She asked of me to tame the oceans, for only then I would be worthy of her essence. I set sail for the horizon by dawn of the next day. Yesterday marked the eleventh eve since I failed to keep course. Today, sirens are reaching out for my sanity. They sing of how the oceans breathe to the rhythm of the moon.

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FrUK Week 2016 Day 6: Grey

Florist/tattoo artist au

Word count: 3493 clearly I don’t know when to stop omg

Involves FrUK, lots of colour and just a little bit of making out

I had always thought my life was colourful. The dawn, the dusk, the flowers I adored; colour was everywhere. I thought my life had been painted before my birth, like everyone else, in colours I had no input in, but because of him… I realised that we can be the artist of our own life, and choose the colours for ourselves.

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YuuMika Week - Day 4: Crossdressing!Mika

In which Yuu is excited because he got the role of the wolf for his school performance, but the girl supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood gets sick the day of the play and is unable to make it. Everyone starts to panic because none of the other girls feel confident enough to replace her, until Mikaela volunteers. 

Mika was present in every practice and helped Yuu to memorize his lines, so he knows all the dialogues by heart. He is a good actor, a natural (also because of his appearance, Mika usually plays the part of the prince charming in any play and being in the spotlight is not a big deal).

I’m so late but also so so tired