It’s that time!

Colossalcon 2015 is fast approaching, and as you’re scrambling to finish that last bit of sewing (because I know you wont do it in the hotel room on Thursday night before the con, right?), you might consider wanting some awesome photos of that new costume you’ve busted your butt on for the last few months to take home from the weekend. Well, here’s your chance!

Here’s all the details:

  • Shoots last 50 minutes, from the top of the hour through 10 minutes till
  • Each shoot will produce a minimum of 5 photos - no set maximum - if your group has multiple people, more images are not guaranteed
  • Client will receive both web-optimized versions and the original resolution files (4000x6000 pixels!) 
  • Payment is due at the time of the shoot - preferably in cash, card, or PayPal. Checks are accepted, but it may be several days before it is cashed.

Curious about my work? Check out my photoblog, portfolio website, and my many, many cosplay galleries on Flickr.

So, ready for some great photos? Click here and fill out the form completely, and you’re all set!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the con! 

Damn, Colossalcon 2014 Had Some Good Cosplay

Colossalcon sets itself apart from other conventions with its “fun in the sun” atmosphere. That’s gonna happen if you host your convention at a water park/resort. The resulting mix of poolside fandom creates some unique and fun cosplay opportunities and the 2014 edition had a ton of fun interpretations of our favorite characters.

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above photo credits: Trevor Tomlinson and Ronald Ladao

love/hate relationship with this pic
i was kinda beside myself with nervousness bc i’d never done a private shoot before with anyone besides my best friend and sister and it was the first time cosplaying with my girlfriend so i was like…. sits…awkwardly
the photog(and my new friend) was very nice and helpful and she did it all free of charge!!! i could’ve cried of happiness!!
ymir - me
christa - kida
photo - lostdreamz