development.
(Photo by Sgt. Pete Thibodeau, 30 MAR 2013.)

[Pete and Wilbur! Best combination I’ve seen in combat camera photography in quite some time. H/T to Turtletot reblogging it, I had to post the hi-res version. -R]

US Army Specialist Hilda I. Clayton. 2 JUL 2013.

Died at FOB Gamberi in Kabul province, Afghanistan of wounds suffered in a mortar system failure during a live fire training exercise. Clayton, of Augusta, Ga., was forward-deployed in Afghanistan as the combat camera asset covering the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, “Task Force Long Knife,” at the time of her death. Clayton served as a combat documentation/production specialist assigned to the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera), 21st Signal Brigade, based out of Fort Meade, Md.

(Photos by Sgt. Richard W. Jones Jr. 8 JUL 2013.)

Playing both sides of the lens.

Airman 1st Class Daniel Johnston, 1st Combat Camera Squadron broadcaster, mans the turret position on a Humvee with an M4 carbine rifle while scanning for Improvised Explosive Devices and enemy forces during the Ability to Survive and Operate exercise at North Auxiliary Airfield, S.C. The exercise was organized to sharpen airmen’s skills and their ability to operate as combat documentation specialists in hostile environments.

(U.S. Air Force photo/ Senior Airman Dennis Sloan, 17 JAN 2014.)

Bonds forged of blood, sweat, and grit.

Philippine and U.S. Special Operations Forces Soldiers recover together after competing in the 3rd Annual SOF Challenge on Fort Magsaysay, Philippines. Philippines, Australian and U.S. Special Operations Forces will be training together over the next three weeks during Balikatan 2014. The Armed Forces Philippines and U.S. have had a long-standing relationship and welcome the Australian Defence Force’s increasing participation in Balikatan.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Staff Sgt. Pete Thibodeau, 3 MAY 2014.)

RWBY: GE Update #3!

(Translated into a Tumblr post from this source, for your convenience)

Hello Team

We’ve kept you waiting long enough. The combat and camera overhaul is finally here… but you’ll need to opt-in to play it. We’ll explain, in detail, how to opt-in shortly. First, let’s cover the changes you’ll find in this update.

This is a long one, so feel free to skip over our finely crafted words to your topic of choice. We won’t mind much…

1) Improvements: Combat, camera, enemy AI, play offline, control scheme changes

2) House keeping: Bug fixes, known issues

3) Opting-in to the build: Detailed steps to get the build

1) Improvements


Our original combat offered the player a few ways to take out Grimm. This update aims to improve and widen your evil-slaying options with style.

  • Heavy Attacks - Attacks that do more damage, are chargeable, but take longer to perform. Also breaks Grimm out of their block state when landed.
  • New counter system - Grimm become open to a timed counter before they attack which leaves them stunned and vulnerable.
  • Team Attacks - Finish off Grimm that’ve been stunned by teammates with a special finisher.
  • Special → Ultimates - Special attacks have been renamed to Ultimates which have their own microprogression choices in the Character Upgrade menu. Ultimates are more powerful than before, but take longer to earn.


Our old camera required gamepad users to constantly fix their camera placement. This new system is intended to allow players to focus on wiping out evil baddies rather than fighting their camera controls.

  • We pulled the camera in to offer a more detailed view of the characters which then pulls out to reveal a wider field of view during battles.
  • On a gamepad you can now center the camera with the Left Trigger to face the same direction that your character is facing.
  • The camera will continually try to maneuver behind the player.

Enemy AI

While battling Grimm has always been fun, it sure would be nice if they were more interactive. Well, read on!

  • Grimm now attempt to block flurries of light attacks in various ways while being more vulnerable to damage from heavier attacks.
  • Grimm can also be stunned by performing counters which leave them wide open for combos and charged heavy attacks.

Play Offline - BETA

Previously, you needed to be constantly connected to the intenet to play Grimm Eclipse solo. No longer!

  • You can now play offline in Single Player without an internet connection in the Play Offline mode.
  • The number of Grimm are scaled down in this mode which plays identically to the online campaign.

Control Scheme Changes

To fit all of new abilities into your control scheme of choice, we had to move around a few inputs. Look at all that’s been added!

  • Moved Revive/ Interact
  • Added Heavy Attack
  • Added Counter
  • Added Camera Centering
  • Added Ultimates
  • Removed Specials toggle

2) House Keeping

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with resolution and quality settings. NOTE: You now must restart the game for video setting changes to take affect.
  • Fixed a bug where you could revive your teammates while down.

Known Issues

There are several issues still lingering. Remember to sound off in the discussion threads if you find more.

  • UI- Friends display on friend games list despite them being in offline single player.
  • On occasion you may notice VFX staying on your teammates bodies.
  • Some subtitles get cut off and don’t show the entire statement.
  • Chat messages disappear when there are too many lines entered.
  • Some enemies still attack while frozen.
  • If there are enemies around during a cutscene they attack you.
  • Weiss can’t shoot crates

3) Opting-in

Since this is a fundamental change to our core combat, we wanted to allow folks to opt-in when they’re ready. We feel really, really good about the new changes and we hope you do to. So jump in when you’re ready and let us know what you think!

1. Go to your Steam Library 

2. On your games list find RWBY: Grimm Eclipse 

3. Right-Click on RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and select Properties

4. From the RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Properties menu click on the Betas tab 

5. Select the “combat_revision” build from the drop down list. If you do not see the “combat_revision” option, you may need to RESTART Steam. Right click the Steam icon in your system tray and select Exit Steam. 

6. Once you’ve selected the combat revision beta, it will begin downloading (if other items are in the process of being downloaded it will be queued for download). You can see the progress of the download by going to Library > Downloads within Steam. 

7. Once the download has finished, the game’s name in your library should be appended with a tag (RWBY: Grimm Eclipse [combat_revision]) which will confirm that the beta version is installed. 

8. Launch the game and enjoy!


1. Now, instead of opting into the Beta, you will select None from the list of available builds. 

2. Once you Opt out from the Betas menu, the previous release on Steam will be installed in your Steam Library.

Give Us Feedback!

We hope this update shows how much we’re listening to this awesome community. Speak your mind in the Steam forums,, or even directly @Skilltacular on Twitter. Keep it up, team!

Wanna reach us directly?

We’re a busy bunch, but we all love taking a little time to chat with the community. Say hey!

Name: Position: Steam Name or @Twitter

  • Michael: Game Director: @MPHadwin
  • Casey: Senior Programmer: @CaseyDonnellan
  • Abe: Senior Designer: @RobertsonAbe
  • Andy M: Senior Producer: Wizard_Poop (on Steam)
  • Jeff: Game Engineer: @JC_Chamberlain
  • Andy C: Artist/Level Designer: @MaximumCortez
  • Jordan: Animator/VFX: @Jordy_JS
  • Brian: Associate Producer: @Skilltacular

Happy Hunting,
Rooster Teeth Games