So today, June 23rd, I got a betta!! He has no name so far. I got him because last week I was at the pet store and I saw this beautiful iridescent green/silver double tail half moon boy! I didn’t get him because I wasn’t sure what I wanted in my 10 gallon tank yet. I came back today to look around and on my way to checkout I noticed him again, this time with stress stripes and looking pretty lethargic and colorless compared to last time. So in short, I felt awful for him and realized he wouldn’t get adopted because he was no longer very pretty. I hope he loves his filtered and heated 10 gallon tank as much as I love him! I know the stress stripes will go away and his beautiful green color will come back and I’m so excited 😊

I tried to tell Quincy that we were standing in front of natural treasure and that we should appreciate it. He continued to pose with this vaguely indifferent expression, effectively rendering all of my photos useless.