La imagen previa no ayuda nada pero el vídeo va de COIN, un inventaco que junta todas tus tarjetas en una sola. Para que si te roban te puedan robar todo de golpe. Es bromuro, el invento mola bastante.

La batería dura 2 años salvo que seas un comprador compulsivo y espero que por ponerle este post me regalen una (NI DE COÑA). Mola.

PD: El vídeo mola un pasote.

Put a coin in your shoe

I know that I haven’t been practicing spell craft very long, but this is the absolute most effective spell I have ever used. I’m pretty sure that I have a coin in every shoe that will hold one (and I’ve taped a penny in those that need assistance).
I’ve come to believe that the reason this spell is so effective is that you can feel the coin rattling around in you shoe. Even the shoes with pennies taped in place, I can feel the penny against my heel. It’s there, and I’m constantly thinking about it.
Now, I started this out originally thinking that I’d find money laying about or I’d have a random relative send me a monetary gift of sorts, but I soon came to realize that I wasn’t going to get money in ways I had imagined.
The first day I decided to put a whole quarter in my shoe, I sold my first Breville at work (it’s a $250 item and very hard to sell) and my day exceeded $1k in sales.
The first time I put any coins in any of my shoes, my co-workers and I put in a lunch order to be delivered. When we got our order, the total ended up being less than it should have been, because my order had been rung up incorrectly. When I addressed it, they told me not to worry about it.
I have had quite a few encounters of money coming my way in unexpected and indirect ways.
So keep a coin in your shoe- you never know how or what kind of wealth may be sent your way ;)

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