ok friends whoever is interested in receiving first package of ten drawings - all Lahore this time but tons of windows, purana lahore, think heritage and foliage and intricate patterns and sheesh mahal, please sign below.

high quality PDFs which you can print as big as 24in wide. feel free to use inside classrooms, at home, with parents, whatever you want. the only thing i expect in return in social media buzz. great idea: print, color, photo, instagram/facebook/snapchat. you know the drill.

if you are an influencer, i can really use your help. ready? fill this form // let’s talk

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Signal Boost: The Fashion Coloring Book

Hello all!

I received a request for a signal boost from the phenomenal Stephanie Pitcher who was interviewed for Asexual Artist some time ago (Tumblr & WordPress). She is working on this amazing new project called “The Fashion Coloring Book” and it sounds incredible.

Here’s what she has to say about it:

“The book is a 30-page, 8.5" x 11" coloring book for all ages. It features illustrations of both men and women, and a variety of ethnicities and body types. Any funding over what we’re asking for will go towards making more content and rewards for backers.”

The Kickstarter can be found here:

(Check out the samples! They look awesome! :) )

Please, donate if you can and keep signal boosting this project. Let’s get this very deserving project (and the talented artist behind it) the funding it needs!


The Colors of Us (1999)

“My name is Lena and I am seven. I am the color of cinnamon. Mom says she could eat me up.”

Lena is going to paint a picture of herself. She wants to use brown paint for her skin. But when Lena and her mother take a walk through their neighborhood, Lena sees that there are many different shades and tones of brown. Seen from an artist’s point of view, skin colors are subtle, varied–and cause for celebration!

Karen Katz created this book for her daughter, Lena, whom she and her husband adopted from Guatemala six years ago.

By Karen Katz 

Get it now here

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