He started laughing uncontrollably, and oh my God that heavenly laugh of his, it was simply contagious. I started laughing a long, and we were just two strangers sitting in the corner of a café with echoing laughter filling the atmosphere, instead of the coffee’s aroma.
—  S.D | Excerpts From A Book I’m Writing

So Katie and I went to Coffee Aroma in Lincoln on Saturday and it is seriously one of the best coffee shops ever! The coffee and food is really cheap (everything in the picture cost less than a large Starbucks drink) and they give you them on a really cute tray then you go and sit with a load of coffee drinking hipsters and teenagers who should’ve been in in a LA 1940 mob because they’re wearing sharp, pinstripe suits, polished shoes and have their hair slicked back with hat an pencil moustache to finish. Genuinely brilliant.

Well Seated. 2

This is another oil painting in response to my feed back on my previous piece; “Well Seated”. I was suggested that I try that sort of environment but with a figure just to make it a bit more interesting. This is the outcome. I love the power the use of blue has in this painting and the way it has an Edward Hopper influence behind it. I also like how it feels that you are in that environment when you look at the piece.

I hope you all like and I shall be posting more through out the next few weeks.