August is almost here and the only thing i want is Autumn. 

I want that gorgeous weather because i have had enough with the summer heat. I want to breath that fresh, cold air again. To see dead leaves dancing, to enjoy a hot drink and a good night sleep. To hear whispers around empty streets. To feel my body fresh, alive again. To witness nature going to sleep, slowly and gracefully. To watch the sky painting its horizon with black, angry clouds. The storms and the snow, the yellow leaves and the ghosts. I miss this weather, my soul and body are made for low temperatures and grand thunderstorms, for long majestic, cold nights.

Shoutouts to people who like winter and cold weather.

  • Because it’s tiresome being stared at like you grew an extra head when you say as much
  • Because countless people can say “I’m so glad spring is right around the corner!” and be praised with endless agreement, but I’m asked what’s wrong with me if I express the same thing about winter
  • Because the maintenance guy came in to fix something in my apartment, took one look at my thermostat, and wouldn’t believe me when I said there’s nothing wrong with my heater because it’s 65°F in my apartment and I’m happy 
  • Because if there’s a disagreement over the temperature, the person who likes the cold will always be outvoted 5 to 1
  • Because summer and the warmer days of autumn are mourned for their passing but winter’s end is celebrated
  • Because our endless discomfort in the summer is overlooked and brushed off because why wouldn’t we love this hot weather
  • Because winter is never long enough, summer is always too long, and no one will agree with you