One of those days

by queenofchildren

Clarke is having a bad day. Luckily, Bellamy has a big heart and a cozy coffee shop and the best hot chocolate in town.

aka I finally gave in and did a coffee shop AU.

Words: 3418, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read it on AO3 at

I was looking for inspiration, and Oh Boy did I find it!

So here is a roundup of my favorite coffee cozy ideas & patterns: 

  1. Elephant: By CuddlefishCrafts on Etsy.
  2. Pig: By CuddlefishCrafts on Etsy.
  3. Owl: By My Creative Nook.  Free Pattern!
  4. Frog: By CuddlefishCrafts on Etsy.
  5. Cat: By CuddlefishCrafts on Etsy.
  6. Bear: By Hello Happy.  Free Pattern!
  7. Lion: By Sarah Mancini on Ravelry. Free Pattern!
  8. Dog: By Red Heart. Free Pattern!
  9. Fox: By Chaos & Love. Free Pattern!
  10. Bear: By Pops de Milk. Free Pattern!
  11. Sock Monkey: By Inner Hooker on Ravelry. Free Pattern!
  12. Hello Kitty: By Fancy That Notion. Free Pattern!
  13. Critters: By Twinkie Chan, on A Beautiful Mess.
  14. Pug: By Twinkie Chan.
  15. Bee: By CuddlefishCrafts on Etsy.
  16. Shark: By Janet Jameson on Ravelry.
  17. Ninja: By Janet Jameson on Ravelry.
  18. Adventure Time: By LittlePopos on Etsy.
  19. Video Game: By LittlePopos on Etsy.
  20. Blue Jeans: By Tara Schreyer on Ravelry.
  21. Pirate: By Janet Jameson on Ravelry.
  22. R2D2: By Twinkie Chan. Free Pattern!
  23. Akbar: By Overweight Glob of Grease on Flickr.
  24. Yoda: By CuddlefishCrafts on Etsy.
  25. Star Trek: By Yarnovations. Free Pattern!