hi tumblr! here’s yet another commission post. my name is peri, and i work both digitally and in colored pencil. the prices listed above are baseline–-add 50% of the original price for each extra figure. for everything else, inquire within.

i take payment via paypal and venmo. message me for more information, and please reblog this to spread the word!

Three of Coins

And done! I really pushed this one today to be what it could be, and I think it took that pushing to heart and blossomed. I bet there’s a few more metaphors I could throw in that mix, but I’m not gonna.

I have it on good authority (an anvil-expert friend) that the anvil as Ive drawn it is  NOT an anachronism, which is a load off of my mind. With as crappy as Real Life is going right now, at least I got *that* right.