Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Closer to Home :-

Could you lend me a hand, because I’ve only got one
I miss my fingers, like you miss your son

Are you thinking about Joffrey? Such a spirited lad
I was his uncle, I was also his dad

Around the world, my heart had to roam
Now I’m looking for something… a little closer to home

Closer to home, closer to home
A family tree, with a branch of our own
Closer to home, closer to home
Ensuring our family, stays on the throne

application: x | mods: x x |

✦ hey there! are you trans? are you into bandom? do you want to meet other people who are trans and into bandom / music? well this is the net for you! 

✦ info: me and ezra noticed that there’s not enough safe spaces for trans and nonbinary people in bandom on tumblr, so we decided to create a fun and safe net where we’re free to meet and talk to other transgender bandom bloggers from tumblr!


-must be trans (nonbinary people allowed, of course)

-must follow rules 

-be polite in skype chat 

-must be following both moderators


-any music is allowed. indie, pop punk, even edm!!

-do not police other people’s transness or question it

-no racism or ableism

-no making fun of other people’s music tastes or “knowledge testing”. this network is for everyone no matter how little you know about bandom

-tag anything relating the network with #transbandomnet

✦ and that’s it! application is at the top! network will be closed once we reach 25 members and members will be chosen on June 12th! if you’re not applying, please signal boost for any of your trans bandom followers, thank you!!


Let us never forget this masterpiece exists…


just gonna casually bring this back cause it’s still probably my favorite cover that I’ve done.


You have to watch this! JUST HIT PLAY