Reimagined Charmander and Charmeleon - Pokémon Redesigns - 9 x 12 - Pencils on paper. © 2012 Christopher Burdett

These are a couple of Pokémon redesigns that I did about 4 years ago. With the popularity of Pokémon Go right now I thought I would revisit them on my BLOG today! RAWR!

Oh, and they are for sale! Charmander / Charmeleon


It took more than a month to draw this picture. The sketch was made in November. In January I finished drawing details and a basic lineart. After the Christmas holidays I started to color it. So, what can I say? Watercolors is a real difficult thing! I had no idea how to paint the picture! I made so many mistakes on it, but colored pencils fixed some details. Watercolor pencils are great for painting, especially if you can’t paint with watercolors. I managed to use them to color characters and some parts of the buildings (too bad I’ve got them when I already completed the picture). Also I didn’t plan to make a foreground (buildings) to be so detailed. I was going just to paint it with watercolors without lineart.

The big number of buildings, eleven characters, the size A3 and my poor skills of the watercolor technique - well, it was a good challenge for me. I didn’t expect I could finish this work, because I’ve never painted such pictures before. The process was very difficult, but interesting.