You slept with me last night,
In my bed for the first time,
Covered in my blankets,
Pressed against my pillows,
Wrapped around my body.

You surrounded me
And everything in my bed,
Imbuing my mattress
And my very soul
With your scent and presence.

It was a cold night
But you were wonderfully warm,
Pressed close to me as we slept,
Arm around my waist
And my hand resting on yours.

I smiled as I slept,
Feeling safe and secure
In your arms,
Feeling happy for once,
And hoped the night would last forever.

But you got too warm,
I guess.
My cold room was too warm
And you slipped out of my bed
To sleep on the floor.

I spent the rest of the night shivering,
Clinging to the blankets
That still carried your warmth,
That still felt like you,
In a desperate attempt to sleep.

I couldn’t fall back asleep,
And my eyes were open when you left,
Staring at the ceiling
As you closed my door
Without a parting word.

My eyes burn now,
My head is pounding,
My throat is dry,
I am alone in my bed
And beyond just tired.

I want you to come back,
To curl around me again
And keep me safe and warm
As we sleep,
As we dream together.

—  just please come back to me, for I am tired and miss you already

I look like a happy little pupper !!! That was actually my teeth chattering but in hindsight it was VERY worth it & would totally do it again! Shot by Plum Lane 🎀
Instagram: @yikeos