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Day 1: Favourite Male Characters

…is anyone really surprised that these two are my choices?

Let’s start with Mr. Stiltskin

Okay, if I haven’t mentioned it already, Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) was one of the major reasons why I got invested in this show in the first place. The characterisation is phenomenal! The only version of this character that I was familiar with previously was very one-note - he was a creepy imp that had a strange fixation on children….

There are so many layers to this one character. And, when I say this people are probably gonna be pissed, I think (aside from Pan, of course) he is the show’s greatest villain. Even though I have NUMEROUS problems with him in terms of morality, he is such a joy to watch!

And most of that does go down to the incredible talent of Mr. Robert Carlyle. I literally cannot think of any character that Rumplestiltskin reminds me of! He’s a complete original and I love him for that.

And now… the Captain…

Yeah, you all know Peter Pan is one of my top favourite fairy tales, period. And Captain Hook is possibly one of the greatest fictional villains of all time.

Killian Jones, however, is both so much like the original Hook and so vastly unique from him, it’s delicious. The self-loathing, the haunted past, the vengeful side contrasting with the kind-hearted, honourable ‘gentleman’ is such a perfect, twisted mix.

And, once again, a lot of it comes down to the choice of actor. Colin O’Donoghue is PHENOMENAL both as Hook and as Killian Jones. While I’m always gonna hail Jason Isaacs as my favourite Captain Hook, Colin is a very VERY close second.

J.M. Barrie would be so proud of this portrayal, I believe.

And… I love these two when they interact with each other. It’s the perfect rivalry.

The characters are incredible. The writing is incredible. The acting is incredible. They are two of the main reasons why I continue watching this show.