Incoming text wall, I usually never plan out a piece. I kinda just sit down and start drawing and what happens happens. But in class our teacher made us think and plan out how we want things to look and how to put them together in a organized manner.

The top one is the original final sketch. The second is one of many quick marker value comps we did to figure out lighting. Then finally the third one is my first ever completed marker drawing with some colored pencil on top. Another medium I haven’t used since I was 8 and still drawing the sun with glasses in the left corner of the page.

As for the last one I wasn’t all to pleased with how the sky turned out in the first final. So I copied the value image onto a different colored paper. This time i’m just going to try coloring with markers. Also copiers save lives, I have a copy of that gray value drawing that I can now forever copy and then overlay with color over and over. No need to redraw the whole thing.

Tomorrow i’m going to be getting myself some markers and colored pencils and set to work learning them. They are the fastest way to composition something onto paper in terms of value and color both things I need to get better at. So expect some pretty experimental stuff in the coming days.

Been a while since I sketched a transformer. I decided this time to go with Strongarm. I really dig her design and all the fun and cool fan art of her floating around the net. My rendition of her is a bit more “organic” and has some G1 styling in her build.

I’ve got two roads a head of me. First is doing the pencil sketched lines, like I’d been doing with my monster girls. The second is going all digital with the inks. For now… I think i’ll stick with the pencils so she keeps her expressive build.

Going to see if I can do all the pencils on my lunch break today.

The red pencils were done using “Ticonderoga Erasable” Carmine Red Checking Pencils.