There are people on twitter literally laughing all happy that Rollins is hurt again and tweeting things like “redesign reclaim reinjure”. It makes me sick how they call themselves wrestling fans but laugh when the guy who puts his body on the line for OUR entertainment gets hurt. Makes me sick.

If you wish or laugh at any wrestler for getting injured, unfollow me.

First Diaper Change - Seth Rollins

Originally posted by prowrestlingnow

You and Seth welcomed a baby girl a few hours ago. You were exhausted as you were in labor for forty eight hours. You were laying against the hospital bed with your newborn daughter against your chest. Seth was fast asleep on the couch which looked uncomfortable. 
As your daughter started letting out whimpers, slowly turning into a full on cry, Seth woke up. “You want to do the first diaper change?” You asked Seth. He looked unsure. 
“Come on.” You smiled. Seth stretched before standing up. You slowly passed her over to Seth. He laid her down on the bed, a few inches away from you as he grabbed a diaper and some wipes. Y|D|N was crying even more as Seth unbuttoned her onesie. He then unwrapped the diaper she was wearing. Seth nearly gagged. You tried to hold in your laughter.
“It’s okay, Seth.” You said with a smile. Seth covered his nose with his shirt before lifting Y|D|N’s legs up. 
“Do you wipe from bottom to top or top to bottom?” Seth asked. “Top to bottom. Clean from cleanest area to the dirtiest.” You explained. Seth nodded before wiping Y|D|N’s bottom. 
“She had an explosion.” Seth said as he tried not to gag. “Babies do that, Seth.” You said. You leaned over and rubbed your hand slightly across Y|D|N’s head to soothe her. 
“You may have to use more than one wipe.” You said. Seth grabbed another wipe and cleaned her bottom. “Now, put the dirty wipes in the dirty diaper and fold it up.” You instructed. Once he did that, you explained how to put on the new diaper.
Once Seth finished, he buttoned her onesie back up before picking her up. “We will get there, sweetheart.” Seth whispered before kissing the top of her head.