A Little Treat for The Living and the Dead fans!

I took the time recently to write to The Insects (the amazingly talented duo that produced all the music for The Living and the Dead), asking whether or not it might be possible to obtain the lovely, haunting music used during the love scene in episode 2.

They very kindly sent me the track for free, and so I wish to share it with all of you.

By the way, if you liked the music from the show and would like to own it, you can purchase the soundtrack as a digital download here.

They’ve done lots of other soundtrack work, too. If you’d like to check them out, their
Soundcloud account is here.



aColin + Rupert 5 by archaeologist_d
Via Flickr:
Merlin filming Pierrefonds 2010


“Maybe that’s why it went for her. Think about it. That knocking, it went all the way round the bus ‘till it found her. And she was the most scared, out of all of us. Maybe that’s what it needed. That’s how it got in.”