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This is something I’ve had sitting on my HD that I use when implementing new monsters in the coliseum. It has been a handy reference document for me, so perhaps it’s something that the FR community would find useful. It’s the coliseum spreadsheet of enemies, their venues, and their elements.

The long-term goal is to continue adding new venues, and to update the existing venues to have one of every element type. Training Fields, Waterway, Harpy’s Roost, and Mire are done. Arena is due for some serious love. Look at all those gaps!

Views off of the Coliseum
by Karl-Shakur // Instagram

it’s extremely difficult to appreciate the coliseum without feeling extremely touristy. I had to climb on the roof of a hotel nearby, in the middle of the night, while security guards were patroling to be a able to get this shot. I really Like how it came out. Doesn’t look touristy at all