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  Berena Appreciation Week Day II: Favourite Scenes/Episodes

anonymous asked:

how do you keep your gifs such good quality and still under 2mb?

well, it’s 3 mb so now that also helps. i assume you know how to gif using photoshop so i’ll quickly go over what i do. not really a tutorial, just some tips lol. i always use 1080p or 720p videos wherever possible. also when you import video to frames, make sure “limit to every 2 frames” is unchecked:

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anonymous asked:

Could you maybe do a tutorial on how to makes gifs? Like picture by picture? I have photoshop cc 2017 and I can never find tutorials on that version, or at least ones for gifs like this. (everything on youtube is for like, animating your own gifs)

so i’ve actually done a gif tutorial here but i can show you a different method in which i use Adapter to use screenshots of videos to make gifs. i believe this works for both mac and windows however you can also use KMPlayer if you have a Windows computer. the other tutorial also goes more in depth in the timing and dimensions so i won’t mention them on here.

i’ll be showing how to essentially make this:

materials you need: 

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