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Taeyong (NCT 127) x Reader

~by Admin Mari

Word Count: 5,100

A/N: Taeyong’s brown hair makes me soft

The last rays of sunlight trickled in, casting a soft glow through the windows in the living room. The television was off and no sound came from the radio in the kitchen, however the space wasn’t unoccupied.

(Y/n) was curled up on the leather cushions of the couch pushed up against the wall. Eyes fluttering beneath her closed eyelids, she slept through the afternoon. Most of the day had passed with her laid out there, waiting for the clock to strike seven and for Taeyong to return from practice like he had promised.

About an hour ago she had closed her eyes to relax and drifted off. This was how he found her at fifteen past seven.

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Do Better // Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt:“Reader is having trouble fitting in with the BAU team because they want the best for Reid but their opinion really matters to him bc it’s his family and it’s causing problems in their relationship.”

Requested by: anonymous

“Are you sure this is who you want to be with?” Morgan asked Reid that morning. “Listen kid, you’re a successful FBI agent. Not to mention the fact you’re probably the smartest person I know.”

“I love her,” Reid replied with a frown. Their conversation had started off fairly innocent as he stood with Rossi and Morgan, with Morgan asking what he had done that weekend. You and Spencer had planned to go see a movie but you had been called in for a late shift at the coffee house so the date had been cancelled.

“Y/N is a nice girl but she works at a coffee shop. Now I know someone of your intelligence needs someone who is more…intriguing,” Morgan attempted to explain. It wasn’t that the team didn’t like you. You were a sweet girl and it was clear that you cared about Spencer, but they worried that the difference in jobs would eventually leave him feeling less than satisfied when it came down to having actual conversations.

“She writes,” Reid tried to explain. The two of you had incredibly stimulating conversations despite the fact you sat at opposite ends of the job spectrum. He had to constantly remind his friends that intelligence wasn’t necessarily measured by what career path you took.

“And when has she ever gotten anything published?” Rossi asked. He had his fair share of failed relationships under his belt and he knew that different jobs tended to be the root of many problems. It might seem fine for a year or two, but the differences always caught up eventually.

“She’s working on it,” Spencer mumbled as he drank his coffee. You had refused his help to get set up with a publisher, insisting this was something you wanted to do by yourself.

“Look, Reid. We’re not saying she’s not great. We’re just saying that there might be someone else out there who’s better suited for you.”

Spencer nodded wordlessly at their uninvited advice, mulling of the fact JJ had said something similar just the week before. They were his family. They just wanted what was best for him.

“Hey!” You greeted brightly as you opened up your apartment door and allowed Spencer inside. He smiled as he saw you although it didn’t seem to quite reach his eyes this time. You noticed his odd behavior as you took a seat on the couch but he remained standing.

“Spencer? What’s wrong?” You asked worriedly as you looked at his tense state. He looked around your apartment, at the stacks of books on the floor and the opened laptop with a word document on the screen.

“Nothing,” he replied simply. You frowned as you noticed he was refusing to meet your eyes.

“Spencer. I know you,” you said with a sigh.

“It’s just…the team. They’ve been suggesting some things…about us…”

You instantly froze at the mention of his friends. They were a nice bunch but just like Spencer, they were FBI agents. There was a certain prestige they wore that made you uneasy. You had caught Morgan whispering with Hotch about how Spencer could do so much better at the last party you had been dragged to. You had nearly cried as you realized that they weren’t at all impressed with you despite their politeness.

“They think I’m too dumb for you,” you replied bluntly. Spencer stared at you in surprise.

“What? No, no,” he said with a shake of his head. You rolled your eyes at his denial.

“I heard Morgan say it last time. And I won’t deny that it hurt,” you replied as Spencer’s face fell. “But I think I’m even more hurt that you seem to think that too.”

“I don’t. It’s just that they constantly point out that you work at a coffee sho-”

“Does it bother you that I don’t work some high end job?” You interrupted with a scowl.

“No not at all. I know that you’re writing on the sid-”

“You don’t believe in my writing,” you accused as your feelings began to get hurt. He frowned deeply at your interruptions.

“I do! Y/N please just understand that what they think matters to me because they’re my family,” he pleaded as he looked at you with hurt in his eyes.

“What they think matters to you but they all think you can do better than me. So tell me where that leaves us,” you replied as you fought back tears. A lump in your throat was beginning to form as he stayed silent, a look of desperation on his face.

“I got a book deal today,” you said softly to break the silence. “I’ll be a published author by the end of the year.”

“That’s great!” Spencer congratulated with a small smile, sighing in relief as he thought the conversation was turning.

“Is being a published author good enough for them? Will they finally accept the fact that their precious genius isn’t dating a neuroscientist?” You spat bitterly.


“Don’t.” You replied harshly. “I’m dating you, Spencer. Not your team. So you need to decide whether I’m ever going to be enough in your eyes.”

“You are enough,” he replied as he took a few steps and knelt in front of you. He gently placed a hand on your leg, scared that you would shy away from his touch and letting out a sigh of relief when you didn’t. “You’ve always been enough.”

“Then why are we having this conversation?” You asked defeatedly as silent tears rolled down your cheeks. Spencer’s heart broke at seeing you cry and knowing he was what had caused it.

“I don’t know,” he replied quietly as his hand reached out to wipe away the tears. “I… They’re going to have to get over it. I love you,” he said firmly as he looked at you lovingly.

You stared at him unsure whether to simply let the conversation go.

“You have to stop letting them interfere,” you pleaded softly. This was your relationship and you just wanted to nurture it and help it grow, not be hindered by those he considered family. He sighed deeply but nodded.

“I will. Like you said, I’m the one dating you. I’m the one with the say,” he reassured as he squeezed your hand gently. You nodded and patted the seat beside you, an invitation for him to sit. He smiled at the gesture as he took a seat beside you and wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“So this book, what is it about?”

“It’s about a nerdy FBI agent who solves crimes with a ghost companion,” you replied with a straight face.

“Really?” He asked excitedly as his face lit up. You laughed and shook your head.

“No, but I can totally write that for you.”

You’re important to me - Part 4.

Title: You’re important to me. 

Fandom: Mystic Messenger.

Pairing: Juminzen.

Word Count: Approximately 2,317 words. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

Finally, after a few days, part four is here! I am really sorry it took me so long, but its last week of school before holidays, and I had less time to write. Based on this post by @mariamagica, I hope you enjoy the last part of this small thing c: Unfortunately this is the end, of this at least. 

 I apologize in advance if I have any mistakes, English is not my first language.


08:35 am

Zen had woken up a little dazed, and the first thing he saw was the dark ceiling.

His ceiling was white, not dark.

His mattress wasn’t this soft, and his sheets were not as smooth.

Last time he was in his room, it wasn’t this big. He also had his hair down, he always made sure to braid it, or something.

Where the hell-

He gasped when a pair of arms wrapped around his waist, and pulled him close to a warm chest.


He turned around as slowly as he could, careful not to be to harsh, he didn’t want to wake whoever he had slept with. And he woke up completely when he saw Jumin’s sleepy face, staring at him from half-lidded eyes.

Everything came back to him in a rush. He had actually crashed the wedding, confessed Jumin his feelings, and they had gone back to the entrepreneur’s place. They had breakfast, and talked about a lot of things while they ate the delicious strawberry pancakes. And then the other took him around the different floors of the building he lived in.

Zen already knew it had multiple things in it, but he didn’t expect the variety of restaurants, shops, there was even a gym and a theater.

Being the actor he was, he got on top of the stage almost immediately, and when the entrepreneur requested it, he sang one song.

Only because it was asked nicely. Not because he liked the way Jumin looked at him when he sang or anything.


And then they went to one of the restaurants, an Italian one. The menu wasn’t in Korean so Jumin ordered for both of them, speaking the language flawlessly and.. God, Zen liked the way it sounded when Jumin said it.

They had their meal, and after a bit of a heated argument, Zen had to give up and allow him to pay the complete bill…  he would pay the money back to Jumin, even if the other told him not to.

Then they were back to roam around the building, exploring shops even though he practically ran away after seeing the prices. Although Jumin secretly bought him what he had expressed interest in. They had Chinese for dinner and returned to the penthouse late enough.

At some point or another, they started to make out, and the room became too hot.

“What are you thinking of? You have a weird smile on your face.”

That broke his line of thoughts, his lover had a very deep voice, but it became slightly slurred when he was sleepy. He really liked the way Jumin was slowly but surely showing more and more emotions. He didn’t know why, but it seemed like he had been suppressing them for a long time.

“I do not have one, and even if I did, I would still look perfect… I was just thinking about you.”

He scoffed, before turning around and starting to sit up. As much as he loved to chill on a bed sometimes, he was starting to get hungry.

Then something wet and cold ran down his thighs, and he couldn’t suppress the shiver nor the loud moan that escaped his throat.

The look on Jumin’s face told him they weren’t going to have breakfast any time soon.

It was noon by the time they were done, and they had lunch.

12:47 pm – V, Jaehee Kang, MC, Yoosung★, 707, Saeran.

- Jumin Han has logged in -

- ZEN has logged in -



Saeran>: The one you two threw at Sarah Choi yesterday?

Jumin Han>: You what?

Saeran>: Ah, after you two ran out like stupid ducks

Saeran>: they stood up and threw a whole bag of confetti at the giant cake’s face.

Yoosung>: They even screamed

707>: Congratulations on your no marriage!

MC>: And then we hid behind the benches

V>: She screamed at Jaehee.

Jaehee Kang>: My ears still hurt.

ZEN>: You two are impossible.

ZEN>: But thank you.

Jaehee Kang>: I will assume you and Mr. Han are together right now, so if you can…            

Jaehee Kang>: Turn on the tv, get a news channel.

Zen looked up from his phone and gestured the older to get the remote from the bedside table, he wouldn’t be moving for a while, all thanks to that jerk.

Jumin chuckled, and he wanted to slap that smirk off his face, but that would probably get him in more ‘trouble’, and he wanted to be able to walk.

He turned to watch the tv, and he didn’t know if he wanted to laugh or cringe at the headline.


Yesterday, instead of a beautiful wedding between Jumin Han, the director of C&R International and Sarah Choi, the protégée of the famous actrees Glam Choi, we got the drama everyone, probably, was hoping for. When the musical actor, ZEN appeared like a knight, and confessed his feelings, then both men ran away. Can you believe that? If you can’t, well here’s some proof!

Zen really liked the attitude the reporter had, and he felt his cheeks warm up at the different pictures the paparazzi had taken.

Most were about the kiss.

Isn’t that cute? Man… I’m jealous of the people who got to see it live, but don’t worry, an anonymous source provided us a video. Let’s see what happened!

Before he could see that, Jumin took the remote again, and lowered all the volume of the tv. Then he wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him close. If he was already blushing a faint pink, it would change for a deep red when he ended up siting in his lover’s lap.

“I will call the channel later, I want copies of everything. And perhaps we could share something else.”

He meant those photos.



V>: It is too early for that, Saeyoung. And, Jumin… You should probably talk to your father.

Jumin Han>: I don’t have plans to do that soon.

Jaehee Kang>: I believe you have nothing to worry about.

Jaehee Kang>: Your father is talking to the press right now, Jumin.

Said person looked puzzled, and when both of them turned to look at the tv, Jeong Han’s face was the first thing that appeared. They got the volume back up, and what the businessman said surprised both.

‘I would like to announce publicly that the engagement between Sarah Choi and my son is broken, besides obvious reasons. Also, the media could stop publishing articles about my relationship with Glam Choi, that no longer exists’.

‘Mr. Han, what’s the reason behind this statement?’

‘Mr. Han, what do you think about yesterday’s event at the wedding?’

‘One at a time, please. The reason is quite simple, I was about to get scammed. An anonymous source revealed to me that Sarah Choi was not Glam’s student, but her sister. And Sarah didn’t own a company of her own, instead she owned quite the huge debt. It would end up affecting the company and my family, and I wished I could have realized that sooner’.

‘Regarding the event that happened in the wedding, I couldn’t be happier my son found someone who would be willing to do that for him. So, if you are watching, Jumin and Zen… take care of each other, you have my support’.

There was a point where his cheeks started hurting from how much he was smiling, he couldn’t believe all the good luck and support they were getting from everyone. And apparently Jumin didn’t either, because he kept staring at the screen like a lost puppy.

Man… That was adorable.

But there was something they both needed to know, so he pinched Jumin’s cheek in a way to get him back to earth.

ZEN>: What did you guys do?

ZEN>: Did you get something against the Choi sisters?

MC>: Oh yes, Saeyoung did all the digging!

Yoosung: That’s not fair! Saeran and I help too you know!

707>: If your concept of helping is eating each other out every five minutes then yes, they did so much

Saeran>: What?

Saeran>: Can you blame for wanting something from my boyfriend?

Saeran>: I couldn’t help myself, he looked so cute all concentrated.

Yoosung>: Saeran >//u//<

707>: At least learn some self-control, for god’s sake!!

Saeran>: As if you had some

Saeran>: Last I checked, the walls weren’t soundproof

MC>: I’m sorry, brother in law

MC>: I just like being loud <3

Jumin Han>: Oh, Zen likes that too


707>: Oh

707>: Oh my god

707>: You two did the thing

Saeran>: Kinky bastards



Jumin Han>: It was nothing like that

Jumin Han>: We’ll get there another day

Jumin Han>: He needs to rest his body for a while




V>: Next Sunday we are all going to church.

V>: No buts.

V>: I’m dragging you if I need to.

MC>: Its fine, we can even make it so that these two sinners get married then!

Jaehee Kang>: That’s going a bit too fast, MC.

Saeran>: It’s Jumin fucking Han we are talking about, Jaehee.

Saeran>: The bastard pulls cat projects out of his sleeves every week.

707>: I AGREE


Jumin Han>: You’ll get one, eventually

MC>: I could help Zen get a dress :)


The wedding didn’t happen until four years later.

By then, a million things had happened. Jumin had replaced his father as CEO of the company a month after that day, and six months after that, Saeyoung and MC had had a small wedding in the beach.

Only the RFA and the bride’s family had attended, and of course, as it happens in some weddings, people hooked up. V had started a relationship with MC’s cousin, Elliot, and they were already living together by the end of the year.

Two years ago, Saeran started to work in Saeyoung’s toy store after it was opened to the public, he and his co-worker, Vanderwood (apparently they were the maid the hacker loved to brag about) did a pretty good job with the place, and it became really famous after a few weeks.

Jaehee found her own companion a month after that, a Mexican girl that had come to the coffee shop one day, and the next, and the day after that. Jaehee said she had the prettiest name, and he could agree, but Kristell was also a rare name, it was greek and lovely… Although the girl was stubborn, and preferred to be called Kris.

They were the second couple to get engaged.

However, V and Elliot were the third and the second couple, to get engaged and married. Their wedding happened six months ago and it was lovely, although it was bigger than Saeyoung’s for the immense list of guest. People both of them had got to known because of their trips as artists, close friends and of course, family.

It took a lot of arguments but he was happy Saeyoung and MC had left their one year old set of triplets with Vanderwood. They needed a bit of a rest from parenting and work, so the wedding helped.

It made Zen feel jealous, so of course he was delightedsurprisedhappy when Jumin got down on one knee and proposed. If anyone told him he had cried then, he would call them a liar. But he had.

Somehow, a month before his brother contacted him, and after a long chat, (with Jumin glaring at the sidelines) the actor and his brother had patched things up, he would see him and his mother in the front row.

And now, he was standing next to the man he loved the most. Looking pretty in a white tux while the entrepreneur looked hot in his black one. One of his hands was intertwined with Jumin’s while the other held a bouquet of white and purple roses, along with a single red rose.

He almost missed the priest voice and he asked for the vows, and he told everyone how he met Jumin, his impression, the fights they had, how he slowly fell in love with him, and then he told everyone, with tears in his eyes, that he would never regret this day. That Jumin Han was so important to him. 

In turn, Jumin, who also had some tears in his eyes, smiled.

“I would never forget the day I met Hyun, he was beautiful, passionate and very stubborn yet perfect… and I’m always reminded of that when I wake up next to him. Looking at him now, hearing what he said, I know for sure that there’s no one else like him and no one will ever change my mind, I promise to protect him, care for him, love him and I, like him, will never regret this day, or that one a few years ago where we had to run and hide besides a lake. Because Hyun Ryu, you’re important to me”.

Zen would never forget those words.

“Of course, there will be some situations in which I may allow some other people to sleep in our bed”.

Cue the gasps and shocked faces.


“Because kids tend to have nightmares, don’t they, Hyun?”

He smiled as tears ran down his cheeks, and- forget the priest and wedding rules, he kissed Jumin right there and then.

The priest, in return, laughed and closed the small book he was carrying. “You are impatient young men… Do you two accept each other, to love you, respect you, and be there until death does you apart?”

Two voices said the same thing at the same time.

“I do.”


078; barista!yoongi

“Do you want to come too?” (078)

The smell of pressed coffee beans fill your nostrils, floating through your senses as you flip through your book in peace. During this time where the place just opened, there was barely anyone that came to sit and lounge. Usually it would be take aways so it granted you the quietness and clarity for you to read.

And of course, you’d sit by the bar where it’s near to - “One hot cup of latte for a pretty girl,” A voice murmurs and you take your eyes away from the lines on the page, up to meet with Yoongi’s gummy grin as he sets the cup in front of you. You murmur a soft thank you and he simply ruffles your hair in return before he leans over the counter and you slip your bookmark in, ready to jump into the conversation he’s about to begin but then - “Yoongi-yah!”

You see how quick his expression changes. From one that was excited to talk to you from the moment the both of you came here, to one of annoyance as he rolls his eyes, pushing himself off the counter before he turns around with a raised brow, “What?”

Seokjin scoffs, only flipping the letter he was reading around, in front of Yoongi’s face, “You’re invited,”

Yoongi only makes a face, contorted with confusion as he plucks the piece of paper from Seokjin’s fingertips and he starts to read. As you take a sip of your drink, then setting it to the side, you witness as Yoongi processes what this invitation was for.

“They want us to attend? We’re just baristas at a freaking coffee sho-”

“Starbucks,” You chime in, and Yoongi snorts, looking over his shoulder where he gives you a look, “Yes, Starbucks, oh how could I forget,” Yoongi only shakes his head at the cute grin you shoot back as you pick your book up and he turns to Seokjin, “So why us?”

“Dunno,” Seokjin shrugs, “But they did say that we’re rather known in the barista community. So might as well go and learn a thing or two. Boss might give us a day off if we go, anyway,”

On cue, Yoongi spins around to face you where he discards the letter to the side, his hand nudging your book down to reveal your face, “Do you want to come too?”

“Where?” You murmur, showing slight interest and Yoongi’s eyes are twinkling as he scrambles for the paper to show you - “Dearest Kim Seokjin and Min Yoongi-”

Second paragraph, please,” Yoongi groans, shifting it up and you chuckle, scanning your eyes through - “The annual coffee workshop…? There’s such thing?”

“Apparently,” Seokjin shrugs from over Yoongi’s shoulder.

“Yes, there is. So, wanna come?”

“And… why would I?”

“C’mon!” Yoongi huffs, shoving the paper back to Seokjin’s chest without looking before he tries to persuade you, “You don’t have anything on that day!”

“Not working,”

“You want reasons?” He cocks a brow, pinning his hands on the counter and you put your book down to fold your arms on the table with a smirk, “Three.”

“One, you’ll be spending time with me. Two, you’ll get to learn a thing or two on how to make a nice cup of latte and three, we get to go on a date straight away after,” Yoongi has this look of triumph when he knows he’s got this in the bag. He leans away and flips his hands over, lifting it up in the air as if he’s silently saying all is up to you now, woman and you snicker, motioning him closer with a finger when your arms uncross.

As he leans towards you, you’re tugging him by the collar, pressing a quick kiss to his lips that brings the smile out of him better than coffee ever could. “Consider it a date, then.”



it’s difficult to object how many nights you laid on the uncovered mattress, next to curtains blowing dust. you are visible in concepts - light, shadows, sound; present in possibility - untouched books, blank documents, unopened packets of coffee. 

funny how i breathe and peel skin off my fingers faster the more i drink caffeine; but some nights i feel like anything is tolerable so long as i switch off the lights and close my eyes (where you are). 

i digress. i’ve come from running so hard under the heat, in the blur of things seeing you, to running longer so the spinning lasts. i’ve come from daydreaming about better realities to daydreaming about how i can get you to be present in mine, whether it was the better one or not. i’ve come from sipping in hopes of seeing you, to downing bottles in attempts to be next to you.

quicksand. it’s funny how i think you’ll save me, but you can’t. you drag me down to where you live, by hook or crook, mostly the latter, where the world is dark and direction is only for pretense. settled in the nook of static; where the world is dark and concepts - the concepts you embodied - do not exist. 

somehow, all this i cannot see; i continue to drink coffee.

-taikyo || dear sho, you are quicksand (#198)