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What Is Your Favorite College Football Team?

It’s my favorite time of year again… College Football Season!!!!  I am STOKED!!

Each year I’m asked about my favorite College Football team .. so rather than have to repeat the tweet 1000 times, I figured it was time to just do a little blog post about it.

Like so many things in my life there is NO way for me to choose only one team.  I’m a variety girl! I like multiple flavors of ice cream, multiple styles of music, multiple boxers , cities ,  movies etc.

College Football teams are no different. My Top 20 would probably look like this:

1. Michigan

2. LSU

3. Oregon

4. Penn State

5. Wisconsin

6. Iowa

7. Michigan State

8. Texas

9.  Arkansas

10.  South Carolina

11. West Virginia

12. Clemson

13. Minnesota

14. Oklahoma State

15. Boise

16. Tennessee

17. Oklahoma

18. Florida State

19. Central Michigan

20. East Carolina University

And then there are a whole host of teams that I don’t dislike and often watch and root for such as:


Mississippi State




Ole Miss

Mississippi State



Oregon State


Colorado State