the signs on how much they love/hate coleslaw
  • Aries - aggressively throws coleslaw into peoples eyes
  • Taurus - will eat literally anything else other than coleslaw
  • Gemini - puts it on everything; dont trust them they might put it in your drink
  • Cancer - probably draws a pentagram trying to summon the unholy offspring of coleslaw
  • Leo - bathes in coleslaw
  • Virgo - hates it more then they hate themselves
  • Libra - supportive coleslaw parent
  • Scorpio - thinks its ok
  • Sagittarius - would rather eat a toe off of a corpse then be near coleslaw
  • Capricorn - voting Romney while guzzling coleslaw
  • Aquarius - a pure deity; would never sin with coleslaw
  • Pisces - COLESLAW FUCKER 3000
Explained: coleslaw meme
  • Coleslaw is a type of salad that consists chiefly of shredded cabbage (among other various ingredients).
  • Although hatred for coleslaw is not a recent phenomenon, coleslaw hate has become a prevalent topic on Tumblr.
  • The rise in coleslaw hate seems to be due in part by a popular post (made on or around 6 June 2015) by user skiptheboringbits that states, “this blog does not support the production or consumption of cole slaw”.
  • EDIT (7 June 2015): We have come across a post that is critical of coleslaw which precedes the post by skiptheboringbits. This post states, “fear factor: eat some cole slaw”. (Thanks to memearchives for telling us about this!)
  • Users have been divided as a result. Posts about hating coleslaw have become popular. However, reacting to the coleslaw hate, some have revealed themselves as coleslaw supporters.
  • Click here to see examples of the coleslaw meme.

sadmage asked:

With as much pretentious wording as possible, tell us how you feel about coleslaw.

Coleslaw is the reason the gods don’t talk to us anymore. It is a violation of the natural order of things; it is man playing god in places where he had no right to tread. Men, women, and children in developing countries starve to death while here in America we have the audacity to create inedible abominations that are the culinary equivalent of sacking a village and then desecrating its temple purely for the purpose of insulting its people. Even its very name evokes a sense of disgust: coleslaw. You can’t say it with a smile unless it’s physically forced, your lips wrapping uncomfortably around your teeth in a grimace that displays not happiness, but a cry for help. Why coleslaw? What have you done to deserve this? What sins have you committed in this life or your last that the cosmos felt the only due punishment was being served a dish that resembles (in both looks and taste) the slurry that gathers in the kitchen sink strainer? What sadist decided that this defilement of once perfectly edible food should be a staple at company picnics or as a steakhouse side-dish? Is it perhaps a conspiracy, cheap product thrown together into an inedible sludge but offered in the stead of a real side-dish, forcing the diner to make the choice of either paying more for real food or risk poisoning themselves? Can we blame capitalism for coleslaw? Or is it something more sinister? Perhaps we’ll never know. But I, for one, will have none of it. And neither should you.