Cold Nights.

// Here’s this smol little bean of a short story.

Yes, this is going to be short.

Sorry not sorry (but yeah it’s going to be really short, so sorry about that)

Title: Cold Nights.

Warnings: Non.

Rating: Fluffy fluff.

Need to know: Y/n is a part of the Maniax. //


“You can say you’re not cold, but I can see you shivering from all the way over here.”

Y/n lays down on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. All of the rest of the group members are gathered around, talking about their newest plans.

“So, I was thinkin’ we take out a bunch of old people. Maybe a bingo game night, an old person’s home…” Jerome rolls his eyes at this.

“Oh, snore. But, I do like how your thinking.” He sits up from his spot on the ground, and eyes y/n. “What do you think, y/n?” Her gaze meets his, and a chill runs up her spine. She shivers, sitting up.

“I wasn’t really paying attention,” she says, still shaking from the cold.

“Well, dollface, youth, or elders?” He asks. She wraps her arms around herself to try and keep warm, and shrugs.

“I dunno. Youth? They’re the newer generation…they’d probably make more of an impact. Assuming you’re talking about killing them.” Jerome cocks his head, and his eyes narrow in concentration.

“Are you cold?” He asks, moving forward. Y/n stares up at him, shaking her head.

“No. I’m not.” His head tilts more as a smile spreads across his face, and he shakes his head.

“You can say you’re not cold, but I can see you shivering from all the way over here.” He murmurs, moving forward slowly. Y/n shakes her head, a small smile spreading across her face.

“Why do you care?” She asks, pulling her knees to her chest. He shrugs, slinking forward towards her, his head down. He looks up at her through his lashes, a smile spreading across his face. He raises his eyebrows, stopping when he gets in front of her.

“You know, you could be warmer.” Y/n cocks an eyebrow, scooting closer in the corner of the couch.

“What…? What do you mean?” She asks, her gaze traveling across his body, looking for any possible threats. His smile turns into a goofy, lighthearted one, and he holds out his hands in a hug.

“Come here,” he says giddily. Her eyebrows furrow, and she tilts her head.


“Come here. We can cuddle,” he says.

“What are yo-” Before y/n can finish what she’s saying, Jerome tackles her, rolling them off of the couch and pulling her in a tight embrace. “Wha-J-Jerome!” She shouts, pushing against his chest to try and get away. This sends Jerome into a fit of giggles. Y/n huffs and stays still, her face bright red. Not only because Jerome is pulling this off in front of everybody, but the fact that his body is actually really warm. The heat that spreads from him to her starts to make y/n tired, and her eyes close. She buries her face in his neck, causing Jerome to freeze in shock, his eyes widening. She yawns softly, and Jerome curls closer to her, wrapping his arms around y/n. He sighs contently, and looks up at everyone else, an expression of pure childish bliss on his face.

“Let’s talk about this later…” He murmurs, stroking y/n’s hair gently. “I didn’t think she’d actually…you know,” Barbara rolls her eyes.

“I don’t think it surprised anyone else,” she remarks, standing up and smacking Tabitha on the shoulder. “Come on you guys, let’s give these kiddos some privacy.”


It’s been almost a month since our little Valentine’s Exchange ended. We hope that everyone who participated had a fun time during the whole shebang. For those interested, here is the masterlist of the fics included in the exchange! We don’t know if more are coming but it’s been…a month…. Remember to leave a kudos or a comment, maybe, to show your appreciation to the writers! ♡

Gods, Daddies and Fake Dicks by JungTaco for lostmyjungkook

Jimin comes to Earth in search for his idol, Thor, but unexpected things await for him here.

Will you be my Valentine? by CmiMiu for SugaTheTurtle

Everyone was always scared of Yoongi that he never thought he’d ever receive a Valentine.

But every year his locker is decorated with festive ornaments and a note stuck on Valentine’s Day asking him “Will you be my Valentine?”

The secret Valentine, however, never reveals himself.

take all of me (I just wanna be the boy you like) by dokidokiharahara (anewkindofthrill) for InfernalMCR

It is way too easy for Yoongi to deceive himself with how brightly Jimin smiles at him, with how Jimin sometimes just looks for comfort and warmth when he curls up next to Yoongi after being fucked for hours. In reality, the boy would probably pack his things and run as soon as Yoongi stopped paying.

“Okay. Do your job then,” Yoongi sneers and maybe there is a hurt look on Jimin’s face.

Unfortunate fortune by otpshots for onecupoftae

Jimin is an injured fisher. Yoongi is a kind shepherd.

Burning cold thief by otpshots for onecupoftae

Yoongi didn’t understand what was going on. All Jimin ever did was loving Yoongi.

love is vivid (no we’re not in love) by btsmemehoes for okaymin

when you drown, you don’t drown when you fall into the water, you drown by staying in.

and in retrospect, that’s probably how it all began.

after all, yoongi had never been great at staying afloat anyway.

i’ll be a gentleman (‘cause i’ll be your boyfriend) by yururin for offthebeat

Yoongi isn’t an easy man to surprise, but kisses out of the blue and sudden boyfriend proposals can do the job.

when i’m with you by sassyneki for sugabox

To Yoongi, the piano is a second home. He finds a third in Jimin.

say you’ll see me again, even if it’s just in your (wildest dreams) by skyshocksuga for coconutbutter

In a world where people dream of their soulmates in the eyes of their closest friend, it was safe to say that Min Yoongi never expected to dream about his soulmate in all his naked glory.

baby take my open heart (and all it offers) by jeogi for otpshots

Jimin didn’t know what to expect when he decided to take over Taehyung’s shift at the daycare for a month, but meeting his high school crush Min Yoongi definitely wasn’t one of them.


(or alternatively, 5 times Yoongi threw Jimin off guard, and one time the tables finally turned.)

It’s you (I need you) by Penjasin for skyshocksuga

Park Jimin wishes he wasn’t so fucking unlucky all the time. That way he’d never have ended up in class, getting his heat a week too early.

Cloudy with a chance of thunder by sayfever for ryeogi

Yoongi never believed in the marks anyways.

a long time coming by onecupoftae for parkjizzmin

Yoongi and Jimin announce that they’re getting married. Absolutely no one is surprised.

to me, you’re a masterpiece by softgot7 for realitygetsdestroyed

“van gogh who?” taehyung all but yells, throwing another overdramatic wink over his shoulder. “i only know park jimin.”
yoongi simply nods along in the background, grinning when jimin sends him a helpless look.
even as taehyung continues to shout declarations to the rest of the campus, jimin can’t help but think that if he ever became famous, he’d like for the world to remember yoongi as his muse.

And So Here We Go by Pretenditwasjustadream for babygotbaek

Jimin’s a matchmaker and Yoongi doesn’t need his help.


Say My Name by rosetintedhearts for sayfever

Jimin walks in on Yoongi moaning his name as he masturbates

rookie by realitygetsdestroyed for pandapressed

Yoongi looks up from where he’s been biting marks into Jimin’s skin. “How much do you want this?”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “I was just on my knees for you, I think that’s enough to say hey, I want you to possibly put your dick in me.”

Jimin doesn’t expect it when he feels a slap against his ass, making his dick leak even more. “Don’t get mouthy with me.”

“Maybe you should get mouthy with me, right?”

Baby Fever by ThePurpleStarfish for Pretenditwasjustadream

Min Yoongi is happy. He’s married to the love of his life, he has his health, his friends, and he’s making his way into the music scene. There’s nothing more he wants.

And then Jimin forces him to walk in the cold for groceries.

screenshots of youth by florations for softgot7

Yoongi and Jimin grow old together and make a home in each other.

Compathy by MauveTarte for dokidokiharahara (anewkindofthrill)

The world had a problem, and Min Yoongi did not want to be part of the solution.

(AKA: an ArrangedMarriage!AU a little different from the norm.)

Are You Scared? by rosetintedhearts for sayfever

“Are you scared?”
“Scared of what?”
“That you’ll fall in love with me”

Yoongi and Jimin partake in a game of 'Gay Chicken’. Jimin is convinced he is going to win no questions asked, naturally Yoongi is determined to prove him wrong and wipe that smug smile off of his face.

Clumsy Love by okaymin for kemosabe

Maybe it’s the snow, or maybe it’s the cold, but something changes in the air, and Yoongi isn’t really complaining.

off the mark (i found your heart) by lostmyjungkook for JungTaco

jimin tortures himself by walking into a valentine’s day fair with a broken heart and counts how many used cans he kicks out of sheer frustration.
aka the valentine’s day au where jimin and yoongi meet for the first time and actually kind of fall in love already

Inspired by you by kemosabe for maxx

Yoongi was a piano prodigy as a child, but after an accident in their teens forced him to be hospitalized, all of their passion seemed to disappear. Now, working on a cruise liner as a pianist, he meets Park Jimin, a very wealthy (and very bored) person who promises that he knows how to get the fire back into Yoongi’s piano playing.

fall, everything (i’ll always catch you) by lovelivesinthedream for jeogi

Jimin and Yoongi were adopted in to the same family, but they were always more to each other in their hearts. Not that they’d ever admit it to anyone, including themselves.

see normal people (we’re not part of them) by ziontea for btsmemehoes

Q: where do you draw the line between good and evil, law and criminal?
A: you don’t.

(In other words, Yoongi and Jimin live the happy married life during the daytime and play cops and robbers at night.)

Fanboying Should Be a Full-Time Job by pandapressed for sassyneki

Yoongi did not expect his first encounter with his idol to turn out like this. Yet there Park Jimin stood in front of him: wearing a really flattering pair of tight black jeans, silver hair fluffed to perfection despite not being styled, and dripping wet with a horrified expression on his face as everyone was shocked into silence by what Yoongi had just done.

let’s kick the tires and light the fires by MauveTarte for ziontea

“What—" falls out of Jimin’s mouth as he watches the man whip out a marker from his sweater pocket and, oh my god, deface the back of Jimin’s ticket. The very ticket Jimin was planning to, like, frame or something when he got back home.

(AKA: Novice business man Jimin may not know who this August guy is, but he does know he’s a complete fucking dick.)

hold me tight by coconutbutter for CmiMiu

When Min Yoongi speaks, he knows what he’s saying and he means it.

And he’s saying he hates Kim Taehyung. A whole damn lot.

(Or Jimin is jealous and Taehyung is not helping. At all.)

You’re All I See by SugaTheTurtle for Penjasin

When men come to Jimin and ask him their fortune or what he sees, he’s never afraid to tell them the truth. However, when the crown prince comes seeking the identity of his bride, Jimin can’t understand why all he sees in his future is himself.

reddie, set, go ☆

so i went ahead and made a reddie playlist with songs i felt fit them pretty well. i’m not super experienced with making playlists for ships or characters (this is actually my first one and it’s.. a mish mash tbh) but i hope you guys enjoy it!! ♥

i walk the line johnny cash / always - p!atd / honeybee - steam powered giraffe / what you know - two door cinema club / cold cold man - saint motel / youth - troye sivan / anything for you - ludo / by & by - brett dennen / heart of life - john mayer / you & i - anarbor / painting greys - emmit fenn / i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie 

Old xian’s postscript (1st art book)

I received a request to translate Old xian’s postscript for her first art book, it’s a little long so I’m making it into a text post and posting it here. This was written in December 2013, it’s an interesting read if you want to know a bit more about Old xian. Translation below:


This art book compiles many of my works from 2010 to 2013, some of them were my everyday casual drawings, some of them were drawn during strokes of inspiration. These drawings I personally like and treasure very much, so I chose to record them in this art book. Many past memories, there may not be too many chances for me to conclude them like this, so I wish to write them down here.

In 2010 I was a year 1 university student, I don’t know why but I suddenly developed a great interest in “High Fashion”. It had a unique something that attracted me, my aesthetic was also greatly influenced, so at that time I drew a lot of fashionable and skinny youths. This even led some people to mistakenly think I had a career in fashion. The series of artworks compiled in > was created during this period of time, it sufficiently portrays my thinking and condition at that time. 

In 2011 I joined Mosspaca, and drew a lot of commercial illustrations. But I was always told these illustrations seem like personal creations; it might be because I have the tendency to focus on adding emotion and understanding into my drawings, and did not clearly define between the commercial and non-commercial. But other than my personal style and hobby, there are many other factors to consider. Whether it’s commercial illustrations or manhua, I wish to experiment with new things. I’m grateful to have met all kinds of people in Mosspaca, regardless of where you all are now, please remember those beautiful memories! 

In 2012 I collaborated with my partner Moss. Manhua needs to have great expressive power, and in the process I repeatedly experienced the impact of new ways of thinking. I’m very happy I could gradually improve, and let my skinny youths and cold faces slowly diversify. However, sometimes I’m afraid to look through some of my past works, because it produces a familiar yet unfamiliar feeling. Maybe for some of these drawings, even if I drew them again now, I’m afraid I can no longer portray that kind of feeling anymore. This is also why I treasure them even more dearly. Every piece of drawing is a proof of time, I’m grateful to my past self for keeping these drawings. 

In 2013, I entered the busy condition of manhua serialisation. This made me treasure even more the time I can open a blank new piece of paper and just casually draw without any constraints. I might not know what will appear with the next stroke of my pen, but I could always continue drawing stroke by stroke, and draw out what moves me. These drawings might be very simple. I would occasionally stare at the eyes of the character I drew, occasionally stare blankly at the empty white parts of the paper, it seems doing this is able to make my mood happy. 

Thank you for liking my drawings, you are the ones who give me the strength to continue creating. 

Humans always need to continue moving forward, this is a book that is entirely about myself, it is an ending and also a beginning. After recording these down, there is a sudden feeling of surprising fulfilment. I hope for the future me, if I flip to this postscript again one day, I will still be able to remember it. 




Now I See The Light

Song- I see the light from Disney’s Tangled.

A/n : I love this movie. Oh my,, Anyway I got this idea from @mysmegifscenarios who gave me a match up with Zen using GIFS from this scene and an idea formed!

All those days watching from the windows
All those years outside looking in

You always despised cutesy relationships. Them always holding hands, and cute pet names, they always just rubbed you the wrong way. You walked past a window of a restaurant, there was an older couple sitting there. They weren’t talking or touching each other in some way, they were just looking at each other, smiling. You felt yourself smile with them, thinking you always seemed to be on this side of the glass. For once, you wanted to find someone that you had to worry about, someone that occupied your every waking and sleeping thoughts. Then came the RFA…
All that time never even knowing
Just how blind I’ve been

You spent so far of your adulthood hating relationships, and avoiding them. Then came the fateful day you met Zen. Of course at first, you were scared and annoyed at his blunt flirting. However, he grew on you. You became close, and you developed a crush. You ended up brushing it off as, you had a crush on the idea of him. So when you got the opportunity to see him, you took it.
Now I’m here blinking in the starlight
After talking and hanging around Zen for the day, your crush was no longer of the idea of him. When you went to the roof with him, you both stood watching the stars and the skyline. When he started talking about his family, your heart broke. You wanted to be there for him now, and support him when he felt no one would. The purple and blues in the dark sky contrasted with the yellow lights of the roof. Making Zen glow more then usual.
Now I’m here suddenly I see
Standing here it’s all so clear
I’m where I’m meant to be

Looking away from the sky to look back at Zen to find him already looking at you. You looked at him and it was clear. People don’t chose to fall in love, it just trips you. Zen was staring at you intently, as if contemplating something. He wrapped his arms around you, you closed your eyes and wrapped your hands around his neck. Then it hit you, as clear as glass, where ever Zen was is where you were meant to be.
And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted

Finally you found someone, finally your was warm and had a new light to it. The sun seemed less annoying, the birds less loud, and the world was less dull. Your world had just changed, and you had no idea what is was or what to about it
All at once everything looks different
Now that I see you
As you went home all the couples you saw, were just happy. They were something you wanted to be with Zen. Yes, it may have been a childish fantasy at this moment, yet your logical side couldn’t out rule it.

(Zen POV)

All those days chasing down a daydream
Sitting on the roof always made me think. The thought tonight was, everyday I’ve had since I ran away has been based on a daydream, and it could end at anytime. I always am running to what I think is the life I want. Yet, since she showed up all that changed. Every time In my dream I never new where I ended up, but now? I end up in her arms.
All those years living in a blur
Before joining the RFA it was a blur, I barely got by, living on the last cent everyday. I flirted with women, but I never really Noticed them.
All that time never truly seeing
Things, the way they were

I always saw couples and I was jealous. I could never picture who that person was with. I never truly saw the world as though someone truly loved me for more then just an idol, or a pretty face. Then came her, it was sudden, but I new it was something.
Now she’s here shining in the starlight
Now she was here with me, standing on the roof. Looking at the stars like I often do. The stars and lights reflecting in her eyes, making them glow. She was beside me, she was real. She didn’t like just my face, she liked even the broken pieces I had, and even started helping me clean them up.
Now she’s here suddenly I know
If she’s here it’s crystal clear

Now that she’s with me I’ve realized something. Its as clear as he glasses that Jerk probably drinks out of. If she’s here…I’m where I’m meant to go…..
And at last I see the light
And it’s like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light
And it’s like the sky is new
At last I feel what it’s like to be more then a pretty face. I finally know what it’s like to be truly cared for and loved. I see the world in a new light, and the fog of difficulty and pain is gone. It’s like the stars I see every night are drastically different then everything I had ever seen before.
And it’s warm and real and bright
And the world has somehow shifted
All at once everything is different
Now that I see you

The isolated cold I felt before is gone. I feel as though I finally found the warm fire after a cold winters day. My world is different in everyway. My acting will be for her, my every waking and sleeping breath will be fore her. All after seeing who i can be, with her by my side.

Part 2 to whatever this is.

Time for more of the Trevor and Ryan are half-brothers thing I decided to write out. Enjoy whatever this half is.

Trevor’s first encounter with the police was when he was fifteen. Fresh on the streets, getting to know the rougher gangs, the initiations, the fights, the weapons.

He ended up with his mugshot in the LSPD two months after he left his foster home.

He was sick of waiting. Ryan promised he would come back. He promised he would always be there for Trevor, that they would have the home they always wanted. Together. No one would ever tear them apart. When he was a kid, that’s what he believed in. That’s what got him through the day, believing that eventually all this bull shit would end and no one would try to tear him apart from his brother.

He never imagined the one to do it would actually be Ryan in the end.

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A Dad Drabble Snezmulator - a Roseph drabble thing

Because I need to get my inspiration flowing

here’s some short Roseph suffering & fluffering

Links included of clips from the film Joseph & Robert are watching

Just a tiny drabble thing, nothing big; a big thing is coming tho ;););)

Movie night at Robert’s house was a much anticipated occasion. Held just about every few weekends, depending on whether or not Mary had the kids, Joseph took these nights very seriously, even though a lot of the movies the two watched were far from material worth treating as such. 

Tonight was thrift shop Christian VHS night, and Joseph had brought quite the stash of them, enough for Robert to grow uncomfortably concerned. Joseph promised he only kept them for comedic value, but Robert had his doubts. 

Joseph’s feelings towards thrift shop VHS tapes weren’t the only thing Robert had his concerns about that night, however. Joseph had arrived at his front door looking unusually flushed. Joseph wasn’t the type to be out drinking before their movie nights, so Robert concluded there had to be something else contributing to the reddish pink of his face, particularly his nose.

The marathon began with the couple’s beloved King Of The Bees, a classic. Robert had just about every line of dialogue memorized at this point, and could pinpoint every part that sent Joseph from giggles to full-blown laughter. But his memory couldn’t match up with Joseph’s silence during the show. The only sounds breaking his silence were frequent trips to make use of the tissue box and coughs that were just about ready to compete with Robert’s trademark smoker’s cough.

“You feeling okay?”

“Yeah! Why wouldn’t I be?” Joseph insisted, followed by a deep sniffly attempt at getting some oxygen through his nose. 

“You look like shit.” Robert was blunt, but that was just Joseph needed to at least get some explanation out.

“It’s just a cold, no big deal.”

“The King Of The Bees didn’t even get a chuckle out of you.” Robert placed a hand on Joseph’s forehead. That was how one checked for a fever, right? It had been so long since he had ever even considered doing such a thing. “You’re burning up.”

“So I’ve been caught.” Joseph’s display of some humor was a relief to Robert. “Don’t make me leave.” He begged, nuzzling against Robert’s shoulder.

“I’m not gonna make you leave. Hell, I’m not gonna let you leave. You’re resting here.” 

“Aggressive, aren’t you?” 

“When I need to be. Just try to get some rest.”

“We can continue watching, though, right?”

“I don’t know. Is Psalty too strenuous for you?”

Joseph couldn’t laugh long without coughing, a clear sign he ought to at least get comfortable.

Being a movie night, especially a movie night at Robert’s house, there were already plenty of blankets prepared on the sofa, one of which Joseph had wrapped around him since he claimed his spot. It wasn’t so easy to rest like this at home; four kids who weren’t quite grown out of enjoying creating pillow and blanket forts made Robert’s living room look and feel like an oasis for the cold-ridden youth minister. 

“You know, it’s never so quiet when I’m sick at home.” Joseph held onto Robert’s waist. How was such a rough looking man so comfortable to snuggle up to? One of the Lord’s mysterious workings, he figured. He yawned, closing his eyes for what he promised himself would only be a moment.

“I can tell.” Before Robert could really face Joseph, the blond was already snoring. Robert couldn’t blame him for doing so, given the congestion that had made its presence well known throughout the night, but it made him laugh a little. He looked at Betsy, who had fallen asleep a good hour ago, commenting softly: “he snores worse than you, girl.”


You’re a cold sight

You youth-filled moon
Lightly sulking because too many people have forgotten to dream today

But that’s ok anyway because you live among the stars
You’re a fisherman in a sea of wonders

But too many people have died in your ocean sky my darling
The fish like to nibble at the stars
And sometimes you let them

You’re a freedom moon
Some people haven’t reached you yet
But when they do they’ll reflect on all the stars in your universe

I hope that you don’t fall with them
you silently turning old soul

MASTERLISTpara titles

We’ve all been there: you write up a nice para starter, you’re proud of the product and want to post it, but you don’t know what to title your post. Since Taylor Swift’s lyrics are all practically amazing quotes to use, I’ve compiled a list of possible para titles using nothing but her lyrics! Below the cut, you can find 557 titles to use for your paras and selfparas, organized by album. All pronouns can be adapted as needed, of course. Enjoy!

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