back to solo Dom silliness for now.

it is theorized that Wander is an incredible strategist considering his assumed great age and travel and when you consider what Wander does when faces villains (good early example is The Greatest and The Picnic)

I once lost a game of Risk because even tho’ I’d beaten the other 2 players, player 4 holed up in Australia and built up his forces and border and I ended up dwindling my forces moving to attack (there was only 1 way to Australia) and then he struck fast once I had pretty much 1 unit per space. What does that have to do with this? Imagine Wander pulling that defense.

Done in 3 hours with Ink/Color Pencil

💀 10 Day Spooky Watchdog Drawing Challenge!💀

Day 3: A warm drink: What’s your watchdogs’ favorite hot drink of choice? Let them relax and enjoy it!

I’m sorry I think I might have skipped a day I’ll stop uploading them at 1AM so it’s less confusing hehheh

Prisma colored pencils and Micron pens. 

After 3 weeks, I FINALLY finished my first snake portrait of the snake series I’m doing! I only had time to work on this one day a week, so it took a lot longer than intended. The 2 painting classes I’m taking dig into all my free time. 

I like how this portrait came out, but I learned about new techniques that I would love to try out for future portraits in the snake series I’m doing. New compositions in mind too! This is honestly only 2nd time I’ve used colored pencils to create a formal piece, so I’m so relieved it didn’t looks as bad as I imaged! 

Progress pictures [x]