Cole baby

I feel like Cole and Kieran would get along really well
  • Cole:An old soul, ancient, dark and damaged but different now--pure. Bright. Whole and innocent.
  • Kieran:You're different, too. You came from the Fade. It sings in your blood. Compassion.
  • Cole:Yes. My friends call me Cole.
  • Kieran:I'm Kieran. Do you think...I could be your friend? I don't have many. I'm too different.
  • Cole:Lonely sometimes, and very bored. The other children stare, gathered together like territorial animals ready to turn against you at any moment.
  • Kieran:They fear what they don't understand.
  • Cole:But not everyone is like that. Some people will accept you no matter what.
  • Kieran:Can I help people with you?
  • Cole:Yes. That would be good.