Giorgia Bronzini Takes The Win In The Liberty Classic, Photos |

1.   Giorgia Bronzini (Ita) Colavita-Forno d'Asolo, 2:28:28
2.   Shelley Olds (USA) Diadora-Pasta Zara, s.t.
3.   Jennifer Purcell (USA) Team Danbury Audi, s.t.
4.   Joelle Numainville (Can) Tibco To The Top, s.t.
5.   Chloe Hosking (Aus) HTC-Highroad, s.t.
6.   Joanne Kiesanowski (NZl) Tibco To The Top, s.t.
7.   Christina Gokey-Smith (USA) Now and Novartis for MS, s.t.
8.   Laura Van Gilder (USA) Mellow Mushroom, s.t.
9.   Theresa Cliff-Ryan (USA) Colavita-Forno d'Asolo, s.t.
10. Barbara Guarischi (Ita) Colavita-Forno d'Asolo, s.t.

KB: I remember hearing about the 2009 Liberty Classic. The men were not so pleased that day. That goes to show the women are making cycling fun and surprising to watch. Speaking of “surprising,” what would espnW be surprised to know about you?

GB: One day I would like to be a track cycling coach.

KB: That’s terrific … but it doesn’t surprise me. You will make a great cycling coach. Last question – please finish this sentence: In the next five years, women’s cycling will [blank], and I will [blank].

GB: In the next five years, women’s cycling will, I hope, become better and bigger – in Italy, the female riders will try to have a professional contracts to make it more like the men’s racing. I will stop racing and start to help with younger riders in cycling, or I will go into teaching.

KB: Sounds great, Giorgia. Best of luck to you. I’ll see you at worlds … probably from a distance.


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Kathryn Bertine’s mini-interview with World Road Champion (& former World Champ on the track) Giorgia Bronzini - it’s a sweet one, go & read it!