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Pretty Lights - Yellow Bird



Video: Pretty Lights: Around the Block

Colorado dance-floor-filler and producer, Pretty Lights, just dropped a visual for “Around The Block,” the first single from his latest LP, Color Map of the Sun, which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD here. The video, directed by Anthony Dickenson, draws detailed parallels between the studio and the streets in this visually stunning and seizure-inducing tour of Brooklyn. 

Why Pretty Lights is the Best

This message Pretty Lights sent out about his upcoming album is testament as to how he is one of the most talented, highly respected, influential artists who truly cares about his craft and his fans. 

It has been 2 years, 5 months and 24 days since I last released a record. I am properly delighted to announce the release of my new full-length album A Color Map of the Sun . I began work on this album/project/experiment in February of 2011 and spent a year creating my own vinyl collection of everything I needed to produce the album I heard in my head. I spent the next year producing songs with homemade vinyl samples and a big crazy analog synth I built just for this album. It is truly Analog Electronica. It’s soulful electro hip-hop that went back in time to learn from the life of its smooth ass grandparents. 

Music will always continue to evolve. On A Color Map of the Sun I challenged myself to evolve my own sound and style by looking to the past and paying respect to all the ways in which music can yield immense power; emotionally, kinetically, and as I see it, inspirationally. Basically, I tried to make an album that could make you feel your soul, move your body and maybe even stir up new ideas. I put my whole self into this album and it put itself back into me.

This is the first time I am releasing an album as a physical product at the same time as a digital version. I have double disc CDs and full length vinyl records available with amazing hard cover book packaging that looks stunning and contains a 28 page photo booklet documenting much of the making of the album. The second disc of the double CD set contains 13 additional tracks straight off the vinyl acetates that I composed and created in order to make legit sounding samples for A Color Map of The Sun.

Like always, the album will be available in its entirety as a free download on the album’s release date via . For the first time however, I encourage you to purchase a copy of the album. There are two honest reasons for this. The main reason is that as an artist I have always reinvested any success I have directly back into the music, the show and the art that goes along with it. Secondly, this isn’t just an album; it is a massive collection of music beyond what is on the CDs that I will continue to put out after the album release. There is an insightful documentary film on the making of this project to be released alongside the launch of the album, as well as a music video for every song. They are all beautiful and uniquely unusual pieces of art.

This “album” is a multi-medium map of my mind and my self. It is personal and honest and I put everything into it. I have stayed on the path of being a completely independent musician and with the help of every supporter and friend, we have transformed a simple idea into a movement, a cultural beacon of light. If you can, I encourage you to purchase a digital or physical copy of A Color Map of the Sun. If not…simply support by sharing the music and sharing the idea. If there is any success to be had from this album, it will go back into my rule bending, never ending quest to channel beauty and taste through music and art. 

Either way, I made this music for everyone. Support this release and let’s show the world how we do. The time is now.  - Derek Vincent Smith

This PL record is creative, revolutionary, experimental, and is a leap into music few musicians have taken. No matter how music is created, played, sung, whatever, it comes down to the feelings and emotions the music elicits from the listener.
—  Youtube user sportsak12 on a Color Map of the Sun. Bless this youtube comment!! I always see people bashing electronic music for not being real music. This is exactly what I’ve always wanted to say to them but couldn’t find the words. Well said. 
The Numbers Game: After Three Weeks, J. Cole is #1

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While the world talks about Yeezus or Magna Carta Holy Grail, it feels like J. Cole‘s Born Sinner is quietly doing some great things. Now I will point out that a week where the #1 album sells 56,000 copies is in fact a slow week. But who cares. Born Sinner outsells Yeezus last week and then it grabs the #1 spot this week (Cole’s 2nd time topping the charts). See that picture of K.Dot & Cole World laughing up there? Yeah, this is #newrules #newschool shit.

#1 J. Cole – Born Sinner (Last Week: #2) – 58,000; Total: 439,000 [3 Weeks]
#2 Wale – The Gifted (Last Week: #1) – 50,000; Total: 208,000 [2 Weeks]
#3 Kanye West – Yeezus (Last Week: #3) – 39,000; Total: 431,000 [3 Weeks]
#6 Joe – Double Back: Evolution Of R&B (Last Week: N/A) – 31,000; Total: N/A [Debut]
#7 Daft Punk – Random Access Memories (Last Week: #5) – 29,000; Total: 643,000 (Gold) [7 Weeks]
#8 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist (Last Week: #12) – 24,000; Total: 890,000 (Gold) [39 Weeks]
#11 Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience (Last Week: #18) – 23,000; Total: 2,057,000 (2x Platinum) [15 Weeks]
#18 Kelly Rowland – Talk A Good Game (Last Week: #15) – 23,000; Total: 121,000 [3 Weeks]
#23 Mac Miller – Watching Movies With The Sound Off (Last Week: #14) – 13,000; Total: 138,000 [3 Weeks]
#24 Pretty Lights – Color Map Of The Sun (Last Week: N/A) – 13,000; Total: N/A [Debut]
#32 Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d. city (Last Week: #33) – 10,000; Total: 959,000 (Gold) [38 Weeks]
#42 Lil’ Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being II (Last Week: #49) – 7,600; Total: 511,000 (Gold) [15 Weeks]
#107 Starlito – Cold Turkey (Last Week: N/A) – 3,800; Total: N/A [Debut]

Hip-Hop + R&B album sales for the week of July 2nd (Top 50 & New Releases)

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Pretty Lights - Around the Block

ft. Talib Kweli 

Be sure to pick up the fourth album, Color Map of the Sun, from Electronic musician Derek Vincent Smith coming out tomorrow!