“Prophet” by Chrysta Starkey - @chrystakay on instagram


I Had soo much fun drawing this guy! He came to me in a dream and told me to draw him so I did :)

a very small, very fast sketch with a splash of colour done on my way to work. 

Charles as a purebred Bestia, probably a domesticated variation with a focus on appearance rather than performance or character (*koff*) Thus rather vain, but with fast hands and an even faster mouth. 

He’s doing a formidable job as a doctor, as seen by his round belly and shimmering full mane and tail. The other members of the tribe make sure to keep him well fed and pleased (read: he’s probably spoiled rotten)


My Gemsona, Spinel.

The top picture was mostly for color reference to figure out which of my markers would be good colors.
The second is a WIP.

Spinels Bio:

  • She is 5 ft tall, about 130 lbs, and her gem is located in the middle of her forehead (it’s triangle shape). The top part of her hair is dark blue, but the shaved part is light blue. 
  • Her weapons are basically 2 dagger with a round spinel on the handle and triangle spinels. 
  • She wears gloves, boots, and a cheongsam that has only one strap (the other strap is a tank top underneath). She also wears shorts underneath the cheongsam. The shaded parts are dark blue and the non-shaded parts are either white or light blue (haven’t decided yet). She also wear a choker and is calms her down when she’s excited or fighting. If she didn’t have it she’d become an animal (figuratively) 
  • When she’s not fighting or excited, she’s shy, quiet, and reserved. When she is excited or is fighting, she goes crazy.