If you’re a student struggling with mental health
If you’re a student struggling with a disability
If you’re a student struggling with physical health
If you’re a student struggling with a chronic condition
If you’re a student struggling with pressure and expectations and loneliness

i just want to tell you i’m proud of you. You are trying your best and working so hard and what you’re struggling with doesn’t make you any less valid!! You are smart and determined and oh so brave. You can do this!

Science-Backed Study Tips to Ace Your Exam (+ Free Checklist!)

As we are getting closer to the final season, a lot of us would frantically search for exam study tips and skills to help us better prepare for finals. I have previously covered quite a lot on how to prepare for exams (and I have also got a free email course on how to study for exams effectively. Sign up if you haven’t already), but there is always more tips to add on it! Now, here I am to talk about the following things (with science-backed tips!) that would help you to ace your exam!

  • The attitude that you should have for exams (and studying)
  • How you can best prepare and study on the day before the exam (and why you shouldn’t pull an all-nighter)
  • What you should do the morning of the exam

Download the printable HERE!

- Sabrina | StudentsToolbox.com

Life/School Hack

If you have a short amount of time to read a book for school, and you can’t seem to focus on it. Look up the audio book on YouTube, put it on 1.25 or 1.5 speed, and follow along in your book while taking notes and marking pages when necessary. This has honestly saved my life while reading The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Into the Wild, The Great Gatsby, and currently The Awakening.



It’s finally here! The first physical release of the Student Planner for 2017. It’s been a few years in the making to get this point, and I am beyond excited to present this to you all, as I know many of you have been requesting a physical version.

If you are a student, this is the ultimate planner for you. This planner was made by a real college student who understands the organizational and goal-planning needs of students. It is NOT your everyday plain-Jane planner. It’s packed with worksheets to plan your semester and keep track of events, due dates, goals, course information, and more along with goal-oriented monthly and weekly spreads in a design that’s cute enough to hold your attention but simple enough to keep you focused!

This year’s Student Planner features a beautiful watercolor design!

Included Pages:

  • Yearly Overview
  • 2016 Year in Review
  • Goals for 2017
  • Quarterly Goal-Planning Spreads
  • Course Information Sheets (x10)
  • Grade Tracker Sheets (x10)
  • Class Schedule
  • Monthly Calendar Spreads
  • Monthly Study Tips + How to Implement Them
  • The “Get It Done” Weekly Spreads
  • Semester Reflections

This is a 5.5"x8.5" physical paper planner that is bound by a clear coil. It will be shipped to you within 2 weeks after pre-orders close on December 14th (after my finals, since I’m also a student, after all!). Contains the months of January 2017 through December 2017.

If there’s enough demand, I might open a second pre-order. So if you missed it, check the original post here for updates.

Since this is my first release of the physical version of this planner, I will be offering a survey to those who have ordered (look for instructions in your shipment). Those who fill out the survey in full will receive a FREE download of all the course worksheets and a special 15% off coupon code for anything in my shop as a thank you. I can only hope to improve this planner through the honest feedback of other students, so that is my way of saying thank you!

I did everything I could to keep the cost as low as possible because I know most students can’t afford expensive stationery. It is certainly cheaper than most fancy planners but with more functionality intended specifically for students. Getting these planners printed is an expensive venture, let alone other fees from Etsy. So I will continue to do what I can to provide the cheapest option possible, and I hope you can all appreciate that.

If this version is still too expensive for you, though, I will release the digital version of the planner after December 16th (when my finals end), which will only cost $0.99 to followers. I am also considering making 6-month planners in the future as another option to keep the cost lower depending on how this first pre-order goes!

I hope you all have a lovely school year. Enjoy!

—Melissa (@hexaneandheels )


d e c e m b e r 4 ☁️⛄️

three finals tomorrow. eight hours of studying so far. still not quite done.

* top left picture is my fav because the caption is, “you can have an outline for your in-class essay” good thing my outline is literally my paper in bullet form…. 😂😅

Sunday 4 december || busy busy busy

A pic from a lecture last week that I forgot to post 🙈 It’s the busiest time of the semester right now, so I have been kinda AWOL… as usual. I did have some nice family time during Sinterklaas this week so that’s really nice!!
For today it’s work, planning for finals and then we go again! 💪