College Track

I’m not saying being a runner makes you better than anyone else. But one thing is for sure. Running makes you different. You begin to understand the connection between your feet and the ground. You start to believe in the beauty of unfiltered conversation. You learn that you have to face your deepest demons on 10 mile runs when no one else is around. You become the wind. You love to high five your rivals, the people who just beat you. You learn that your mind and body must coexist in a healthy relationship. So no, running does not make you special. But it sure as hell wakes you up.
Tomorrow, no one is going to think any less or any more of you whether you come in first or you come in last. Your light can shine on either end of the spectrum. You’ll do great. You’ll do great. Now get your game face on. Get your happy face on. You’re gonna do great.
—  My favorite professor when he gave me a call to talk about my meet tomorrow and heard the worry and self-doubt in my voice.

Companies use lots and lots of data, including your daily Web surfing, to help them sell you stuff. They follow you across the Internet with annoying ads, and the data they collect is now essential for their business.

So why aren’t the best minds in higher education doing more to tap all that information to improve teaching and learning?

Students: Colleges Are Tracking You Online. It Can Help You Graduate

Illustration: Martin Gee for NPR

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