psa about the CEO

yo!!! heard abt the update on the ceo and wanna check it out?? cant do that. dont do it. dont risk it. during the seltzer round, if the ceo runs you over on a table, IT BUGS OUT. the entire room turns flat and you cant interact with anything. above image is what it looks like to other people not hit

and heres what it looks like when u r hit

stay safe dont waste ur gags or sos kiddos

what ur favorite lawbot says about u

bottom feeder: tries to go out of their comfort zone, had different tastes than most people 

bloodsucker: in love with vampires, thinks immortality is hot, hates twilight with a burning passion 

double talker: dislikes when there’s not enough of something they want, cares deeply about their ocs, tries to be respectful and comes off as rude 

ambulance chasers: thinks cogs are hot, usually likes drawing shapes and has lots of fun doing art 

back stabber: upgraded pencil pusher lovers, will die for their back stabber ocs but wishes they had a more convenient head shape 

spin doctor: actually loves the aesthetic of the medical field, super good at art, serious 

legal eagle: likes toons better than cogs, thinks birds are super cool, wonders if cogs lay eggs 

big wig: nice but can be your worst nightmare, cares a lot about right versus wrong, melts when kissed