Me, 20 minutes ago: well, I’m bored and I’ve seen a bunch of ppl post cute stuff about Camp Camp, guess I’ll check out another kid-friendly cartoon show that also seems to cater discreetly to an adult audience…

Me, present moment: so an 11-year old just said fuck eight times and also launched a rock at an adult’s head inscribed with graffiti saying ‘fuck the police’…….I am officially DOWN FOR THIS

Subtlety is not my strong suit
So go ahead and color me obsessed.
I’m not satisfied unless it is all-consuming,
I refuse to settle for anything less.
—  Overwhelm Me Or Don’t Whelm Me At All

Saw the 2017 It movie a few days ago and obsessively googled it: never woulda thought the hot bully would be the most fucked up…. yet I probably wouldn’t have doodled him if I wasn’t intrigued by his backstory.  Based on the new version’s image, totally anime but that’s my life.  Patrick Hockstetter~

The studios had given a dozen grocery bags filled with submarine sandwiches, brownies, fruit…by the time the show was over, they had pretty much dismantled those twelve bags of food and had flushed the submarine sandwiches down the toilet, and smeared the brownies all over the walls and smashed the bananas into the couch, and the carpets, and ceiling and lamps.
—  Carleen Stinson, on the SNL appearance with the ‘Mats
so this has been late afternoon/night

What did I listen to as soon as I got home from class?

What did I listen to when I ate my apples and peanut butter?

What did I listen to while I was trying to find something to wear for tomorrow?

What did I listen to while I was working out?

What did I listen to while going on the internet?

What did I listen to while having my “family dinner”?

What am I going to listen to in the shower?

What am I going to fall asleep tonight, even though it’s going to be semi difficult?