Damn, Colossalcon 2014 Had Some Good Cosplay

Colossalcon sets itself apart from other conventions with its “fun in the sun” atmosphere. That’s gonna happen if you host your convention at a water park/resort. The resulting mix of poolside fandom creates some unique and fun cosplay opportunities and the 2014 edition had a ton of fun interpretations of our favorite characters.

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above photo credits: Trevor Tomlinson and Ronald Ladao

love/hate relationship with this pic
i was kinda beside myself with nervousness bc i’d never done a private shoot before with anyone besides my best friend and sister and it was the first time cosplaying with my girlfriend so i was like…. sits…awkwardly
the photog(and my new friend) was very nice and helpful and she did it all free of charge!!! i could’ve cried of happiness!!
ymir - me
christa - kida
photo - lostdreamz