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College Football Preseason Top 25
As the dog days of July have come and everyone tries to deal with the lull in sports, we’re stuck with two realizations: that we’re already over halfway through 2015 (while some of us still think it’s 2012 or so), and that college football season is right around the corner. College football is one of the most exciting times of the year, and everyone feels the need to throw their two cents online about who they think the top 25 teams in the nation are. The beauty of college football is that there’s almost no consensus, with people using different standards to measure how teams stack up next to one another. And even once someone finalizes their top 25, the internal debate continues. The sole purpose of making these rankings is to doubt every decision-making process you base your life off of, and question your life decisions if you can’t even decide on who should be #4 and who should be #5.

In 1962, FSU began the tradition of removing a chunk of sod from the field where the Seminoles scored an upset win on the road following an 18-0 win at Georgia. The chunk was returned to FSU and buried here. The tradition really took flight in the early years of the Bobby Bowden era, when the coach decided to fearlessly travel to college football’s toughest venues to test his team and gain exposure for the then-independent program. The pinnacle schedule for that motive was 1981, when FSU played more road games (6) than home games (5), including five straight away from home, traveling to Nebraska, Ohio State, Notre Dame, LSU, Florida, and a Pittsburgh squad featuring Dan Marino. Sod came home from half of those venues (OSU, ND, LSU).
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