Cole Haan


THe PROCESS: “The Kids” was shot on May, 26th 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina on Wilshire & Bamboo at an abandoned building that some say was a past ‘Boys and Girls Club’, by photographer Tyler Thomas. This was a day for me that I will honestly never forget. I had planned this photo shoot out to the T and made sure everything happened the way it was supposed to happen that day. I had studied Instagram feeds for photographers, searched for the perfect stylist, planned out looks in my head. All in my head this was…NOW I HAD TO MAKE IT REALITY. Started with me getting my hair done last minute the night before. I had knew what I wanted my hair to be like and the stylist that was supposed to do it for me had flaked so I called on my long time friend JaDorah we stayed up laughed, talked, and just created a new masterpiece. The morning of I had to go to the barbershop to secure my look. It worked out perfect, but the barber personally I will never go to again because (you can’t see it but) I had cuts from his clippers. I take my appearance seriously. That wasn’t cool. Other than that it was time to rock n’ roll. After I got my eyebrows done I met up with the one and only Columbus Hinson who is also a long time friend of mine. We were super excited for this moment. He sat for a while as I prepared myself in the bathroom; singing my tunes, rubbing Shea Butter all over my body, etc. what a great friend. We had talked about the vision multiple times and we had only so much time to prepare. During prep time, my mother walks in with her good friend, Miss Karina. Their faces were priceless. They were so amazed at how great we looked and how originality was right before their very eyes. They took behind the scenes photos. We needed as many as possible. Once it was all said and done we head to Wilshire. We pull up and it all hits me. I remember picking out this location but I never took the time to actually go evaluate it. All I could do was hope for the best. When me and Columbus approached we looked at each other and we knew this was it…the perfect location! I was over whelmed. It was so much more than I could have ever expected. We both got even more excited. Tyler Thomas arrived shortly after us and we discussed the vision. He made it come to life. This was more than a “photo shoot” to me. It’s a story. I’m just a boy from Buffalo, NY. Inspired by the likes of Pharrell, Rihanna, Kanye West, Alessandro Michele, Jeremy Scott, & Will Smith to make a few. This is all my DREAM. And it will come true. I know you’re not used to seeing my face on my Tumblr, but get used to it. I appreciate you if you actually read up to this part. Thank you for watching my journey. Much more to come.

“The Kids”

Models: Josché Lamont & Columbus Hinson
Photographer: Tyler Thomas
Stylist: GG
Hair: JaDorah Lewis

THe BACKSTORY: “The Kids” grew up differently than everyone else. They were born destined. Already knowing one self at such a early stage in life. A “stage” where there should be no worry and there should be no pain. The Kids were FORCED to believe in society’s ways. Having to find ways to escape when not around the rest of the world, whether cutting stars out of magazines, or losing themselves in their “imagination” this was their chance to be THEMSELVES, when alone. Not any longer. They turn heads when out in public. They have undeniable energy. People say the Kids are quiet, but their outfits are really “loud”. We say that’s because our wardrobe is like an expression and it shows that I’m proud. The Kids don’t fight, The Kids don’t fuss. While most children of today will use fighting or drama as an outlet. We as “The Kids” say “you may can beat me, but you CAN’T beat my outfit.”