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Do This: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

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I have A LOT of pieces of fics on my computer, so I’ll just talk about the ones I’m likely to finish someday:

Full Court Press–my Johnlock college basketball AU. I’m almost done with chapter 22 and there will be maybe around 30 chapters total?? It’s taken far, far, far longer than I expected, though I knew it would be this length. I went from averaging 1 chapter a week to 1 chapter a month while writing this.

Breakable sequel (working title: Dunno Some Kind of Follow-up)–This will most likely be the next long thing I write. It has about 9600 words in the file right now. This one appears to have both an internal AND an external plot!! Also, Mary and Moriarty are both in it. :) Possible tags include: mental health issues, anti-depressants, paralysis, way less angst than the first story, there’s still no cure though, sorry!

Better Off Together–This retirement Johnlockary fic has three chapters on AO3 and I have some of the 4th one done, but I have to be in the perfect mood to write it. It’s not abandoned, and I’ve always known it would be a slow-to-update story. It’s my happy place fic. My only problem is do I change Alice’s name to Rosie?

Johnlockary Trip to Walt Disney World–I’ve got about 3500 words done on this but haven’t worked on it in a year. Basically John and Sherlock and Mary go to Disney and take turns watching their child so the other two can have sex in weird public places. Don’t know if I’ll finish it, but I’ve been to Disney so many times that I feel like I can get the right level of setting detail for once in my life.

Established Relationship Coffee Shop fic–John takes a second job and Sherlock doesn’t like it.

Mygolly fic–Mycroft was never much into people, but he’s started thinking about Lestrade and that Hooper woman now that they are together. He doesn’t really want to be with them, but maybe he would like to watch?

The Last Time  Alone–I thought this was finished but I think I am going to write two more chapters of it from Sherlock’s POV sometime in the near future.

Public Librarian AU–John is a reference librarian, Sherlock is a cataloger, they meet when Sherlock has to do his weekly two hours at reference. I’d like to get a Brit-picker for this one though. Ideally a British librarian. Not sure how long this will be–multichaptered?

Could Be Fun–I am considering trying to rewrite this as non-Sherlock and shop it for publication? I did see some possible markets and it’s the right length. Having a hard time thinking of three people who would have a similar friendship to John-Mary-Sherlock though.

Under the cut are other, less-developed or abandoned projects.

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Mississippi State Morgan William at the buzzer with the winning basket that takes down UConn 66-64 in OT. UConn’s historic 111-game winning streak comes to an end.

Mississippi State will face South Carolina Sunday night for the championship title. (3/31/17)

📷 credit:
Top: Matthew Emmons/ USA TODAY Sports
Bottom: Eric Gay/AP Photo

For college basketball players, long shorts might finally be taking a seat

This season in college basketball, a growing number of men’s and women’s players are employing more nuanced, subtle techniques for achieving a slimmer, shorter look to their shorts, which for a quarter century have run long and loose.

D.J. Wilson plays forward for a program, Michigan, that is widely credited with the proliferation of baggy, billowing basketball shorts since the early 1990s, when the Fab Five favored long trunks and short black socks. Like those players, Wilson’s street fashion sense drives his court couture. Except where the Fab Five went for more cloth, the 6-10 Wilson goes for much less.

He says he dresses the same in Ann Arbor as he did in high school in Sacramento, which means he wears short and slim shorts whether he’s in the gym or on the quad. “I kind of get some odd looks walking around campus,” he says.

When Michigan switched to Jordan Brand uniforms last fall, its basketball equipment manager gathered the team to try on their new togs. “I thought mine were too long,” Wilson says, “so I asked him for a shorter size and then he got it and I tried those on and I thought they were too long again, so I asked for another short size, and then we finally got it. He was patient.”