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Military Occupational Specialties - U.S.M.C.

A Comprehensive Guide

-0100s Admin-
“I make sure you guys get paid!”
“Hey I didn’t get paid…”
“Whoa there, Devil, that sounds like a personal problem. I’ll be in the smoke pit.”

-0200s Intel-
“Alright, Marines, here’s what we know…The enemy is definitely going to be here at this exact time…probably…We’re pretty sure. Somewhere near there at least….Maybe.    It’s also slightly possible they’ll be somewhere else.”

-0300s Infantry-
Soul of the Corps and Dichotomy Incarnate.
“Fucking POGs why do we even need them?”
>Can do literally nothing without them.
>Gets shitfaced in the barracks

-0400s Logistics-

-0600 Communications-
“Hey you, this is me, over…”
>killed by sniper fire

-0800 Artillery-
“Kings of the Battlefield!” - He said as he stood next to his howitzer, ten miles away from the actual battlefield.

-1100 Utilities-
“Why is Terminal Lance always making fun of me…”

-1300s Engineer-
“Aw sick I’m gonna be a combat engineer?!”
>Bulk Fuel Specialist

-1800s Tanks & AAV-
“Dealing death like the fist of a drunken god.”
>Throws a track
>Sweats nervously

-2300s EOD-
“If one more person asks me about the fucking Hurt Locker I swear to holy fuck I am going to snap.”

-3300s Food Service-
“I’m a cook. I make food. What the fuck about that do you need me to explain?” 

-3500s Motor Transport-
“Get in, losers. We’re driving to war.”

-4100s Morale Welfare and Recreation-

-4600s Combat Camera-
"If you’re not Combat Camera, then you probably hate the god damn fucking Combat Camera guys….Seriously dude go the fuck away!”

-4800s Recruiting-
“You kids wanna kill people and not go to jail?”

-5700s CBRN-
“…And Colbert is out here rollin’ around FUCK-BUTT-IRAQ, huntin’ for dragons in a MOPP suit that smells like 4 days of piss and ball sweat!”

-5800s Military Police-
“I wanna be a Marine…but I also kinda fucking hate Marines and I want them to hate me back.”

-60-7200s Air Wingers-
>The worst kind of POGs…

-8150s MCSF-
“Wow those Security Forces dudes are pretty badass.” - No one ever. 

After watching the SWL combat stream today, I think it looks great! the tutorial level looks much more interesting and instructive than how it was previously. My only complaint is some aspects of the reticle mechanics. For example, it seemed as through your character always faced the direction your reticle was facing, and you could only attack the target your reticle was on.

In this game I play sometimes called Skyforge, your character will only face the direction of your reticle in combat or face the locked target, so you can look around or swap to a new target without pulling off your current target. Your character will also only face the direction of your reticle in combat or face the locked target, so you can look around or swap to a new target without pulling off your current target.

I don’t want to compare the streamed SWL combat to the Skyforge combat however, as we’ve only seen a little bit and its still in beta, but I hope they will make the reticle-based camera combat a little more lenient. I know they said in the stream they will be adding a zoom feature, so that’s good to hear. 

Some quality Kong time.

Wilbur, a Marine Special Operations Team member, is rewarded with his favorite toy after successfully sweeping a build site for an Afghan Local Police checkpoint in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Afghan Local Police complement counterinsurgency efforts by assisting and supporting rural areas with limited Afghan National Security Forces presence, in order to enable conditions for improved security, governance and development.
(Photo by Sgt. Pete Thibodeau, 30 MAR 2013.)

[Pete and Wilbur! Best combination I’ve seen in combat camera photography in quite some time. H/T to Turtletot reblogging it, I had to post the hi-res version. -R]

US Army Specialist Hilda I. Clayton. 2 JUL 2013.

Died at FOB Gamberi in Kabul province, Afghanistan of wounds suffered in a mortar system failure during a live fire training exercise. Clayton, of Augusta, Ga., was forward-deployed in Afghanistan as the combat camera asset covering the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, “Task Force Long Knife,” at the time of her death. Clayton served as a combat documentation/production specialist assigned to the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera), 21st Signal Brigade, based out of Fort Meade, Md.

(Photos by Sgt. Richard W. Jones Jr. 8 JUL 2013.)

Playing both sides of the lens.

Airman 1st Class Daniel Johnston, 1st Combat Camera Squadron broadcaster, mans the turret position on a Humvee with an M4 carbine rifle while scanning for Improvised Explosive Devices and enemy forces during the Ability to Survive and Operate exercise at North Auxiliary Airfield, S.C. The exercise was organized to sharpen airmen’s skills and their ability to operate as combat documentation specialists in hostile environments.

(U.S. Air Force photo/ Senior Airman Dennis Sloan, 17 JAN 2014.)