Title: Dibs

Pairing: I’ll let that be a surprise.

Based off of this request from @fangirl1029:

Could you write a x reader with Sweets and Aubrey? They both are crushing on the reader. Thanks love your writing

A/N: This came out wayyyyy more angst-y than I meant. I hope you still like it. XOXOXO Thanks for requesting!

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Squints + Breakup


I only did Squints that have been around for awhile and were still alive. I avoided Nigel-Murray like the plague.

Thank you to @uniquelyobsessed for requesting and helping me celebrate my 1k follower celebration!

Zack Addy

At first, Zack couldn’t figure out why you were acting so oddly. He could feel that something was wrong, but he was never good at detecting feelings. So, instead, he decided to study you. He noticed your eyes were red and swollen. Your nose was also red, as if you had been wiping it repeatedly. He listened to you speak. Your voice trembled, which was unusual for you. You were usually so confident, downright outspoken at times. He caught you grasping at your neck for your necklace, but it was gone. Every time you did so, you squeezed your eyes shut, fighting back more tears.

Crying. You had been crying. He didn’t know why, but something inside of him became very angry. You had only ever been the nicest person he had ever met. Even when he was awkward and lost in social interaction, you never acted frustrated. You often explained things to him so that he could continue in the conversation. This, this was something he could never understand.

You hadn’t seen him coming, but he placed his hand on your shoulder and squeezed gently. You seemed to relax under his touch and placed your hand on top of his. You squeezed your eyes shut again and your breath picked up. You spun around and wrapped your arms around his abdomen. He was taken aback by your actions, but he reluctantly placed his arms around you and just held you. This was something he understood.

Clark Edison

Not much can throw Clark off. He understands a lot about the human body and even the human mind. He’s confident in himself and he really doesn’t like to get involved in other people’s drama, but the minute you sent him that text saying that you needed to talk to someone, he dropped everything and came to you.

You sat on the couch and breathed deeply. He could tell you were upset, you’d been crying. He asked if everything was okay, were you hurt, anything else he could think of. You shook your head, not giving an answer to a specific any one question. He knew. He could see it on your face.

He stood up and grabbed his cell phone. He dialed your favorite pizza place and ordered your favorite pizza. Then, he started digging through your DVD collection. He knew what movie to play that would make you feel better. He popped it in as you waited for the pizza. He placed a blanket over your legs and sat next to you, resting your head on his shoulder. He didn’t need to say anything and neither did you.

Wendell Bray

He was fuming. He simply couldn’t understand how someone could be so cruel to you. He was boiling, his knuckles white, and honestly, he could only see red. He had never seen you look the way you did. He could see that you were heartbroken. It was written all over your face. He said that your ex was a jerk, they didn’t know what they had. He threatened to go talk to them, but you begged him not to.

He looked down at you, small and feeling broken. He knelt down next to you and held your face close to his. He told you how perfect you were, smart, funny, and you could so much better. He embraced you and stroked your hair. He told you to let it all out, that you would feel better. And then, the two of you would go egg his car.

Colin Fisher

Colin often searched for things that might seem dark and depressing to others. He reveled in them. He was often annoyed by your presence, so light and airy. He couldn’t comprehend your incessant need to be cheerful. The day you walked in, dressed in close mute of any color, and your usual cheeriness was gone, he noticed. There was a shift in the lab that day and he felt out of place. Your observations that day were angry and dark. Everyone began to notice. The others whispered that you were acting differently and that something must be wrong. Fisher decided that today was the day that he would flip the tables on you.

As you left for work that day, Colin grabbed your wrist and led you to his car. He drove to a local dive bar. You protested the entire time, but he never stopped until you were inside. Tonight, Colin was going to reveal a deep dark secret to you. He loved karaoke.

He climbed up on stage and “Don’t Stop Believing” started playing. You clasped your hands over your mouth to stifle your laugh. By the middle of the song, the entire bar was up, singing along with him, including you. You stood in front of him and sang along, jumping up and down to shake everything off. As he descended the steps from the stage, you hugged him tightly and thanked him. He then swore you to secrecy.

Arastoo Vaziri

You told him everything. Every nasty detail about your breakup. You didn’t hold back, not with him, not about this. He listened patiently and nodded his head. He then stood up and asked you to come with him.

You sat silently in his car, he offered no details about where you were going. Arastoo paid the attendant and walked you back to the batting cages. He placed a helmet on your head and pushed you inside. He told you to bend your knees and square your shoulders. The second you heard the ball spit out, you swung.

You both stood in silence as the ball arced into the air and flew past the ball machine. You turned around, a huge smile swiped across your face. You started jumping up and down, remarking how you had never hit a ball before. He quickly reminded you that another ball was being loaded up and you followed his instructions once again. Arastoo could watch you swing all night and the two of you closed the place down that day.

Daisy Wick

She tried to offer up statistics about relationships. She told you that even penguins mate for life and that the male will search the entire beach looking for the perfect rock to offer up to his mate. These facts only made you feel worse.

She looked at you and sighed. She told you that what she had meant was that the perfect person for you just hadn’t come along yet. The right person will look for the perfect rock to give to you, even if it takes their entire life. There’s someone out there waiting for you and you just have to be patient.

She took you out for a drink that night and told you all the horror stories from her dating life. All the messy, crazy stories she told made you laugh and for the night, you forgot about everything that had happened and watched intently as Daisy made you feel like this breakup was possibly the best thing to happen to you.