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Alright guys, I finally finished this template for any of you
 who wanted an Ib-inspired inventory for your characters!

 It includes:
  A pre-designed paint stain for your character’s picture.
  You can take it off and put a full body image of your
  character if you want, though! More a’la IB.
  2 more slots for more items!
  A petal count for either adults or children. (At full health)
  15+ colored roses. (You can request me more!)
 Special features for the dead folk rest in pieces

 Here’s the link to download it
 Of course, aside of the .psd file, I also added in the dropbox
 folder the .zip file with the font used for the items’ titles and
 descriptions. Download and install it, so your photoshop
 doesn’t mess with all the text in the template!

 For the profile font, you can download any you like here.
 There’s quite a nice variety, so go canoodle with that page tbh.

 For any questions, both my Ask and IM are open for y’all!
 Feel free to edit it all you want, no need to credit me for it;
 just don’t take the credit for yourself y’know, common courtesy.

 For any non photoshop user, you’re free to request me one
 of these! Just keep in mind I might take my time tbh………….

 Edit: You don’t need to be part of the verse to use this template!

anonymous asked:

Hey. So I'm a black girl who finds white guys attractive. I've thought long and hard about why. At one point, I believed I was intra-racist. It was never something that was blatant it was more so sub-conscious like I would get uncomfortable when people would ask me for my name because I thought it was "long and ghetto". I would watch videos on "Why I Love Black Women" to feel validated. How do you feel about black girls being attracted to white guys?

I used to have a problem with it, I’m not going to lie. When I was younger and still building my black woman centered platform, I was still one of those sistas who was like “NBAB” but now that I understand how hypocritical people are when it comes to black women dating IR, opposed to black men, I tell black women to date whoever makes them happy. Black women are not obligated to anchor the race while the men are free to frolic the field of different color roses. As long as your attraction isn’t race centered or with the belief that another race is superior to black people, then like who you want to. All other groups date who they want to, so why can’t black women?

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Can you answer honestly. Given all that's happened this year, are you in a happy place?

Bro Im happier than ever before because I realize I was caught in a lie, denial and had rose colored glasses on. 

I have no regrets though. I enjoy learning from personal experience and the adventure that it attracts.

Its not how hard you fall, it is how fast you get up and how you can help others taking a fall that matters.

Ive worked out who my mates were all along. Who were the dogs. Who was just using me as a stepping stone and who just ended up seeing me as competition when at the start they sought me for inspiration, advice and example.

Ive shed my tears, said what I wanted to say to certain people and have moved on. 

End of the day man, all my shit… its all first world fucking problems man. Im not losing sleep over it. 

I stayed up till 3am the night before. Not because I was worrying but because I was editing. I got up at 6am the next day to pace a mate up the mountain.

Ive got more energy than ever before and Im looking forward to combining that new found energy with my life experiences of 2016 into future chapters.

People need to spend more time watching cats. They need to emulate the cat persona of how if a cat gets knocked off its perch that it always fucking lands on its feet and keeps on strutting on.

Kurt crossdressing, part two!! Kurt is owning it like a goddess. This was actually one of my ideas for the crossdressing thing, but unfortunately wasn’t chosen for mr/ms anon.

This idea was gotten from:

I love the vibrant colours from the dress!! I love it and I want it!!!

FYI he is kneeling.