The Bounty of the Harvest was Unprecedented, Madeline Kloepper, 2016, mixed media on paper.

Because who doesn’t like hot babes in a pizza swamp?

Did this piece for the pizza themed show I Chew Chew Chew You, at Hot Art Wet City in Vancouver! My good friend Cole Pauls co-curated it in celebration of his awesome comic series, Pizza Punks! If you’re in town check it out! (Feb 12-27)

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To commemorate the occasion, we’re expanding the paper an extra 4 pages for fun new stuff and having a Sunday afternoon/evening celebraish…

Dunk 7 features brand new exclusive comics by:
-Alex Heilbron
-Cole Pauls
-Jane Mai
-Owen Plummer
-OC Meek
-Joel Rich
-William Dereume
-Marita MW
-Simon Hanselmann
-Lisa Cinar
-Rob Ondzik
-Alex Cho
-Steve Weismann
-Andy Douglas Day
-Lyndsay Pomerantz
-Odessa Westwood
-still more!!!!!!!

BBQ features:
-Sandyburgers (bun, ketchup, burger, cheddar, bacon, apple slices, avocado, bun)
-Vegan burgs
-some kinda dogs probably
-Dunkaroos obviously
-6 packs of soda

Tylor Macmillan has collected the entirety of his Dunk strip “Super Psyche City” into one mini comic that you can pick up as a free Dunk insert while supplies last (subscribers automatically get this without sweat)

after the grill cools off, one of Vancouver’s greatest bands, 

is going to play Canadian rock music in the shop!!!

DMT (another of our beloved Dunk cartoonists) has drawn up a brand new T-shirt that we’ll have for sale

Go nuts, you guys! Really looking forward to the weekend.

oh yeah

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A prison is built in Dawson City. Its only use is to house one man whose crime may not necessarily warrant his inevitable solitary confinement. Lack of social stimuli leaves him in a constant state of uncertainty as to what is reality and what he dreams. The expenditure of a multi million correctional institute creates the ultimate introspective environment while also creating a complete objective view of one very structured daily routine for those who watch him, although unaware of his fabrications.

A project introduced in collaboration with Bill Burns at Yukon SOVA. Cole Pauls, Victoria Ponce and Elizabeth Houg’s interpretation of the omnibus bill being presented in Canada.


My friend Cole Pauls is a cartoonist from the Yukon who I first met back at Emerald City Comicon 2008. I’ve witnessed him transform into this cool dude you see before you and he has worked hard on comics and art all these years. Every year I see him at ECC he’s always got a grip of new zines and prints for me and his style (art and appearence) gets tighter and cooler. We’ve been collecting our yearly meeting photos together since 2009 but somehow we missed getting our 2013 pic.

Check out his Tumblr


copyright Anita Russo 2012 by RUSSO PIX
Via Flickr:
Maya Jane Coles live at Pressure, the Arches, Glasgow, Scotland 24/02/2012

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A Halálos Iramban első része után joggal kérdezi a néző, hogy mi mindent akarhatnánk még? Nos, a dögös pasikból, jó csajokból és tuningolt autókból sosem elég. Ezzel el is érkeztünk a Halálosabb iramhoz, ami ezúttal már egészen más vizeken evez, mint az előző rész – és teszi mindezt ismét nagyon menő verdákban.

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