This is a real thing that is happening and I can’t believe my eyes. 

Also are you sure you treated them safely when… the news passed a testimony of a man being pushed with his family out of the house and forced into a truck… with no time to collect things or anything to… be able to start anew?

Like, what the fuck is up with you Maduro?

This whole situation with Venezuela makes me both angry and sad.

Our people do not deserve to be treated like this. Those families were pushed to leave all her things behind, even their relatives. There are Colombian mothers who do not have their children with them just because they were born in Venezuela. Venezuelan military forces are marking Colombian houses, kicking people out and then demolishing their houses. They’re making people cross rivers with their family and the few things they let them take with them on their shoulders. People are being deported just to accomplish what? Business are being shut down, families are being pulled apart, there are people roaming the fucking streets because they have nowhere else to go and there are temporary shelters, yes, but for how long?

And it’s not Venezuelans’ fault, don’t get me wrong, they got it fucking bad, too but the whole thing is just getting out of hand. Maduro is a fucking asshole who does not have a clue about running a country and he’s only massacring his own people and now he’s deporting ours. Santos is a joke, too and we all pay for their bullshit.

What’s the Venezuela-Colombia Border Crisis All About?

The conflict ostensibly began earlier this month, when Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the closure Venezuela’s long and porous border with Colombia after gunmen opened fire on a border guard patrol carrying out an anti-smuggling operation, critically wounding three soldiers and a civilian. The president also declared a temporary, 60 day ‘state of exception’ in the Venezuelan border state of Tachira, a term since defined by Venezuelan officials as being similar to a state of emergency, but without the measure of rescinding human rights.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos fired back, demanding that Venezuela to reopen the border, suggesting that Maduro’s response was overly aggressive, and noting that Caracas should have tried “more effective collaboration with Colombian authorities.” However, following an outburst of further violence in the border area, including an attack on a Colombian border patrol unit last week, Bogota too shut its side of the border.

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