Pop Art: Juliana Vido’s Illustrated Feminism

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What do Destiny’s Child, Mindy Kaling and “Game of Thrones’” Lady Lyanna Mormont have in common? They’re all fierce, game-changing women — and really fun for Juliana Vido (@julianavido) to sketch. “I mostly draw women. I’m very inspired by females. Not only the form, but in other ways, too. I am a feminist,” says the 26-year-old illustrator, who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Growing up, Juliana was always creative, doodling and being designated the class artist. It didn’t occur to her that she could make a career out of her passion, so she studied film and fashion in university. Happily, a few years ago she discovered she could marry her love of pop culture with illustration, and now focuses her tool of choice, brightly colored pencils, on pop culture icons like Princess Leia … or Beyonce. “I love being a part of the thing that everyone’s talking about.”


My dear friends in the Esparza/SVU fandom.
I can’t believe it and I have absolutely no idea HOW I did it, but I finished the impossible Tick, Tick… Boom!-drawing!!!
I swear, I’ve never done such a grainy pic before and more than once it made me go beyond my limits. Now and then I really thought aboug giving up… But the chance to see your happy faces and the fact that I believe in ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’, made me sit down and continue.
I hope I can brighten your days with it and just in case you wanna know: Next one is gonna be Leap of Faith. See ya when I post the sketch of the next Barba drawing! Lots of love for you! 😘❤️

*turns on the Wonder Woman theme from Dawn of Justice*

Anyway, this picture was done for another art-trade. My partner (I’ll call her Spire) and I talked about what she might want from me. We agreed on Wonder Woman, though she didn’t really establish what exactly she wanted. I somehow got the idea to try a more dynamic composition and angle and I also based the outfit here on a high-end cosplay that has floated around the ‘net. This turned out pretty nicely. Frankly, I wish that I submitted this to Comic-Con International’s souvenier book–none of pictures that I did submit were published, unfortunately. I do hope that Spire will like this and I trust that I’ll like what she makes for me.