Kylie Jenner Kollection #1:

Hey! This collection I made was requested by somebody, it was anon so I don’t know who it is, well, I hope you like it! I know, I know, it sucks, well it’s still my first meshes, so, I’ll eventually get better, hopefully! 

All of them come in a variety of colors!

TOU: You can do whatever you want with it, as long as you give me credit! And if you do recolors, please don’t include the mesh!

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And if you have any request, feel free to ask me, and I’ll see what I can do! :)


Birthday Dress: [x]
Tight Dress: [x]
High Waist Shorts: [x]
Cut Top: [x]

Thank you!

These vials are full of spiders preserved in alcohol. They are just a tiny sample of the collection at the American Museum of Natural History. In fact, with over a million spiders, the Museum’s holdings are the largest in the world.

Archives like this one are a treasure trove for scientific research. Painstakingly labeled with precise data as to time and place of collection, the specimens are a library of life for researchers tackling questions ranging from evolution to biogeography to climate change.

Why alcohol? The spiders in the Museum’s collection are preserved in alcohol so they don’t dry out. A shriveled spider is impossible to study—researchers rely on minute anatomical details to determine species, for instance. Even when examining a spider under a microscope, scientists place it in a dish of alcohol.

See this and live spiders in Spiders Alive! open now through November 29. 

“Η Αΐσα είναι 80 ετών και περιπολεί στους δρόμους του Κομπάνι έτσι ώστε τα παιδιά της πόλης να κοιμούνται με ασφάλεια. (πηγή: Save Kobane)”

(via. Kollect // Μια Εποχή στην Κόλαση)