Tripping For You | Part Two: Sweetener

Summary: It’s Y/N’s sophomore year of college, and she’s never had a boyfriend before. But all that will change when her best friend Steve finds out about her crush on him. Determined to prove she doesn’t care for him, bad boy Bucky Barnes comes up with a genius plan. To prove she’s over Steve and he’s not “pussy whipped”.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Warnings: Slow burn, fake dating, mentions of sex.


Feedback is always appreciated! Thanks for reading. I hope you guys like it! Gif not mine, credit to owner.

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Request: Can i ask a roommate reader x mark tuan where they grow to like each other?

a/n: I’m sorry that this took so long some things happened in my personal life, so this is as good as I wanted it to be but nonetheless I hope the wait was worth it.

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Warnings: strong language, fluff, alcohol

Word Count: 4k

Summary: Sometimes things happen for a reason, and throughout your journey with him it became very clear that Mark Tuan being your roommate was destiny.



You stepped out of the taxi, your heart racing. Helping you get your things out of the back you left the taxi driver with a generous tip and made way for your dorm, the place you’d be calling home for the next four years.

Standing in front of the door you shook off the nerves and grinned to yourself, placing your key in the lock you turned and opened the door, some of your pre-shipped boxes greeted you. Shuffling in from the hall you noted how silent it was, was your roommate not here yet?

Realizing you were alone you decided that’d you’d use this time to unbox everything and get set up in your room, your entire night was dedicated to getting settled.

Wiping the sweat from your head you looked around satisfied, everything was where you wanted it to be and you felt the feeling of comfort in every corner of the room. Grabbing your phone from the desk you hadn’t even realized it got so late.

The thought of your roommate popped into your head, were they finally here? You hadn’t heard anyone come in but you were also focused. Exiting your room you could hear the faint sounds of yelling coming from your roommates room.

Standing in front of the door you didn’t know if you should knock or wait to meet them another day. You stood there pondering when you felt the rooms door swing open, your eyes trailed up the body standing in front of you. Your jaw wanted to drop in surprise but you decided against it.

“Y-you’re a boy?” you stuttered, your head slightly cocked.

“Are you my roommate?”

“I think so?”

“Oh” the boy hummed, his eyes glued to yours. “Well then, uh.. I’m Mark”

“Nice to meet you- I’m y/n”

The two of you stood in silence after your official meeting, you didn’t know how to properly leave the awkward situation and you didn’t want to seem rude, so you continued to stand there.

“So” Mark piped up “why were you standing in front of my door?”

“I heard yelling from my room and wanted to see where it was coming from and then I wondered if I should intrude on your- business.”

“Wait..” Mark chuckled “you don’t think I’m..”

“That there’s a girl in there?” you raised your eyebrow “maybe…”

“I’m gaming” he laughed, almost a little too loud.

“You game?” you almost jumped in excitement, but kept yourself grounded.

“Yeah, and you?”

“Of course!” you grinned

“Well uh it’s a little late but we should play some time.”

Nodding in response the two of you said your goodbyes for the night, you felt yourself grin as you walked into your room, he was in fact a guy but he didn’t in anyway seem creepy which was a plus for you, slipping into bed you started to get excited for what was to come, maybe he could become a close friend?


Your hands were full of bags containing Halloween decorations for yours and Mark’s apartment, he was going to decorate whether he liked it or not. Kneeling down just enough to grasp the handle you twisted it slightly so you could kick it the rest of the way open, which you succeeded in doing.

Your eyes grew wide at the mess, “MARK!”

Rushing out of his room his eyes were wide “w-what?”

You stared at the boy and then stared down at his dirty laundry just sitting on the couch, he immediately knew his mistake. Sheepishly he moved past you and grabbed the clothes, throwing them in the hamper ten feet away.

“You know” you sighed, “I don’t want to see your dirty boxers.”

“Now you know how I feel when you leave your bras in the bathroom after your showers!”

“That was one time” you sighed, placing the bags on the counter “and I apologized”

Crossing his arms Mark let out an exaggerated huff “were you really sorry though?”

“You probably enjoyed seeing it anyway” you joked

“E-excuse me no- I did not enjoy seeing your bra”

“Mhm” you hummed, displaying the goodies you had bought from the Halloween store. Mark moved from his spot to the counter, grabbing and eyeing the things you continued to bring out of the bags.

“Do you always waste your money on holiday decorations?”

“If you think this is bad wait until Christmas rolls around” you joked, but you were serious.

“Well I actually like decorating for christmas, Halloween is literally one night so I don’t see the point but when december rolls around I love putting up christmas lights”

“Good, I would have to fight you if I couldn’t get christmas decorations for the place”

The two of shared a laugh before you got to decorating. Thankfully neither of you had classes for the rest of the day so you spent it chatting and decorating, by the end of the night your shared apartment had looked like Halloweentown, you had light up pumpkins scattered near each door and colored flickering lights lining every window and door frame.

“Okay” Mark said in awe, his eyes looking around the place “this is badass”

You couldn’t help but feel a sense of happiness in his comment, turning to him you smiled

“Still not seeing the point in decorating for halloween?”

“Shut up”


Mark pulled up to the sidewalk near the frat house where the annual Halloween party was being held. The two of you slid out of his car and walked side by side to the booming house, lights flashed as the two of you entered.

You could already see the horny and drunk people merging throughout the house. You looked to Mark and tugged at his costume to grab his attention

“I’m gonna go meet up with y/f/n!”

Leaning down Mark talked into your ear “I’ll be with Jaebeom and Jackson”

The two of you separated and went to mix with your friends. Walking up from behind you managed to scare you friend, they practically jumped out of their skin, which only made you chuckle.

“So” your friend piped up, the music almost drowning their voice “did you come with Mark?”

You nodded as you sipped your drink, the burning liquid making its way down your throat.

“Yeah why?”

“Why do you have yet to hop on that?” your friend joked

“What do you mean?” you said, your eyebrows creasing.

“Seriously? I mean like sleep with him”

“I mean..” you pondered, “I wouldn’t mind it but our friendship is golden right now.”

“so“ your friend continued “if you were to kiss him tonight he would push you away?”

“Probably” you admitted, chugging down your drink.


“You want to bet?”

“Yeah” your friend chuckled “if he kisses you I get to say I told you so”

“And if he doesn’t?” you questioned

“Then I buy you lunch?”

The two of you shook on it but before you could go on with your bet, you’d have to get a little more intoxicated.


You swayed as you walked, and it wasn’t on purpose. You could feel your ankles tangle with each other, it was not a smart decision to wear heels tonight but they clashed so well with your devil costume.

Your eyes skimmed the crowd until you found Mark, he was standing with his group of friends, one of them spotted you and nudged him. Walking over to the boys you hiccuped softly, the fear you had gathered before getting drunk was gone, alcohol was pure liquid courage.

Jaebeom nodded as you approached, turning around Mark smiled at you but it quickly faded when he realized you were shit faced.


“H-hi Mark” you slurred flirtatiously.

“What’s up?” He asked, caution in his tone.

Not even wanting to say what you were going to do you grabbed Mark’s costume and pulled him into you, your lips meshed together.

The situation felt stiff, your lips were still planted on his but he wasn’t kissing back or touching you, you knew it, he was in no way attracted to you, your friend owed you lunch.

“Get it Mark!” Jackson shouted, which was followed by the others boys’ screams”

“CHUCHUCHUCHU” Yugyeom called out.

It was as if a spark had been ignited, Mark grabbed your hips and pulled you closer, your arms naturally wrapping around his neck. Roughly Mark kissed you back, the kiss was sloppy but it was fiery, there was something about the kiss that spoke all the words Mark couldn’t.

Pulling away slowly, your lips were swollen and Mark’s were beat red, probably from your lipstick. You looked up at the boy, the liquid courage had done its job but you had quickly come back to your senses enough to realize the fear growing in your stomach.

“y/n?” Mark piped up, his glowing eyes watching you.


Quickly you removed his hands from your hips and sloppishly ran away, you had no idea where you were running or if you were actually running but you knew you had to get out of the party before Mark could catch up to you.

“y/n!” you heard your friend call out, causing you to stop and swing around. Your friend rushed up to you, their eyes wide.

“Holy shit he kissed back” they exclaimed

“Y-yeah I know” you paused, grabbing your stomach “I feel sick”

“You’re sick cause he kissed you?”

You shook your head “no, maybe? It’s gotta be the alcohol”

Quickly your friend grabbed you and held you close, guiding you out of the house the two of you stopped at the sidewalk. Helping you sit down your friend eyed you worriedly.

“I’m going to go get you water!”

Your friend quickly rushed away leaving you alone.


Turning your head over your shoulder you saw Mark standing there.

“If you’re here to say you want a new roommate I wouldn’t blame you”

“No” he chuckled, sitting next to you “that kiss was something else”

You could feel your cheeks burn at his comment but you were ready to blame it on the alcohol if need be.

“How about this” Mark started, “I’ll take you home, sober you up, and if you want we can talk about the kiss, if not I’ll try and forget it”



Mark helped you into his car, making sure that you were comfortable before driving off. It was still incredibly hard for you to walk so Mark being Mark insisted that he carry you and that he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Walking into the apartment he helped you into your room and sat you down on your bed

“Where are your pj’s?” Mark questioned, his eyes roaming your room. He’s never actually been in it before, everything however fit his imagination.

“Top drawer, just get me a shirt”

Mark did as told and grabbed you an oversized shirt for your comfort. Tossing it on the bed he eyed you silently

“So” he paused, choosing his words carefully “am I helping you or?”

You nodded “I can’t unzip this thing myself”

Turning just enough to show Mark your back he hesitantly took the zipper in his fingers, slowly he unzipped the costume, his knuckles brushing against your back accidentally. The feeling of his skin on yours sent chills down your spine, you didn’t know how to feel about the situation right now but you’d figure a way through it.

Unzipping it successfully Mark had helped you pull the costume up and over your head. He looked away as it came off, he didn’t want to see you in your bra, not when you were drunk at least. Tossing the shirt with his eyes facing away you quickly pulled the shirt on

“Good?” he questioned


Slowly Mark turned around, a forced grin on his lips, his cheeks slightly flushed.

“I’ll check on you in the morning.”

Without saying another word Mark left you alone, bringing your head to your pillow you fell asleep quickly, the memories from the night running through your drowsy mind.


It was weird, meeting Mark two months ago was a shock but you turned that shock into a friendship but then you quickly turned that friendship into a shipwreck. The night of the Halloween party things happened and lines were crossed which in the end only left you with a head swirling with endless questions you didn’t have the guts to answer.

That same night Mark said he’d let you talk about the kiss when you needed to, so you decided to throw it to the back of your mind and forget about it. Except you hadn’t forgotten, it kept coming back, it haunted you. Every time you saw Mark the memory would replay and you saw Mark very often.

You always thought that Mark was attractive, who wouldn’t? But there was something that kept you from pursuing him, maybe it was the fear of rejection and the constant awkwardness afterwards. You weren’t entirely sure, you weren’t even sure if he felt the same way. Yes there was the fact he kissed you back but you didn’t want to label that as a sign of his feelings for you, you weren’t even sure if you had feelings for him.

At the end of the day you didn’t know what to label yours and Mark’s relationship, everything confused you and you didn’t know how to address the confusion to Mark, he didn’t look confused whenever you saw him, he didn’t look like anything, he just minded his own.


You silently walked out of your room, checking both ways before fully exiting. Opening the fridge you grabbed out some ingredients for stir fry. It was thanksgiving and while everyone was off to visit family you were stuck at home, you were too broke to afford a ticket for thanksgiving break so you and your friend decided on staying at your place and enjoying some food and a movie.

“Why are you here?”

You turned around to face Mark, his stare blank.

“I live here?”

“No- I mean it’s thanksgiving.”

“Oh” you paused “well I don’t have enough money to fly to my family so I’m staying here with y/f/n for the night”

“Oh, I was gonna offer for you to come with me to my family’s dinner..”

The two of you fell silent. The air weighing heavy on your shoulders.

“Thank you..”

“Maybe next time” Mark grinned.


Mark smiled at you warmly before grabbing his bags and leaving the apartment. After all the awkward tension for the past month or so he smiled at you, something you missed seeing, you found yourself focusing on his words but before you could let them sink in a knock at the door brought you out of your focus.

Opening it you saw your friend, a grin playing on their lips “I’m ready to eat some food!”

Giggling you let them in, sadly you hadn’t even started the stir fry but that was completely okay because your friend insisted on getting take out and drinking wine on the couch.

After tipping the delivery man you plopped down on the couch and handed your friend their food. It was a comforting silence that was filled with soft chews and the sound of a movie playing but of course your friend had to pipe up.

“So where’s Mark?” they teased

“On his way to LA to see his family” you sighed softly “he invited me to join him.”

Your friends jaw almost hit the floor, their eyes growing wide.

“And you didn’t accept his offer?”

“Obviously not”

Rolling their eyes your friend groaned “why not?- it’s rather obvious you like him and he obviously feels the same for you seeing as how he invited you to a dinner, with his family.”

It was obvious to everyone but you that you had fallen and were continuing to fall for Mark.

“Why are you not chasing this boy at the airport?”

“He’s probably already left y/f/n.. Too late..”

Jumping up your friend grabbed you and pulled you up with them. Their eyes were glued to yours, holes were being burned into your soul as they stared.

“We are driving to the airport, you are going to confess and so is he”

“And after that?” you questioned “he still has to leave”

“He won’t if he really wants to be with you, plus he can go see his family christmas break”

The two of you rushed out the door and almost sped to the airport, thankfully you obeyed laws no matter the situation.

You ran into the airport, your friend staying in the car. This was something you had to do on your own. You grabbed your phone and dialed Mark’s number, soft rings echoed in your ear.

“What is it y/n?”

“Where are you?” you breathed, your eyes scanning the place.

“The airport?” he laughed, he probably thought you were stupid.

“No, I mean where in the airport?”

“I’m heading to security right now, why?”

You knew which security he’d be at, while on the phone you glanced at the boarding list and places and found where his flight was going to take off from. You began to run, your chest heaving. Coming to a screeching stop you saw Mark in line, now was the time.

Taking long strides towards him you pulled him around by the sleeve of his coat, his face filled with pure shock.


“Listen” you sighed softly, “I like you Mark, the night I kissed you was the night all the feelings I thought I wouldn’t have for you came rushing in. I didn’t know how to accept these feelings so I hid them from myself and from you and I’m sorry but I can’t hide them anymore”

Mark stared at you, you were shaking too hard to register the expression on his face. Slowly the silence melted away and was replaced with the warmth of Mark’s growing smile.

“It’s about damn time” he laughed


“I’ve liked you since the moment you came into my life, then when you kissed me those feelings grew but I wanted you to figure it out first, I wanted you to come to terms with your feelings before I came barging in with mine.”

“So everyone knew except me?” you laughed, causing Mark to laugh in response.

“Sure did.”

The confession as you friend foretold was enough to keep Mark home for thanksgiving, he explained to his family that his girlfriend had actually made plans and promised that he’d come down for christmas with his new girlfriend of course. You, Mark. and your friend enjoyed the night at your apartment, take out and wine was your thanksgiving dinner and that was perfectly okay with Mark because his dream had come true, he got to spend Thanksgiving with you.


Standing on the ladder you tacked up the remaining Christmas lights to the living room wall. Turning around to the sound of the front door opening, you smiled.

“You’re back!” you cheered, getting down from the ladder.

“Hey babe, decorating without me?”

Grinning you walked up to Mark and pecked his lips.

“I saved the tree for tonight”

“You know we won’t even be here for christmas right?” he paused eyeing the naked tree “we are going to be up in the mountains staying at my family’s cabin”

You nodded “I know that but I want it to still be christmassy when we get home”

After finishing his homework for the night Mark came out to the living room and helped you decorate the tree, it was a complete blast. The two of you sipped at hot chocolate as you placed ornaments amongst the branches. Although you had an early flight tomorrow the moment was too perfect to end early, so you didn’t.


Walking into the cabin you couldn’t help but smile, the smell of evergreen and cinnamon fluttered around you.

“Mom we’re here” Mark called out, squeels erupted from the kitchen.

Out came Mark’s mother, her smile wide and her eyes twinkling. After hugging her son she turned to you, her smile never fading.

“You must be Mark’s girl, y/n right?”

“Yes, it’s nice to finally meet you” you smiled warmly

After getting introductions out of the way you could finally say that you had met Mark’s family. The night was spent drinking apple cider and enjoying the company of everyone, the entire family even got into a competition when Monopoly was brought out, you felt right at home.

The adults were too drunk to notice when you and Mark had left the kitchen. The two of you snuck out to the back porch, snow falling gracefully.

“Why are we out here it’s cold” you shivered. Looking down at you Mark pulled you in and wrapped his arms around you, his warmth calmed your shivers.

“I just wanted to watch the snow with you, that’s all”

You giggled at his cute honesty. The two of you stood there watching the snow in silence when his mother called for the two of you from the kitchen, sighing softly the two of you went inside.

“It’s getting late so we were all thinking of hitting the beds” his mother eyed the two of you “but if you want the two of you can stay up”

Mark looked down at you and grinned “we’ll just head upstairs, love you mom, night everyone.” The two of you waved goodnight to everyone and walked upstairs to your guys’ room. When you got into the room you instantly stripped down to your bra and panties before getting into one of Mark’s shirts.

After getting changed he joined you in bed, pulling you close enough to feel your warmth.

“Hey” he hummed


“Merry Christmas.”

Looking at the clock on your bedside table you noticed that it was midnight, grinning you turned over to Mark.

“Merry Christmas.”


Waking up you realized you were alone, Mark not in sight. Throwing the covers off you stood from the bed at the same timed the door opened.

“Oh!” Mark hummed “you’re up”

Walking over to you Mark handed you a cup of coffee, steam rising from the glass. Without hesitation he planted a soft kiss on your forehead

“Come on babe, the parents are waiting for gift opening.”

Everyone sat around the tree as presents were passed out, a couple for you from the family was all you got but you could care less about the gifts, you were just thankful for the people. Everyone chatted as gifts were opened and admired, thank yous breaking the conversations every once and awhile.”

Mark stood from his spot on the floor next to you and caught everyone’s attention.

“There’s one more present” Mark sounded, a couple of oo’s escaping lips.

Sitting back down Mark pulled out a tiny red box, a beautiful white ribbon sitting on top. Taking it in your hands you untied the bow and opened the box, a small twinkling ring sat in front of you, waiting to be worn.

“I promise.”

You looked up to Mark with confusion and then you turned to his mom with creased brows but she shrugged completely confused just like you

“I know we’ve been dating for a month, almost two, but I want to promise right now” Mark paused taking in your reaction “I want to promise myself to you, I want to promise everything I have to offer is yours and only yours, I want to promise you a future.”

You could’ve cried if it was just the two of you.

“So?” he hummed, his eyes growing with anticipation.


Taking the ring Mark slid it onto your ring finger, a smile growing on your lips. Pulling him into a hug you squeezed him as his family sprung awes and oos out at the scene.

Christmas was not how you planned it, none of these past few months were but you couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of meeting Mark and everything that came after. Sometimes things happen for a reason and being with Mark, meeting his family, getting this promise ring all happened because of him being your roommate, so it was inevitably destiny that Mark Tuan was your roommate.

LOOK HERE💫 (Park Jimin Social Media AU) - part 15

Love is in the eye of the beholder.

Summary: Y/N, the self-proclaimed secret matchmaker of the National University of Arts, has a huge ass crush on Park Jimin a.k.a the campus heartthrob and she doesn’t have the guts to make a move. What will happen if the said heartthrob decides to go to her for “love” advice?

14  ⤝ 15 ⤞ 16

klienearschlock  asked:

if ur doing more prompts 28 and mshenko 💕💕💕

it’s always prompt time tbh hehehehehe <3 

am i doing more college au? a bitch just might.

28. “How drunk was I?”

Kaidan woke to find himself sprawled on a nasty couch, surrounded by empty Solo cups and bottles and pizza boxes, feeling like he had the head cold of the century. He groaned, rubbing his face wearily as bits and pieces of the previous night came back, though they were a little fuzzy. He remembered doing shots with Vega and his frat brothers, trying and failing miserably not to hit on Shepard (story of his life), and after that…not much.

He fucking knew he shouldn’t have been drinking that blue shit.

He didn’t feel too sick, though, which surprised him. Just a bit like he had a cold. When he rolled over, he saw a half-empty bottle of water. He’d have to thank whoever had taken charge of his ass last night. He sat up, grimacing at the soreness and sighing heavily. The kitchen smelled like coffee, so he dragged himself to his feet and shuffled in.

He found Ashley standing at the coffee maker, still in the same leggings and tank top from the previous night and looking a bit rumpled. She didn’t seem too bad off, otherwise, and smirked at Kaidan when he approached. “Good morning, sleeping beauty.”


She snickered at him. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you that hammered.”

Kaidan shook his head. “I have…regrets. Least I’m not throwing up, though.”

“Yeah.” She poured him a mug of coffee and slid it toward him, knowing he was picky about his creamer-to-coffee ratio. She glanced at him briefly, then gasped, then snorted. She covered her mouth with her hand, still laughed. “Oh…man.”

Kaidan blinked at her. “What?”

“Uh…check out the mirror in the hall.”

He raised his eyebrows at her, then slowly turned to go and do as she said. The second he caught a glimpse of himself he gasped, himself, because right underneath his ear was a compact, dark red and purple hickey. “What the fuck?!”

He didn’t appreciate the cackling laughter coming from the kitchen, and stomped back in with his face bright red. 

“Where did that come from?!”

“I don’t know,” Ashley giggled, though she looked like she was fighting a losing battle to stop laughing. 

“Did you see me hooking up with anyone?”

“No! I watched you all night, I swear.” She paused,  her mouth forming an ‘o’. “…well…”


“Well! You and Shep were dancing for a while. If you could…call that much drunken gyrating dancing. Maybe he gave it to you.”

Kaidan stared at her, comprehensive thought escaping him for a solid fifteen seconds or so. “I…was dirty dancing. With John Shepard. At a frat party.”

Ashley nodded solemnly, reaching to squeeze his shoulder. “’fraid so. If it helps, you looked like you were having a great time?”

That did not help. Kaidan groaned, sinking into a chair at the kitchen table, not even minding that it was kind of sticky. “How drunk was I?” he lamented. “How drunk was he?!”

“Drunk enough, man. Drunk enough.”

Little did he know - part 1

Yes, you knew you were different. People said it often so it’s not like you would forget. Waking up every morning casually going to school pretending like you didn’t torture a man to death the night before wasn’t normal, at least you hoped it wasn’t.

It was a funny thought.

What did other student do on their free time? Not everyone was a part of a fearsome gang busying themselves with dirty work.

What would you do if you weren’t a mobster? You’d probably be happy. Or just calmer. Not as paranoid. Because you couldn’t honestly say you weren’t happy, pulling peoples teeth out after your accomplices tied them to a chair was fun for you.

And you did do normal fun stuff to, if your friends were free you’d go to a cafe.  Because you did have friends. Work friends. People you had known literally your entire life. The people you were trained with after your parent were brutally murdered. But their parents were dead to so it was alright.

That’s usually how it would end in Bangtan, you’d get assassinated on a mission. The worst parts were that the people killing you was often your allies- or people you thought were your allies.

But the younger members weren’t like that. You had a more stable relationship with them. A more normal friendship.

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I love college aus and pizza delivery Keith so here ya go. Also give Keith the strength to deal with drunk lance.

Part 1 | Part 2


CollegeAU - Sketch Dump

Doodled these while taking a break from zine contributions…Which are all sheith. Taking a break from sheith with sheith, that’s my life now…because I’m a sucker for footballplayer!Shiro in a varsity jacket. I’m also a sucker for cheerleader!Keith.

If ya’ll have any fics in that direction…let me know.


I present to you, the college AU Evans boys:

Virgin Freshman I want to make the world a better place Evans

Frat Boi Evans

Grease monkey Evans

My dad is Alumni Law student Evans

Bad Boy Evans

All American Jock Evans

Bean Bag Frisbee Golf Evans

Brooding Roommate Next Door you want but he never he talks Evans

Liberal Arts Major poetry writing Evans

Lazy Boy doesn’t go to classes undecided major Evans

Professor McBendme over the desk Evans


awh look at him cri because he didn’t get a kiss, poor thing. Maybe he’ll get another chance. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Part 1 | Part 2