Untitled by Lichon

i said something that my fp didn’t like and yes it was definitely mean but it was also 100% true and i don’t see the need to handle her with kid gloves, even if she seems to prefer treating me that way, i don’t want to be coddled and if she wants me to coddle her right back, that’s pathetic and i’m not entertaining it.

honestly i’m so pissed at what a princess she is, and how naive. she trusts people who aren/t worth trusting and that’s the source of most of her problems. i fucking loathe how naive she is. how hopeful. she really thinks “this one will be different” every fucking time, she gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, she genuinely thinks that most people are good and that it’s just an anomaly that they keep breaking her heart? like uh honey, those rose-colored glasses don’t look good on you. i hate it when people are trusting, goddamn. don’t you realize how dangerous that is? don’t you understand that letting yourself love people so freely is the kind of mistake that will make your entire life a big disappointment? god, wise up to it, stop being a naive child jesus christ i hate people with healthy attachment styles