Two groups, both collectivist, both authoritarian, both use violence and intimidation to push their political agenda, and both blame specific ethnic groups for everything wrong in the world but we’re only supposed to condemn one for some reason? 

Sorry but you’re both a problem and you both feed into each other. I have no interest in picking a side when one is just as shit as the other. 

People are individuals with independent thoughts from one another.

Women don’t have an opinion as a collective

White people don’t have an opinion as a collective

Black people don’t have an opinion as a collective

Trans people don’t have an opinion as a collective

Men don’t have an opinion as a collective

Gay people don’t have an opinion as a collective

If “erasure” means anything, it means ignoring the individuals in front of you and their individual ideas by making a collectivist caricature of them. You can’t just paint over real people with a collective strawman. There is no one exact way to be like or think like any of these superficial categories of people. People are individuals with individual minds, even if we’re talking about a clone. No degree of supericial similarness = sameness. You are as unique from the people of your race, gender, and family as you are from a cat or an iceberg. More similar? Sure. Same? Not in the slightest. You’re either the exact same or you’re not, and you’re not. Think for yourself, not as a group.


My collection of Leftie Posters: 

a series of multiple 5x7 watercolor n ink political posters about leftism and collectivism. these ideas and these messages are the small ways we can make the space and energy around us a more inclusive one, a more comfortable one, a healthier/safer/better one. 

Stop collectivising people based on the circumstances of their birth. Just stop. Just because people happen to share a race, gender, or sexual orientation doesn’t mean they’ve had the same experiences. It doesn’t mean they have the same ideas. It doesn’t mean they have to share a political alignment.

People are individuals and should be treated as such. Ignoring people’s personal agency in order to push some collectivist political agenda where you paint yourself as the spokesperson for everyone who you happen to share a single inconsequential trait with is increadbly reductionist. You can speak for no one but yourself.

yo i love those posts about how aliens view humans or the ones about how humans are scary space orcs so here’s one

imagine if we found aliens but they just? have absolutely no sense of collectivism nor groupthink/mob mentality. they are a race of total individuals, there isn’t anything like “collaboration,” warfare is guerrilla strikes of individuals or small bands, there’s no real government because acting as a unit just ISN’T A THING.

so when humans visit this planet they freak the hell out because how are they so organized? why do they stick together? how do they get so much DONE

and the absolute scariest, most incredible thing about human culture to them is not war or our inventions or culture nor our incredible physiology. no.

it’s fuckin marching bands.

a HUNDRED people all dressed in the SAME OUTFIT, marching in time to a single beat, organized in a grid, playing musical instruments in a certain time measure so that all the instruments work together to form a cohesive whole song, and sometimes they all YELL at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME…

this scares the absolute shit out of the whole race and NOBODY CAN HANDLE IT

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“Common to all Anarchists is the desire to free society of all political and social coercive institutions which stand in the way of the development of a free humanity. In this sense, Mutualism, Collectivism, and Communism are not to be regarded as closed systems permitting no further development, but merely assumptions as to the means of safeguarding a free community. There will even probably be in the society of the future different forms of economic cooperation existing side-by-side, since any social progress must be associated with that free experimentation and practical testing-out for which in a society of free communities there will be afforded every opportunity.”
- Rudolf Rocker, Anarcho-Syndicalism, p.16

Collectivism is bigotry.

Genders do not act as a group. Cis people don’t act as a group. Trans people don’t act as a group. Men don’t act as a group. Women don’t act as a group.

Sexualities do not act as a group. Straight people don’t act as a group. Gay people don’t act as a group. Bisexual people don’t act as a group. Ace, etc.

Races do not act as a group. White people don’t act as a group. Black people don’t act as a group. There’s a lot of races, so I won’t list them all.

All of the groups I’ve listed are singular traits. Gender, sexuality, race… Your genetalia, your trans status, what you are sexually attracted to, your skin color.

How can any of these define individuals? Is it safe to judge entire groups if it condemns all innocent individuals? No. You fucking know better than this. It’s bigotry, it’s prejudice, it’s wrong. It’s sexism, homophobia, racism.

So why am I most likely to see every form of bigotry available on the most “progressive” blogging site? It’s because you’ve become obsessed with collectivism, grouping people who only share ONE trait that they don’t have the power to change. This is WRONG.