The Pasadena Suicide Bridge -

Since its construction in 1912 there have been over 100 suicides at the Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California, earning it the nickname of Suicide Bridge. Over 50 of those deaths were during the Great Depression from 1930 to 1937. Today it has a suicide barrier which has reduced the number of suicides at the bridge but it still holds on to its nickname. According local urban legend, a worker fell off the bridge during its construction and into wet concrete. It was quick drying and he was left to die. Many believe that his ghost still haunts the bridge and that he is the reason why it has claimed so many lives, that his ghost urges people in crisis to take their own lives. 

Several spirits are said to haunt the Colorado Street Bridge, including a man with wire rimmed glasses and a woman in a long robe who disappears. The woman is often seen standing on top of one of the parapets, vanishing as she throws herself off. Ghosts have been seen walking the river bed under the bridge. Strange sounds and cries have been heard at night and semi transparent apparitions have been seen in the area. One voice that is often heard at night is a female voice that whispers that something is “her fault” to anyone passing by. 

Another ghost dates back to a suicide in 1937. Myrtle Ward, a 22 year old mother, carried her baby to the bridge after being left by the baby’s father. She threw the baby off the bridge and then immediately jumped over herself so they could be together in the afterlife. In a twist of fate the baby landed in the branches of a nearby tree and was unharmed. Myrtle died, and her ghost has been seen wandering the bridge still searching for her baby.

FrontSpace and BackSpace: one of my annual summer activities besides going to obon festivals in the l.a. area - Colorado Street Bridge party. When the economy gets better I’m sure they’ll put on this fun fundraising event. I think two years ago it was cancelled due to the economy and now it’s every other year so if you have nothing plan to do in July 2012, like to party, eat and people watch keep this bridge party in Pasadena in mind. I went last year and of course I had fun just like when I  go to Make Music Pasadena in June.