Animalgamation #2 - Cuttloper (based on cuttlefish / caribou).

Entire herds of this creature can be found on beaches in cold climates. If startled, they immediately head for the water and disappear under the waves until the coast is clear.

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A variation on selkie stories

A man goes walking on a beach one cold and foggy day. When his dog starts going bonkers and yapping at something hidden in the rocks, he gets a little uneasy. Normally his terrier likes to bark at the seals that swim around the bay. It seems to think they’re long lost cousins or something. But the man hasn’t seen the seals much lately, and he’s spotted a boat or two that he thought looked suspicious.

So he follows his dog and finds the skin of a seal hidden behind a larger rock. Being of a nature to jump to the worst possible conclusion, the man thinks ’Oh no there’s poachers out here!!’ Never mind that he really doesn’t have much evidence of the fact, like the actual body of the alleged poached seal, he decides he needs to tell the authorities immediately. So he picks up the sealskin and runs.

There’s one older lady who’s been patrolling the beach and the nearby park for decades, first as a police officer and then as a sort of volunteer park ranger. She’s the person the man finds as he gasps out his story about suspicious boats and missing seals and skins without bodies. As he holds up the pelt, her face goes pale and her eyes narrow.

“You birdbrain!” She yelps, “What’d you move it for?! Put that thing back where you found it!”

Belatedly, it occurs to the man that if there is poaching going on, he just disturbed a crime scene and that was a very foolish thing to do. Embarrassed beyond belief and wishing he could sink into the ground, the man-who-cried-wolf shows the ranger where he found the skin.

Standing by the rock is a furious-looking woman wearing a curious sort of dress that may or may not have been made of sailcloth. All she wanted was a day to go and get a latte and maybe see a movie. Naturally the one time she leaves her sisters behind, her pelt gets stolen. She’s angry and scared and kind of wants to kill something.

She sees the woman who sometimes watches over her sisters’ pelts marching up with a man. The man is holding her pelt and she prepares to attack, fearing the worst and determined that nothing and no one will ever bar her from the sea.

“Now give Adeline back her coat,” the ranger says sternly. “And then we’ll talk.”

Awkward apologies, explanations, and introductions ensue.

The man is rightfully horrified by the idea of having stolen a selkie’s sealskin, and is determined to make things right.

Adeline still doesn’t like him, but she does appreciate the latte he leaves on the rocks every weekend.

TFW Boyfriend During Summer


Dean adores the summer. It’s the time where he has an excuse to wear shorts and tank tops without you or Sam teasing him. However, most of the time he’d be walking around the bunker shirtless, especially when Sam wasn’t home. Seeing the sweat running down his perfectly toned body when the bunkers AC was broken, or watching and helping him wash baby out in the sun was enough for you to practically pounce on the man.But Dean loved the summer. Beaches, cold drinks, sunglasses, shorts… And seeing you in as little clothing as possible.  


Summer time was always the best time. During other seasons, Sam would wear his many layers as if trying to hide the glory beneath. But in the summer, it would all come off. Sam would walk around shirtless, the sweat shining on his body. It was difficult to take your eyes off of him. When the AC is broken and you and Sam desperately want sex, the experience is much hotter, literally and figuratively. Sam’s hair was often stick to his neck and forehead, somehow making him seem even more sexy. He loved seeing you going around in short shorts and a bikini top, and although he wouldn’t tell anyone, it was often him that ‘broke’ the air con to see you like that.


Castiel wasn’t a fan of summer. His vessel reacted to the heat, and it was an unpleasant experience. He didn’t like the salty water that made his hair damp and get wet marks on his white shirt and trenchcoat. You later told him it was just sweat. Cas preferred to remain in his full attire, even if he is sweating buckets. But there was one positive to the sticky weather. Seeing you in hardly any clothes pleasantly surprised Cas, and he often went even redder than the heat made him. Eventually he’d give in to the heat, removing his coat and undoing more buttons of his shirt, rolling his sleeves up. Although despite this, you’d always find a way to get him to remove all of his clothes, but it would only make him sweat more during your… Activities. 

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It was cold getting out the beach water HELP!! (at Waikiki, Hawaii)

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a list of nice things

- strawberry lemonade
- soft hands
- naps
- large windows
- cold sunny weather
- quiet beaches
- puppies
- flower shops
- oranges
- ice cubes
- lemon slices
- those eye masks you put in the fridge so they feel cool and refreshing on your face
- backpacks
- little bags
- rugs
- carpeted staircases
- cashmere blankets
- the color red
- the smell of salt water
- pebble beaches
- sea towns
- sofas
- dusty smelling bookshelves
- wood
- stair rails
- house front steps
- local boutiques
- lavender
- green tea
- ladders
- sweater dresses
- loft beds
- duvets
- wooden shelves on walls
- stones
- the smell of pine
- being indoors during a rainstorm
- golden hour
- creaky cabinets
- socks
- old shoes
- the sound grandfather clocks make
- carpeted houses
- throw pillows
- furniture
- pretty china
- record players
- library stamps
- notes
- handwriting
- peppermint
- old photos
- succulents
- sleepovers
- late night conversations
- bed tables
- lamps on bed tables
- bell peppers
- paintings
- clean paintbrushes
- letters
- things that you can hang from the ceiling
- the smell of hotels
- golf fields
- wild flowers
- dresses
- good fitting jeans
- jackets
- knitwear
- libraries
- finding notes in used books
- small roads
- gravel roads
- fences
- shop houses
- bakeries
- well decorated cafes
- french coffee shop music
- light
- roses
- embroidery
- sorbet
- frozen grapes
- raspberries when theyre still a bit sour but almost ripe
- baths
- deer
- whale watching
- blankets
- homeware shops
- sea towns
- cliffs
- hawaii
- eyelashes
- san francisco
- nice hair
- clear skin
- you!!